JC Penney Companypurchase of mattress/springs from jcpenney

W Aug 01, 2018

Called penny's customer service on july 13, 2018. Transferred to 5 different people.
A customer rep named "joy" took my order on july 13, 2018 and promised that my phone call was recorded. She guaranteed that I would have the "24 month no interest" on my account for purchasing a mattress/springs. She also had another person on the call from synchrony bank, that waited and listened, named rosemary
At 11:09am. Both heard and said this was recorded and that my order was good to go and that I had the 24 month, no interest, on this purchase. Now, my merchandise was delivered. Two days later I receive my first bill for it, before it's even moved or unpacked. Nothing on the bill concerning 24 month no interest. Have made call today to pennys customer service... No help whatsoever. A customer rep by the name of janice, tried to put this on my account and stated it will not allow her to.
So... I told them I would not purchase this mattress without the 24 month no interest. So... Jcpennys have done it again!! Lied and lied to
Excellent paying customers. No wonder they are closing stores nationwide.
If I cannot get this corrected, I am closing my brand new account and will not do anymore business with them. This is just very very sad to do to a brand new customer like this. I am done.

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