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Intuit Complaints & Reviews

IntuitCredit Card Processing


Today, I spent over an hour trying to find out why a third consecutive credit card payment was being withheld. The first representative from the first withheld payment explained to me that the system randomly pulls clients for review and a payment may be withheld until the proper documentation and information was provided. Well, that was a lie. I have three consecutive payments withheld. Not quite random, is it?

This third withheld payment caused distress to my company. I needed this payment for payroll. Now, I can't even get a definitive answer on when this payment will be released even though I provided all the documentation and answered all their questions for verification.

After performing a bit of research and collecting information from several different forums, withholding credit card payments appears to be a common practice by Quickbooks processing. Most only complain about one being withheld. Not three in a row. So, I must be targeted for some reason. Maybe, its the manner I questioned the support personnel when they could not give me a reason for the holds. Especially, when these same clients have been paying for our company services with the same credit cards for quite some time.

Anyway, after ten years of using Intuit products and services, we are transitioning away form all their products and services. Their customer service is nonexistent any more. This decline has occurred over the last couple of years. Their fees are never ending and the costs of their services and products has increased exponentially over the last several years for us.

The final request from the inept customer service folks in the credit card processing division was their demand for the invoice that was sent to this client. Without this invoice, they stated they will not release the funds. Well, the funds are still being held hostage by Quickbooks. Is this a a practice that is ethical or customer centric? I think not. I'm not even sure if it legal.

Regardless, Quickbooks and Intuit will lose this client that was using all their services to make life easier. Now, we'll move on to a company that actually answers their phone and has a genuine interest in keeping my small company going. Especially, in todays' volatile environment where businesses are continually closing during this pandemic.

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    IntuitCustomer Service

    I cannot get any help with an email issue in QuickBooks. I do not think that I should have to pay to fix this problem. Prior to this, the technician would take control of my PC and fix whatever problem I was having. But no more! I guess because you are greedy and want all of the money and more you have discontinued those services.

    I will never ever buy anything from Intuit again.

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      IntuitProAdvisor Membership complaint

      I have been an QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 21 years. 10 years under the name Executive Solutions, Inc. and 11 years under the name QBSolve LLC. The ProAdvisor membership includes the ability to establish a profile so that QuickBooks users can find you. Upon relocating to Florida, I went in to change my address so that users can find me. But evidently, Intuit has changed the rules for company names and will no longer let me use my company name. Their rules regarding company names say nothing about using QB. Says you can't use QuickBooks or Intuit in your company name. you would think after this many years of being a ProAdvisor that someone would have spoken to me about this. It seems there is no resolution to this issue and I have no way of contacting the corporate offices to file a complaint or get resolution.

      ProAdvisor Membership complaint

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        Intuit Inc.Turbo Tax

        I have been a loyal Turbo Tax customer since 2013. This year however, that has changed and I will never use your services again. Let me tell you what happened.

        On February 20, 2021, I spent the afternoon on Turbo Tax going through my 2020 financials so I could submit my return early and knock that "to-do" off my list. As Turbo Tax does, the software offered to import my W-2, which is always nice. I did that and got a message telling me I had excess contribution to my HSA and thus Turbo Tax recommended that I withdraw the excess funds from my HSA. At the time I didn't understand how that could be possible because I only worked for 2 months in 2020. But I was busy with my new job and trusted Turbo Tax to know better than me. That is, indeed, why I use Turbo Tax: so that a trusted expert can guide me through an otherwise complicated process.

        I added the task of withdrawing the excess HSA funds to my to-do list and on February 24, 2021 I contacted my HSA provider to withdraw the funds. My HSA provider told me they could send me the funds by check and that they would close my account. I figured that would be ok because I recently started a new job with an HSA so I figured: 1) no problem to not have this account since I have a new one, and 2) I need to withdraw these funds to avoid a penalty, per Turbo Tax's advice. As soon as I closed the account I realized I should take a deeper dive. I wanted to understand the consequences of closing an HSA.

