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I am taking Its Just Lunch Singapore to court.

I hesitated during my first meeting at their shabby office, and I did not join them. Lots of hard sell, pressure phone calls from them followed, and they persuaded me to meet again ' to 'find out what's stopping me from joining them''. On my second meeting, I raised my doubts to the consultant, and she promised and assured me with tonnes of empty promises.

After I have paid in full, it was utterly horrible, unprofessional service. I have given them my feedbacks, and they will always say "I will get your file, and will get back to you", which they will never call you back. They simply does not care.

Its Just Lunch Singapore does not honour what were promised. I have already lodged my claims at the Small Claims Tribunal at the Subordinate Courts in Singapore. I just need to pay about S$15 to lodge this claim. For S$15, it is really a tiny small change, compared with the more than S$2000+ that were paid to IJL Singapore. I am not letting my hard earned monies wasted away by their unprofessional service.

How I wished someone would have caution me about joining IJL Singapore, in the beginning. I just like the phase - "For those thinking of joining them, my advise is - Run far away from them - IJL Singapore are simply worst off than VIRUS ! "(This was a comment posted on YouTube - Anisa Hassan - It's Just Lunch interview on Phuket Plus)

Apr 23, 2013 4:46 am EDT

I have such an horrible experience with Its Just Lunch Singapore.
I felt they are total cheats and con artists. Noted that many customers had taken them to court in Singapore.
Well, this is Its Just Lunch Singapore, not Its Just Lunch US.
So, perhaps just wait and see ...

Sep 26, 2012 11:15 pm EDT

Well, seems like getting lots of comments having the same problems. Good luck to you !

Aug 14, 2012 12:04 am EDT

Oh YES, I have managed to get back part of my money from them, thru the courts.

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Jul 17, 2018 11:48 pm EDT


Jul 17, 2018 11:49 pm EDT
Replying to comment of King King


Mar 28, 2018 1:02 am EDT
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Hi Rachelle, you are totally right.
This company is a pure scam, unprofessional, unreliable and I made the same mistake to trust them last year for a terrible 3 month trial.
When I complained and asked for a refund they blackmail me with an unprofessional unethical email as a strategy of intimidation. Fair enough, I forwarded their arrogant unapologizing email to all my single friends to make sure they don’t make the same mistake.
Give this company few more months before they go bust. Scammers never lady fortunately!
Good luck, since then I registered on a free and great dating appsj, Coffee Meet Bagel, and met my future wife!

Mar 27, 2018 9:39 pm EDT

It's Just Lunch (IJL) is a scam and I completely regret this experience - I wish i read all the online reviews of their service before signing up as they have a lot of bad reviews.

1. I was “ sold “ when I met with Hetty from IJL to upgrade to the $ 5, 000 package rather than the basic package. Hetty advised it provided a better service, better experience, photos of candidates and more personalised service. I never ever received a phone call from them after i paid my money - other than to put forward profiles of men who were still married or going through a divorce.
2. I agreed to increase to the higher cost based on my face to face meeting with Hetty. It was my first experience on the dating scene so was a little apprehensive and it sounded like this increased price package provided a lot more support for a first time dater.
3. During my interview I made it explicitly clear on a few occasions that I did not want to meet married men - including those who were married but separately for years, those going through a divorce. i said `I only wanted to meet men who are not married, not going through divorce and have finished with their previous marriages etc - those who were truly ready for a relationship. This was one of my key criteria and I explained to Hetty during the interview. She understood and took this down and confirmed absolutely this was understood and in fact said that in this case one of the candidates she had in mind would not then be a match.
4. Despite my saying that I did not want to meet Married men - I have twice been sent profiles of married men out of the three profiles recommended - including the one that Hetty said she would not put forward at my face to face meeting. I was astounded and wrote back that this was the person who was married and was not a fit criteria for me.
5. Even after agreeing to pay a fair amount for the package, IJL only offered to refund me $800. Based on the contract clauses and obtaining advise from a legal friend of mine, $ 1500 deduction for the breaking of the contact leaves S$ 3, 500 and then I went on one date only - so 3500/4 potential dates = 825 x 3 dates I did not go on = S$ 2625. which is fair and legitimate. IJL claim it was my misunderstanding - I don't think so - I think I can tell the difference between someone who is married and someone who is not and someone who is going through a divorce.

