JC Penney Companypromise ring

My girlfriend bought my promise ring at jcpennys and it fit perfect she even got the warranty on the ring I took it in so they could send it to get it repair it was bent but when I got it back my finger was getting red, itchy, and I react to fake jewlery its called nickel allergy i have a rash on my finger so I had to take it off and haven't wore it since. I took it back to jcpennys I wanted another one or I wanted my money back they had told me they would send it back but why send it back its going to be the same band the same ring and its going to do the same. I am so disappointed even with the damn warranty so now I will never get to wear my promise ring and never will buy jewelry from jcpennys again and I be sure to let my family and friend know bad service!!!

Oct 02, 2019

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