iTechDeals.comipad damaged - unsatisfactory service reply


I ordered one of the refurbished iPads for a fair price, not anything far below other sources. The item arrived in a slender box with little padding and came with a big dent. I notified iTech within 2 days, and was told, basically, that it is without a flaw-- "non defective." They based this outcome on the photo I sent below.

I took it to an Apple repair store to get their input and was told that the home button was compromised, the dent too huge to guarantee that the power plug would work, and that this type of case damage should not be part of a reconfigured machine. They weren't trying to sell me one of theirs, just stating the facts.

I would ask that iTech pay the postage for the return of this defective item.

My contact at iTech is Jessica and the case is #134020

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