IJL - do the right thing a refund my money as per the contract - it's shameful that despite me giving you my criteria you still manage to put forward unsuitable candidates and now want to " blame me " not refund my money and then ask me to sign a form saying i won't " talk badly about the experience with IJL "

I will be reporting this to the consumer association of Singapore, please stay away from this company. They really are not interested in matching people up but rather fleecing you for your money. Even when they are found to be wrong - they cannot admit an error and honour the contract.

Nov 28, 2017 8:40 am EST
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It's Just Lunch Singapore is just a scam in 2017 - we should bring them to court

Mar 27, 2018 9:39 pm EDT

I have started the proceeding to take them to small claims tribunal.

Jun 13, 2017 8:43 am EDT

Be very, very careful. This is a scam organization. The unethical and unscrupulous boss relies on new staff members (who don't know her methods) to sell to unsuspecting clients. You will not get your money's worth. They do not have a database of suitable candidates for dates. Nothing that is essentially promised by them can be trusted. Multiple cases has been lodged against them in the Singapore Small Claims Tribunal. Do not try your luck, there's a 100% guarantee that you'd be left disappointed.

Mar 22, 2017 2:56 am EDT

Here is my story... I signed with them in Nov 2016. In Dec, consultant calls me to inform me that my dates are delayed to Jan, as my dates are travelling in Dec. Come Feb, I call them and was informed my consultant is on leave. The IJL rep couldn't seem to find my information, and said would call me back. No return call was ever made. On 20th March, I called again and this time found out my consultant had left in Jan. The person seemed friendly and said she will look into it and call me back. I went to office on 22nd March 2017 and met the IJL rep that I spoke with. She refused to let me enter the office because I had failed to make an appointment. And she didn't seem to even remember our phone conversation from 2 days back. She claims that she gets lots of calls, and I almost wonder if there are so many complaints and that is why she doesn't remember mine, or she doesn't give a hoot? There was very little interest on her part to address my concerns of the lack of activity and my request for a refund. She said that she can't help me as I didn't make an appointment. Can you imagine, I'm having this conversation standing at their glass door at Adelphi? Its so ridiculous that a paying client is refused entry. What really made me mad was her comment about me being a newbie to IJL and not knowing about their appointment policy. I told her if she had checked, she would realise that i'm not a new sign-up. (I had signed up before, my experience then wasn't entire disaster).
Anyways, long story short, I filed a complaint to CASE. But I'm now thinking it will be better to go through Small Claims as some of you have suggested. I'm curious if you got your full amount back?

Jun 13, 2017 8:45 am EDT
Replying to comment of Aileenn

So sorry to hear about this. My wife was an unsuspecting staff member for a short period and got cheated out of her salary! Good luck and please lodge your case with the Small Claims Tribunal, which is very aware of IJL's rubbish practices. Do not give up.

Mar 27, 2018 9:47 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Aileenn

Just to let everyone know after i posted my initial complaint on Facebook some months ago - IJL wrote to me and agreed to a refund and even put the amount in writing - this after weeks and week of following up to get a refund. Within 1 day after my comments were posted they wrote and said they would refund me. They asked me to sign a form which I did and the refund would come in 6-8 weeks. I followed up after the 6-8 weeks period - sent 5 emails to Nadhrah and all of them ignored completely. I called last week and Nadhrah answered the phone and said the “” Management “ decided to change their mind as they saw i posted something negative on Facebook. I said yes that’s correct BEFORE you offered the refund. This is what spurred you into action. Nadhrah slipped up and agreed this is what happened and then threatened me that if i want a refund to take my comments down from Facebook. I said to her if IJL dont want bad reviews - please take care of your customers - do you really think i handed over $ 5, 000 for nothing ? I said I did this as i genuinely wanted to meet someone. Again she just threatened me and said if i want a refund take the comments down. I said I am happy to come to her office and pick up my refund Chequers which they agreed to in writing and while i am there I will take the comments down. Such a terrible terrible company in how they treat customers - just shocking. Stay away everyone and online date - then its in your hands rather than unscrupulous money thief’s like IJL. They dont care about customers and when they do the wrong thing they wont even admit it.

