JC Penney Companynot receiving my order

Ordered on sept 21...its oct 3 and I have not gotten my was to be del to my home door...cust ser wont help..they passed me off to ups...but ups wont help because its penney policy to pass the pkg from ups to the post office instead of del to my I have been passed off to post now on 45 min hold to speak to person because I only have ups post off tracking one will help me ...penneys lied to me...they said its ups policy to pass off pkg...but ups said its penneys policy...they assured me it would be del to my they told me I have to find my pkg and go get from where ever it is????...I am old and dont have a way to go find my pkg...if I did I would not have ordered on line. Penneys cust service is very rude and just dont care...wont help. What am I to do phone will die before the post off ever answers the call.

Oct 03, 2019

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