        What I learned is that when you withdraw funds from an HSA for a non-medical reason, the amount withdrawn becomes subject to income tax. What's worse, the amount withdrawn also incurs a 20% penalty. That was upsetting to me but I figured I had no choice since Turbo Tax told me I had made an excess contribution. That's when I researched the 2020 contribution limit: $3, 600. That seemed crazy because, again, I only worked for 2 months in 2020 so I don't see how I could have contributed the maximum amount and some in such a short time. I pulled out my W-2 and found that I contributed less then $900 to my HSA in 2020. That seemed weird so I decided to pull open my completed and filed 2020 Form 1040. Low and behold, the amount I contributed to my HSA in 2020 had been inaccurately listed as an excess contribution on my 1040.

        I decided to contact Turbo Tax in hopes they could explain what happened and provide a means to fix it. I searched for an answer, couldn't find one, and submitted a support request (support ID [protected]). I spoke to Keith Smith who seemed confused and kept asking for more time to find my tax return and understand what went wrong. I understand the need to investigate so I asked him if I could call my HSA provider to try to reverse the account closure to avoid the tax and penalty on a withdraw I did not need to do. Keith promised to call me back but I never heard from him. I emailed him to no avail. Turbo Tax left me high and dry to the tune of hundreds of dollars. There's the $130 fee I paid to file my 2020 taxes. I'll have to pay another fee to amend those taxes since I did not in fact have an excess contribution to my HSA. I will not be doing that through Turbo Tax and expect it will cost at least another $130. I'll also have to report the HSA withdraw as taxable income on my 2021 taxes in addition to paying a 20% penalty. HUGE bummer. GIANT buzzkill on a weekend I was trying to get things done, not add more tasks to my list.

        Turbo Tax, I know mistakes happen. No one can expect perfection and I don't. What I can expect, especially as an almost decade long customer, is that you would do the right thing and at least attempt to fix your error. I'm a well educated individual with experience in tax law and was able to unveil this error. I bet many of your customers rely on your expertise and would never have caught this error nor understood why they were paying so much for an error that was not their fault. Shame on you, Turbo Tax.

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          Intuitunauthorized credit card charges

          I have been on the intuit internet, have chat, tried emails given by their conputer, asked for a phone number . I have tried for over 1 1/2 hours.
          I purchased a 2021 Desktop Pro Plus from Staples, planned on putting it in this week. I was charged for the payroll perscription on my credit card this weekend. I don't need 2.
          I need a credit for the one they charged to my account. I did not authorize them to charge. me for the persciption.

          I have contacted Bank of America about a fraud charge

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            Intuit Turbo TaxTurbotax deluxe 2020

            Numbered boxes on the software do not match the boxes on my Teacher Retirement System of GA Pension tax form.
            Tax form turbo tax
            state and state id. 13 15
            amount withheld 12 14
            Software does not seem to understand the
            operation of the Teacher Retirement System
            of GA and keep asking to recheck. It is a fixed
            monthly distribution.

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              Nov 13, 2020

              Intuit — Quickbooks desktop pro plus 2020

              I purchased and paid the annual fee for this program on Jan. 9, 2020. I cannot get into the program because...


              Intuit is now requiring that all users of Quickbooks Pro sign up for an Intuit Account! I do not want nor do I need an Intuit Account. I purchased the Quickbooks Pro desktop version because I wanted to maintain my privacy and had no desire to subscribe to the Quickbooks on line service. I do not use, nor do I intend to use, any of the Intuit on line services such as payroll. I am happy with what I purchased and will not be forced to sign up for something I do not want.

              My desired resolution is that Intuit leaves me alone and lets me use the product I purchased from them without trying to force me to do something that was not required when I purchased their product.

              Gary L Elmore

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                • Bu
                  budl9547 Mar 25, 2021

                  I agree.

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                • Ri
                  Riki Merrick Mar 21, 2021
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I echo this sentiment - that's the whole reason I purchased the desktop version. I need to get my books done, but cannot do so now without signing up - and it's the weekend, so NO support is avvailable until Monday - Friday during times when I have to work.