Jul 10, 2016 9:40 pm EDT

Thanks for sharing. Seems nothing has changed in 2016! I got extremely bad experience and wished I read the reviews before I signed up for that scam. They do anything in order for you joining and arranging a first date. But then your profile just gets forgotten, nothing will be done any more, only if I call them up or threaten them they will arrange a couple of more dates with random people, not matching at all and I set my requirements really low. They have zero interest in understanding your personality and preferences. Interestingly, I asked any of my dates when meeting and everyone had a similar bad experience. I wonder how such a rip-off can operate without any sanctions in S'pore.

Mar 22, 2017 2:57 am EDT
Replying to comment of oppo

And nothing has changed in 2017!

Jun 13, 2017 8:47 am EDT
Replying to comment of Aileenn

Sorry to hear. My wife got taken for a ride as a staff member of IJL in 2017 and was cheated by the MD of the company of her salary. I suppose that's even worse when she's been involved with perpetuating some of this horrible experiences. No sanctions exist, ironically, against just bad humans.

Jun 07, 2016 4:14 am EDT
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I had recently moved to Bluffton SC. I called them. The price was very high several thousand dollars. After pressuring me to sign a contract. They told me that there was no nearby office. Each one was at least two hours away. They then sold my personal information to another company that tried to take advantage of me. Meanwhile I fractured my foot and could not drive several hours for their video. I spent several thousand chance of refund. This company should be closed it has fraudulent practices.

Aug 31, 2015 8:03 pm EDT

Hi! I am also 1 of victim of it's just lunch Singapore.. I got a judgement from small court but it already a month past the due date. They still have no intention to pay. How do you get your refund back?

May 05, 2015 5:45 am EDT


Once you win the's the secret. You PRETEND you have started Enforcement Proceedings. Tell Anissa (or whoever you're dealing with) that you have paid your $180 or whatever it costs, and that the Enforcement people will be coming to the owner's house to collect on the debt. (the owner is the person whose name appears on ACRA Biz file). This shows that you are serious and if you are like me, she will show up at your work with her tail between her legs and your check...

And when that know you WON!

Mar 18, 2015 2:53 pm EDT
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Hi . I have joined IJL last year August. They have send me for two dates so far and both were absolutely miss match of my given requirements. I want to withdraw me membership from them as soon as possible and get my money back. Please guide me with casing writing and best reason i could state for withdrawing my membership with IJL.

Mar 07, 2015 7:27 am EST
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Lunch Actually Singapore does exactly the same as IJL! Do not join Lunch Actually!

Jul 23, 2014 1:10 am EDT

Very poor business ethics in IJL Singapore branch.
They sell well based on their branding but either don't arrange matches or match you with singles who are not according to your preferences. If you reject their recommendations, they will put you on suspended mode with no matches
Their sales team will woo & charm you with bright promises of personalized service & great dates. Sad truth unveils itself after you've paid & signed up.
After joining, a different team of support staff will call you with profiles of singles that do not meet with your match preferences.
They will distort bio-data to convince you to meet their proposed matches.
Example (A) I have asked for matches who are Christian singles. Upon meeting, the guy is free-thinker or atheist (clearly not in line with my preference). IJL told him I am Christian but don't mind guys of any religion..IJL staff lied to to convince us to wasted date deducted from your entitled number of matches.
Example (B) IJL staff distort data about guy's height when calling with match details. I asked to meet guys 1.75 meter or more. They called me with a match which they claimed is 1.76 tall.
But when I meet him, he is below 1.66 meter tall!
Note: IJL never communicates match details on email to avoid written text of what they say, it is all via phone which they often dispute ever claiming about past matches' qualifications or bio-data.
IJL will do their best for your 1st match as they're contractually obligated to refund you part of your joining fee if 1st date is unsatisfactory. After the 1st date, it goes downhill if there are any dates at all
List of unethical practices goes on...

