JC Penney Companylocal store


Yesterday we shopped at JCP. While my kids were trying on clothes my husband was looking through a rack and the first pair of shorts where odd looking. We looked at them and they were actually someone's old shorts. Meaning someone took JCP shorts and hung up their old stained shorts! This is not the first time we have seen this. Few months back we were looking at shoes and in a Nike box was a pair of someone else's shoes. We took them to a manager and showed him. He thanked us for bringing it to our attention and went on to help another customer. While talking to his other customer he placed the box in the middle of a rack. He then walked off leaving the box in the middle of the rack! In yesterday s visit I was looking around and a cashier called for a MOD is what I believed she said. Once she called for the MOD I heard a lady in heels struggling to walk and sighed "ugh what now". She proceeded to meet the cashier and said "what do you need now?" We were ready to check out. Yesterday the cashier was new and the customer in front of me was paying with a check. The cashier told her I don't know how to process a check can you pay another way. The customer said no I don't have my card please call for help. The cashier finally finished with that customer, rang our items up and while putting our items in the bag my husband saw the security tags on a shirt. She removed the tag and then my husband said and the one under that has a tag. She finished bagging our items. The cashier was complaining about how she could not believe the store hasn't got them extra employees to help. We went home and while the kids where putting up their clothes we found two more items that had the security tag. I now have to go back to the store which is across town. The security alarm never went off. I am very concerned that our JCPENNEY'S has untrained employees, employees who do not enjoy their job, employees who are not keeping an eye on customers which is probably why people are stealing and there is no security. I would hate to be there around the holidays. No telling how many items people will steal and possibly harm someone in the process.

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