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did not purchase diamonds today!

I checked my mail and found a charge to iTunes for a purchase made for the game Hay Day that I did not make!...

not against apple - a purchaser

My name is Nancy Moulton and I live in Moab, Utah. On the 5th of July someone fraudulently used my debit card number to purchase 5 Itune items at $10.76 each for a total of $53.80. This has thrown our account into overdraft and we cannot cover it until my Social Security check comes in this next week. I would like it if you could cancel those items if possible and I would like to find out who did this. I have filed a police report with the Moab Police Department and they may be contacting you also. Please let me know what if there is anything you can do.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and I hope to hear favorably from you soon. My email address is: [protected]
Thank you again, Nancy Moulton

they apparently just take money for something you did not authorize

When I checked my bank balance today I saw this charge from chase morgan. I did not authorize a charge to them for this amount. They apparently just take money for something you did not authorize. As I am on social security disability, this will cause me undo costs that I cannot afford.

  • Re
    Renato Guino Oct 11, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apple I tunes store charged in my credit card today 10-11-12 of $26.98. I wanna know were is this coming from. I didn't buy anything from I tunes, please help me on this matter.

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  • Da
    Daveg061551 Dec 21, 2012

    On 12/21/2012 I too was charge $3.21 for nothing I ordered. I checked on Itunes/Support/cc and found no orders from 90 days to 18 months. The phones numbers given is just a big run around just to piss you off and say forget it. I will not let this happen I will get to the bottom of this unitl I get answers or just keep posting...

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  • Jd
    J DeYoung May 17, 2013
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    Verified customer

    On May 9th my bank account was charged 5 different charges for $20.00 EACH for a total of $100.00. I was also charged the standard $1.00 which is not a problem. Since I have no idea what the $100 was for how do I get rid of it: I have not signed up for any apps.

    Peter DeYoung

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  • Jd
    J DeYoung May 17, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to know the answer to my question and find out how I can get reimbursed.

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  • Sh
    Sharron Volkoff Jan 25, 2014

    I did not order iTunes and I was charged 14.99 on 1-13-14. I do not want iTunes so either delete iTunes and return my . Again I do not want iTunes

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password resets

When downloading apps, it claims my password is wrong even though I put in the same password as I did when I...

unauthorized and underhanded

iTunes charged my credit card $99.99 for a "bag of coins" in a child's game "Tap Zoo". The purchase is an "in App" purchase and requires no password or security to complete. My 6 year old made the purchase and is not authorized to charge to the iTunes account or the credit card. We had $150 in charges 4 months ago and they refunded those charges. Today they said - we can only do that once, you will have to file a complaint with your card holder. The charge had not even cleared my bank when I called and was still in a pre-authorization status. Putting $99 coins in a 'free' app designed for children without requiring security authorization seems underhanded at best and should be unlawful! BUYER BEWARE!!!

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unauthorized charges

I have been charged $99 for itunes which I don't even use. When I call the number apple gave my bank...

sold wrong song

On numerous occassions have paid full price for albums throught iTunes for my iPhone, but there have been varying problems with various tracks in various albums. This morning (11 February 2012) I tried to purchase Ballade pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman, through my iTunes account, and after paying the 99c for the single track, and then downloaded it and listened to it, it was NOT the track I wanted, instead I got "hey Jude - by Richard Clayderman"

Where can I go to complain, get my money back AND get the song that I actually want? I refuse to continue downloading off of iTunes if this sort of thing is going to continue.

  • Ds
    DSgamby Feb 11, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact Apple Support

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um authorized transaction from my debit card account

I downloaded what was supposed to be free update downloads on 9 updates. My account has now been charged approximately $34.00. So if it's a free update download, why has my account been charged this amount. This has now left my children and I $35.00 to live on until next week. I have since cancelled my card and will now no longer music or download anything from iTunes. When it's says free, it should be free. Pathetic way to get money out of your customers.

  • Na
    naenae6 Dec 29, 2011

    That was meant to say unauthorized

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  • Go
    GoldOpals Opals Dec 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am not totally sure what you are complaining about. Did you try to download the latest updates for Apple iTunes? If so, where did you get the download from? You have to make sure you get it from the Apple website, or through the "Apple software update" on your computer. What does "I downloaded what was supposed to be free update downloads on 9 updates" mean?