May 23, 2014 10:48 pm EDT

hi, I'm also intending to bring my case with ijl to court. but do u know if I can claim back refund on the basis of them not fulfilling the contract obligation of providing fixed no. of matches within the contract period of 15mths? they have only been providing me matches once every 3 to 6 mths..

Apr 02, 2014 10:36 pm EDT
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wow this is great help! i recently won a court case against them but as expected, they have not sent the cheque when it was due. kept calling and emailing them to remind but only got excuses after excuses.
Can i check if you have to pay for the enforcement? and how long is the entire process?

Apr 02, 2014 8:48 am EDT

I JUST TOOK IJL SINGAPORE TO SMALL CLAIMS AND GOT MY MONEY BACK TOO! Do not CAN and SHOULD do the same. It's not that hard. You will get at least $1000 - $1500 back. It's worth it and they should be stopped! Here are the steps:

STEP A - STOP ALL COMMUNICATION with IJL people by Phone. Use email instead so there's a written record.

1.) First go to this link and pay $5 to download the ACRA Business Profile for IJL Singapore (copy/paste to your browser):

2.) Next, go to this website:
3.) Follow the instructions to file a claim by FAX. You only need the claim form, a brief description of what happened, and the Acra Biz Profile you just printed out from the previous step.
4.) Fax it in with a copy of your NRIC card or passport (EVEN FOREIGNERS can use this process to get money back from IJL Singapore)
5.) Wait for the letter.
6.) Go to the 3 court visits (the hearing guy tells you the dates). In the 2nd one, you need to bring a printed copy of what happened. KEEP ALL Your emails and make a clear case that they knowingly were dishonest about a database they made promises about but did not have. Try to write down the conversations as accurately as possible and the dates too. Also note what you said in the intake and how the actual dates compared. They have records of all your dates and they will be bringing it on their side, so be honest. Also be as CLEAR and SPECIFIC as possible. Paint a picture of them purposefully and knowingly misleading you, and using pushy sales tactics with false facts (which as we all how they operate).
7.) After the judge rules in your favor, wait for the check.
8.) If they don't send the check, you need to start Enforcement Proceedings. This is just 2 more court visits. It is done at Chinatown Point...details are here:

It might sound like a lot of work but you WILL see your money again and you WILL help put this horrible business to an end. Once people realize they can easily get their money back through Small Claims IJL might think twice about treating their customers like human beings. You are helping many people have a better experience while putting your hard-earned money BACK in your pocket!

Feel free to post here if you need more help. I will check back periodically and happily answer any questions. Good luck!

Nov 12, 2013 5:28 am EST
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i am taking them to court. same horrible expetience too! wish me luck!

Sep 20, 2013 9:39 pm EDT
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Its just a scam...
Joined them in 2012 Oct. Spending so much SGD2, 600 I would expect to meet some quality people.
Well, I guess they will just match you with the next victim.
Went on 3 dates and suppose to have another 3 to go but I want my money back!
Of cos they tell me to forget about getting a refund on services not used.
I will go to courts and claim it.
Wish me luck! Thanks you all for speaking up.

Jul 05, 2013 7:14 am EDT
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Oh no harm tryi.g but jst b prepared..

Jul 05, 2013 5:41 am EDT

I wanted to join IJL becoz 2 of my friends got married thru them, but I saw this review..hhmmm... I am confused! but they have success stories.

Apr 23, 2013 6:31 am EDT
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Please provide as much information as possible...

Apr 23, 2013 4:54 am EDT
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n i hv lots of complaint frm.e usa ijl tat i gathered for court.i m one of them broght them to court n got bk

Apr 23, 2013 4:19 am EDT
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tat good forbu then.seem tp be e 5% luckynone

Apr 23, 2013 3:11 am EDT

I have had a great experience so far. I signed up to It's Just Lunch a few months ago and have met some great guys, i find it is a great way to meet new people. My friend recommended me to It's Just Lunch as one of her friends has recently got engaged to someone she met through them. I am quite new to Singapore and had used It's Just Lunch when i was living in the States.