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                • St
                  StarOne Trader Nov 13, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Well said, Mr. Elmore. I feel exactly the same way. I hope your get your resolution! - D. Greene

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                IntuitTurbo tax

                I filed an electronic tax refund with Turbo Tax on Feb. 1, 2020 and paid the fees. On March 1, 2020, I went back to the Turbo Tax web site to see why I had not received an notification that the government had received my return. I found my return open and needing to be finished. I filled out the form the same as I had on Feb. 1st, but when I came to one area, Turbo Tax refused to accept two numbers I was transfering from a receipt. After severaal attempts, I finished my income tax, but was told that I would have to print my income tax and mail it. I printed and mailed my income tax, but have not received my refund.

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                  Mar 19, 2020

                  Intuit — TAX ID/EIN # was wrong

                  Company ID# [protected] Case # [protected] Case # [protected] We notified (and supplied Quickbooks and...

                  Intuit Turbo Taxpayment deducted from bank account as recorded for north carolina state tax.

                  North Carolina State Taxes were filed for Roger Whitmire for 2018. The amount due was suppose to be withdrawn from his bank account on April 14, 2019. He was charged a penalty because the amount due was not withdrawn from his bank account as stated on my receipt printout from Turbo Tax. We would like a refund of the penalty ($19). Tax preparer was John Cash. His email address is [protected]@comcast.net and home phone number is [protected].

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                    Intuitquickbooks desktop pro

                    We purchased the service over a year ago and have not been able to use it because they will not give us the License or Product #'s, due to the fact that the employee who set up the account is no longer with us. We have all of the purchase information, account number and all pertinent information but have been on the phone with them multiple times for hours, with no success.
                    This company is horrible.

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                      May 29, 2019

                      QuickBooks — premier 2016 and 2019

                      I'm happy with QB Premier 2016 (purchased in 2017) but as a cash grab, you're taking away the bank...

                      Intuitquickbooks online

                      In February of 2019 we made an attempt to downgrade our subscription on account [protected] and the process was so time consuming, cumbersome and complicated that we renewed the same subscription in order to access our information and accounts so that we could file a tax return. The entire Quickbooks experience was in our estimation extremely unfulfilling and unprofessional. We cancelled our subscrition within the 60 day trial period and would like to receive a full refund of $540. Each time we attempt to discuss the refund status there seems to be a game of high and seek with whomever would be responsible for issuing the refund and the website indicates the refund must take place by phone. Finally after an entire month of reaching out we connected with a person relatively new and unfamiliar with the processes who was exhchanging instant messages with a "supervisor" that indicated a prorated refund would be issued. Please issue the full refund and do better at customer service and satisfaction when a person or entity is dissatisfied. Sign up and payment was simple but questions and refunds in nearly impossible and irritating. If we do not hear back and receive our full refund there will be continued expressions of our dissatisfaction on as many of the platforms that share our disdain. BE BETTER!!

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                        Intuitmerchant credit card

                        6 months ago we accepted a credit card for a phone.
                        We got all information intuit required - name - address - card # - expire date - ccv code - phone #.
                        Intuite approved the transaction.
                        6 months later, with oput telling us, withdrew the amount from our checking account saying the transaction was not approved.
                        Intuit supplied us with a statement saying the card was not stolden, not reported lost, no fraud on the card - just the the card holder said the transaction was not authorized.
                        Intuit has sent their team of lawyers to intimidate me and threatern a very costly lawsuit if I do not pay the transfer the full amount - all most $6000.00 now!
                        Intuit accepts no responsibilty for their approval -
                        They said my only recourse was to contact the customer.
                        Customer is not available and/or will not take calls.

                        Beware intuit does not have your back

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                          In 2015 my company which is jackie's notary services decide to begin taking credit cards. I use it for about 2 to 3 months and look at my bank statement and intuit had place a charge for $8, 000. When I contacted the company they investigated found that the account was hatched into using my company name. I was told that they would rectify the problem. They told me that they would closed that account and about two weeks I could open up another one. I was afraid to fool with them again. They sold it to consolidate recovery and place it on my credit report plus raise the fees over $13, 000. No matter how much I complaint i'm told it will remain on my credit report. There is no notary service that charge $8, 000 for any services. I need help

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                            Feb 05, 2019

                            Intuit — unauthorised charges

                            We sold our business so I hit a support button in into to email the following 7 Sep, 11:08 am AEST We have...