    Have you tried contacting Apple about the mistake or did you immediately post the complaint? Are you sure it was Apple and not something else? Is it possible that you may have a virus? I have had no problems downloading the updates.

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bad experience

The HD version of this item (Movie) is available on Mac or Windows 7 computers with HDCP components only.

So now you can't download High Definition Movies from iTunes Store without buying a new Windows 7 computer or Mac Computer?

This company just lost a valuable customer. One that has purchased multiple Apple products in the past 2 years.(2) iPads, (2) Apple TVs, (2) iPod Touch. And use to buy hundreds of dollars of iTunes Cards for family per month.

High Definition Movies, TV Series Shows should not be based on the Type of computer you are using. I own Windows XP and will not update it to get high Definition Movies to my Apple Products through iTunes.

scamming children

As a consumer needs to know the following…  Apple has cheated little kids out of 30 cents per song from iTunes.  They say songs are 99 cents then charge $1.29.  Apple is being forced to pay back 100% of what it took totaling over $50 million.  You don’t have a problem with apple taking the $50 million from our children 30 cents at a time.  It just shows you how quickly little amounts can add up.  Go to to see the Johnson v. Apple Inc. Case that made justice possible.  Don’t you think it is a GOOD thing that someone is looking out for those who have been taken advantage of by those who don’t live up to the promises they make?!  Honor your promises!!  Send the right message to our kids! 

won't delete song completely

I bought a song on iTunes awhile ago, and now I do NOT want it at all. I don't know how many times I have deleted it, recycled it and it keeps coming back everything I put a new song on my iTunes. I want it gone, I clearly do not want the song and I just wish it would stop coming back!

  • AerosmithandQueen Sep 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is how I do it...

    1. Right click, and press delete on the song.
    2. Sync the I-Pod and it will tell you there are files that are on the I-Pod but not on your library.
    3. Press DO NOT TRANSFER, then continue with the sync.
    4. Remember to empty your recycle bin on your desktop.

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movie rental

I rented a movie, hit play immediately when prompted to hit play or menu. The response was that the movie had expired.

I e-mailed iTunes and there response was to refund my money and remind me that they didn't have to because of my users agreement.
Their response was: "Please note that the iTunes Store Terms of Sale state that all rentals are final, so this is a one-time exception."

I think this is an unacceptable response. If their system has an error they should not be quoting the terms of sale they should fix what ever it is that causes this error to o cur.

  • Ma
    Mac_Postman Jul 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No, ### it wouldn't.

    If they fixed the problem that caused the error!
    Your the type that would run a company into the ground with bad service.

    You don't tell a customer that the next time he has technical problem with you site that he is out of luck.

    You find. The problem and fix it!


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I used a Visa Gift Card to purchase some songs on Itunes as they have dismissed their NONE button on the billing page (did not feel like putting an actual Visa number to be stuck in their system). For some reason, the $3.98 charge did not go through and I had already gotten rid of the gift card so I could not check out what happened... Anyways, it's only $3.98 I had no problem using my PayPal account to cover the charge. Well, dang near 18 times of verifying Itunes takes PayPal and Itunes accepting - the funds STILL get denied! I am now on email 4 still trying to resolve the issue as Itunes is too scared to talk to people (how lame to have a business but no phone number). Yeah, I could go to a store and buy one of their gift cards - but why do I have to be inconvenienced and pay way over what I want to spend. What they want is to have an actual Visa number they directly can access so they can charge at will whatever and whenever they want! That's probably what happened with my visa gift card - they thought it was an actual Visa card and tried to take more than they should have...

  • Cj
    C.J.1 Apr 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi 123321,
    I am glad for you that your credit card has been charged correctly all these years - that's great news for you... That doesn't always happen though; I just found out, it is not paranoia on my part, PayPal has denied the payment because "Itunes was in fact trying to take more than they were authorized to"! That is why they don't get my (real) credit card #
    BTW...Itunes forces you to have a payment plan of some sort even if I "don't buy anything from Itunes"... all my FREE apps will only update if a payment plan is set & and I only buy things like 3x's a year. What I miss is the "NONE" button that let you opt out of a payment plan!
    Thanks for listening...