Nov 06, 2012 6:10 am EST
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btw i also email to my bank trying to stop the payment. but chances are not high. i wrote to my MP, and also PRime Minster office. i dont know if it will work or not but i try all ways. today they finally call me back after my date DIDNT turn up on sunday, they called me back because i called up asking for ROC letter . i got a hard time looking for their ROC letter. but finally i got it. they are just a scam and cheating our hard earn money

Nov 06, 2012 6:00 am EST
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hi i just filed a court order Small Claims Tribunal at the Subordinate Courts . basically just have to download the claim form and also you need a copy of ROC letter. if you need ROC pls let me have your email. i can send it to you. as it cost SGd5.50 to print out and is very troublesome. i want to pin them down as i am very angry too. we should we stand united and pin down this stuid company.

Nov 05, 2012 7:00 am EST
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i m a victim too. jst sign oct 12. when i cal them nobody bother return my call tiill i wrote part they arange a date for me n he didnt turn.up...n i wrote a.big complaint n nobody bother to.rply..yes i m n small claim

Oct 26, 2012 9:30 am EDT

Thank you for sharing. Facing same problem with Dating Loft and Lunch Actually.

Oct 06, 2012 9:35 am EDT

I was due to meet IJL lst week, but had to cancel due to work commitments. I was all set to join but as I spend a Saturday night at home (dateless...) I thought I would see if there were any reviews on them. I'm shocked at all the negative reviews about them - and will definitely be staying away now. Thanks all, and sorry to hear that you've had problems with them. Good luck on the dating scene - surely there must be another (better/cheaper) way to dating in Singapore?!

Sep 26, 2012 10:25 pm EDT

Hi, I have the same experience. Their services are unprofessional and horrible. I am going to take a legal action. I don't want to contact with them any more.

Another unhappy client

Sep 13, 2012 9:21 pm EDT
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Hi, I paid more than S$2, 000 and I too, am very disappointed with their empty promises. In fact, I didn't get my 2nd date after 3 mths and I had to call them up to check what's wrong. And again, I didn't get to hear from them until another 1 week later. They will paint a very good profile of the dating partner but when we met up, I was totally thrown off by the reality vs what I had heard from them before I went for the date. Can someone tell me how do I submit the Small Claims Tribunal at the Subordinate Courts in Singapore ? Do I have to go personally or it can be done on-line. Appreciate your help out there...
Unhappy client

Aug 13, 2012 7:52 am EDT

It should be called ITS JUST A SCAM. Seriously I have the same complaints as a client. They are COMPLETELY unprofessional. Any luck with the claims court? I am going to do the same.

Aug 13, 2012 7:51 am EDT

I also share the same, completely unprofessional organization. They do not honor their contracts. Any success in taking them to court. I think i am going to do the same.

Nov 28, 2017 8:42 am EST
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It's Just Lunch Singapore is just a scam. I am a French man, 38, paid SGD1, 700 for 3 month trial in 2017.
Low-end dates (I guess their data base is just empty and mainly desperate people who don't know how to use a dating apps or a PC for free), bad quality service, inconvenient locations that they will chose for you (with kickback obviously).
In 3 months, they were able to organize 5 blind dates (the description of the prospective dates were inaccurate, misleading with wrong information) with the worst people I have ever met (even for free on Tinder you will get far better).
At the end of the day, each date costed me SGD360 for what was just a scam if not even fake dates.
We should sue them and launch a group action after having met and read dozen of people who have been cheated as well.
Just run away, don't trust this desperate and obviously, broke, dating agency.

Nothing more than a lie, a scam and very poor service. Luckily I was able to informed many single friends not to fall into this trap! Myself, too late, I lost SGD1, 700. If someone wants to discuss and assess how to sue this company, please contact me. Glad to share lawyer fees and hopefully save people from losing so much money going forward.


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