                            Intuit — customer support; payroll

                            I've been on the phone for 1 hour so far. My problem is the w2 is out of alignment; 1st form in alignment...

                            Intuitmerchant account - credit cards

                            I am a small business owner/sole proprietor of an Architecture firm. I was contacted by a client who was interested in paying my fee, or portions of it with a credit card. The fee was large and I had never used a credit card processing company to accept payment before - but I was willing to try. I opened a quickbooks online account and signed up for the credit card services. I admit, I signed the agreement without fully understanding that I was basically "co-signing" for the credit card purchase ... basically, I was on the hook for the fee if the client turned out to be a fraud or decided they didn't want to pay. However, knowing that these terms existed I did contact QuickBooks and asked how to mitigate my risk. I was told that, in addition to my design fee contract that clearly stated the terms of payment, I was to get a signature confirming that my client was aware of the purchase. They showed me how to get a time-frame off of the internet, verify the address and name that was on the card matched the address/name I was given, and I was told that the signature on the time frame would protect me from a charge back due to fraud. Additionally, my contract had terms that forced mediation/arbitration if my client was not happy with my services. So, with those two documents I would be protected.

                            I was not.

                            After receiving the initial deposit on the contract I used that money (about $12k) to pay my staff and consultants to start doing the work. After about 2 weeks of work my client started asking me to pay additional design related invoices out of my design fee - a clear violation of the terms he agreed to. He wanted me to send $15k to civil engineer. My red flags went up when he REFUSED to advance me the $15k (per the terms of our contract). Essentially he wanted me to take the $11k plus $4k of my own money, and send it to the civil engineer. I told him I refused to do that until I had the $15k in my account, and that I could verify the civil engineer's credentials (license), had a copy of their W9 and a COI. About 5 days later I get an email from Intuit indicating that the entire fee I had been paid was being chargeback citing "fraud". I was given the chance to defend against the chargeback, but none f the contracts I provided, and the signature on the time-frame were not considered valid by Intuit and they attempted to take back their $12k. Well, I didn't have it so the check "bounced".

                            I am now in collections with Intuit for the $12k. I have explained this situation to them, actually to several people, and conveniently, the conversation I had with them in July regarding my efforts to eliminate my risk with the signature line and the contracts was NOT in their records. They basically told me that the advice I was give was wrong and that I am PERSONALLY responsible for this $12k. The fact that this is fraud doesn't seem to bother them. When asked, Intuit said "I guess you could file a police report".

                            They have given me 14 days to decide how to pay this back. I can't. I have to declare bankruptcy or something. They offered a 10 month payment plan... so they want in excess of $1k a month from me to pay back funds they said I wasn't at risk of losing.

                            I don't know what to do. If I don't pay, I go to collections and my credit get killed. But I don't have any source of income to recover from this. And they don't seem to care that I am the victim of fraud using THEIR services, even after they assured me I was protected.

                            I will file a police report.

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                              Intuit Turbo Tax2017 premier return

                              We have used Turbotax at least 10 years. Had trouble from the start with 2017:

                              1. Disk did not load easily. We could not get the thing to open up as in past.

                              2. Have 5 annuities to report, same each year. Had to type in name, address 5 times. Why is this info not imported?

                              3. For awhile it did not seem we were seeing a 2016 column which guides one to doing the 2017. At some point, we started seeing the 2016 info.

                              4. If eye doctor & glasses has to be separate from "doctors & dentists, " why
                              not list it FIRST when populating Medical Expense? I included eye related expneses only to have to remove and do separately. Very annoying.

                              5. Federal Review called for all the Car Donation info that was already listed in Deductions. Why?

                              6. Nowhere did I see the CPOIA IP PIN entry option...and I was allowed to E-File only to have it rejected due to no IP PIN. Then I had to hunt around
                              to see where it could be put in---little guidance here. Then return was accepted.

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