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account managment

Little over a month ago while reviewing my account history on iTunes I noted charges for purchases I did not make, the amount was a little over USD$10. I went on line through the apple help function to apple service and support and filed my concern. After which apple disabled my account, blocked my credit card, credited my bank the amount of USD$28 and then informed me what to provide to re-enable my account. I quckly changed my account passoword wrote back with the correct over charge as well as provided the information needed to re-instate my account. This process took 7 days to resolve, however they still have a block on my credit card number. The card in question has since expired and I have received the replacement card, with a new CCV number and expiration date. I have attemped to re-enter this card number as it drawing directly from my bank (ie no interest charges), Apple still has this card blocked. I have wrote Apple several time as you can not call account management. The response has been the same. Use a different card, it is not apples fault. The answer all appear to nbe pat answers from a contract srevice that only cares about response ratios vs. actually helping an apple customer.

  • Oh
    OhWowReally Feb 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This may not actually be Apple's fault with the new card. I had my credit card stolen a while back and had to replace it with a new card for iTunes. I tried multiple times and each time it was rejected. After researching, I found out it ws not Apple, it was the debit card itself. Turns out my bank does not allow for certain types of online transactions, one of them being music sites like iTunes. I would double check with your bank to see if they have the same policy.

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what a joke

I seem to get more and more frustrated with itunes everytime i try to use it. They have constant updates and the system they have seems sub-par ( I have to figure out how to organize my music everytime i update which is very time consuming). Customer support is non-existent. I hope they go under when Verizon gets on board. Apple is a joke as far as customer service. I just spent an hour trying to get a song i purchased to my phone without success. I guess being a long term customer means nothing :( p.s. hope you don't like AC/DC if you use...

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    iTunes will most likely not go under when Verizon gets on board. Anyways, lucky for you, iTunes is an optional service and there are many other programs for organizing music, purchasing music, and syncing music players.

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  • Be
    Beverly Mar 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Which music online retailer do you suggest?

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Dear iTunes,

What the ### is your problem? Were you abused as a child? Was your uncle some sort of salivating paedo? I only ask because I want an explanation for why you feel the need to behave like a total ### every minute of every day. I am writing to let you know that it is no longer acceptable and it ends here.

I will start by addressing the endless ‘ping-pong’-ing noise you make every 10 seconds when my iPhone is connected to you. It’s like the electronic equivalent of open-mouth breathing right next to my ear when I am trying to watch TV. From now on you will ‘ping pong’ once and once only and this will function as a signal to me that I have successfully connected my device to you. I appreciate how amusing it must be to watch me spend all afternoon going “Oh good it’s connected………oh wait, no it’s not…… is now……….okay now it’s not” but when I am half way through transferring a movie you are in danger of causing me to self harm – and not in an atmospheric, Twilighty way, I mean like I want to ram blunt cutlery into my eyeballs.

Next thing we are going to deal with is your worrying inability to stop yourself from syncing. It’s as if you can’t even control yourself, like you’re some sort of syncing junkie. Just calm the ### down! I will sync when I am ready, it is not up to you and it’s not a ###ing race. It wouldn’t be so bad if good things happened when you sync but good things never happen. The other week I spent two entire days transferring various entertainments onto you, only for you to sync like an absolute gypsy and decide that, in fact, two-thirds of these files needed to be taken off. I am also pretty sure that you regularly wait until I’m asleep before syncing like a horny teenager. You disgust me.

Also, for something whose main purpose in life is to transfer music, you make it Krypton-Factor impossible. I am not a software designer but if someone asked me to design a package that transferred music from one device to another, call me ###ed but I would probably put a ‘transfer’ button somewhere pretty obvious. I had to google how to transfer music and even then it became clear that no one in this universe has a ###ing clue how to do it. In reverse order, here are the top 5 suggestions that your users are offering me:

5. Click ‘manually manage music’ then drag and drop – Rarely works

4. Tick the boxes next to the songs then go to the drop down menu and click ‘export’ – Never works

3. Go on a journey of self-discovery, learn a martial art, consult the Dalai Lama – Can’t be arsed

2. Genocide – Go on, I’m listening……

1. You cannot transfer music using iTunes – High five

Okay, I will admit that I am slightly exaggerating and that there have been occasions when the exact songs I wanted have transferred over without removing things I didn’t want removed. I have to stress though that in 18 months this has happened twice and both times I don’t know what I did. What normally happens is I will click ‘manually manage music’, drag and drop one song (because, believe it or not, I only want to add one song) and you say “Yeah, that’s totally fine, just give me a minute while I delete the entire music library from your phone first and then I will put it on for you”. You’re an ###!!

Oh yeah, I am on to you iTunes. I’ve seen your type a hundred times. Bullied as a child for having a misshapen head and badly fitting jeans. You’re bitter and vindictive and you need help. I suggest investing in some counselling and we will take it from there. We can start slowly, nothing major, maybe try something simple like taking less than 6 ###ING MONTHS to back up my iPad. In the meantime, I hate you. Goodbye.

Love and warmest wishes,

Jillian xxx

  • Me
    Megan M. L. Nov 07, 2010

    Oh... I totally agree with you!! and must add that itunes charges more per track for mp3s than any other site I have ever used. I would discontinue use all together if I couldn't import my own music. Also, I have often resorted to using off brand mp3 players, that have a 3 month life expectancy just to avoid having to use my itouch.

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idiotic design

Itunes is for the most part an excellent programme that works well and has high quality with a nice user interface, however there are several parts of it that are simply design flaws and are ranging from slightly irritating to genuinely infuriating. My specific complaint is that my iTunes decided to uninstall itself from my computer, not a big issue because I can just re install it and now it works fine. BUT, in the process I lost all of my playlists as well as album artwork, play count, rating etc. This also would not be a problem were it for 2 things: 1) I have over 2600 songs, so doing anything with them takes a very, very long time, and 2) When I plug my ipod touch (2nd gen) in, it says something along the lines of "you cannot have a device synced to more than one library", well it IS the same library, it's even the same library playlist, it's also on the same account, on the SAME computer. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. So this is my complaint, why the hell does it have to delete everything from my ipod and retry. It means I have lost all data related to music, any files saved on my ipod (app memories etc.) are gone, and as I use a pc, cannot be replaced. This is not a bug, this is an out right design flaw. When 99.99% of the data on the ipod is the same as the computer it SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GET RID OF ALL OF MY DATA. It is simply ###ic, and not to mention scummy. I understand this is to prevent the sharing of music but there are many alternatives that would work just as well. This is simply the stupidest problem I could have with iTunes and I think the programmer/middle management that put this function in place should be ashamed/fired. It is really pitiful that such a giant and effective, not to mention successful and brilliant company like Apple would design something so profusely idiotic. Just pitiful.


I had to sign up to Itunes to download one app for my Iphone. I purchased this app for reading excel...

poor customer service

Unauthorized charges totalling £212.78 were taken from my bank account, using the card details I had stored with iTunes. iTunes refuse to speak to you on the phone about anything to do with their products, even in fraud cases and I requested 4 times for someone to call me but was told ''we don't normally call our customers'' and no telephone calls. Apple refused to stop or suspend the payments, but they don't have a reason that they CAN'T do this, they just simply WON'T, they also say they can't investigate any fraud until the bank contacts them and there is no way of stopping that money from going out of your bank account. How convenient! It didn't matter to them that this would overdraw me! They also had the cheek to ask me to pay for further charges, which the hacker had managed to add after I cancelled my bank card! iTunes service and support was appalling, will definitely not be using Apple ever again!

  • Ch
    chris ro Apr 07, 2010

    Exactly same thing happened with me in Australia, only stopped once my money ran out. Still down over Au$1, 000, No one at Apple wud speak by telephone or deal with the matter until I contacted head of PR for Australia threatening to expose the f&*%ers.
    Then suddenly a call within hours and a promise to investigate. latest communication from him which i tend to believe was that he was getting no joy in getting info out of iTunes in the States. How typical that they can't even respond to their own guy

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lost gift card money

Today I bought a $15 itunes gift card and had no problem redeeming it on itunes but then I bought one song and decided to close Itunes untill I decided on what else I wanted. Then when I went back on the little box up top thats shows my balance was gone so I don't know where my money is now. Either Itunes gives me my money back or they fix the problem.

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