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Complaints & Reviews

Ripoff Monthy Subscription

Quickbooks subscription is a total scam - they limit you to 5 users (Quickbooks Premier Pro w/payroll) and then charge about $ 200/month forever. They don't bother telling you that all you're paying for is updated payroll tables every six months - what a ripoff! - Tables are available free from Govt of Canada but to integrate them into your software you have to PAY, PAY, PAY. They'll tell you that $ 2400/year also includes the new updated version every year with a few new tweaks, but what they DON'T tell you is that you can keep use your existing software forever with NO monthly fee. Better off to use a third party payroll service for a fraction of the price and kiss their monthly payments goodbye

unapproved charges

I continue to be billed for $4.99 every month since 2006 (over 6yrs.) for a purchase I made over 6yrs. ago. I ordered Quicken, a financial software over 6yrs. ago, I paid an additional $4.99 at the time to have a year of download service of the Quicken Software in case I needed to download the software again within a year. I kept seeing the $4.99 on my bank statement, but had no clue what it was, I just kept putting it off since I knew it would take some investigating to track down the root of the charge and I also rarely check my bank statements so I would forget for a year or so. Anyway, today I took the time to track it down and discovered I have paid over $400 for the right to download a software with a retail value of appx. $69 that is not even compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8, I did continue to use the software up until just over a year ago when Quicken told me it could not longer be used on my computer unless I paid another $69 for the updated version, which was also not 100% compatible.

Inappropriate Credit Card Charge

In March of 2011 and March of 2012 Intuit charged my credit card for $265.81 for "Payroll" services. I have never signed up for or used their Payroll services. I started calling in March 2012 and am still talking with them in July, 2012. They have never actually disputed my argument but they continue to "process" pr "escalate" this complaint without ever reaching a conclusion. And I am still out $531.62. I have been told that I am now in communication with their Presdient's office but I am still waiting.

awful customer service and lack of communication

First off, if you can't understand English from a Hindi accent, don't bother to call:.

I called their Customer Service line to clear up what I thought was a bug in their software/. I have a payee that bills in 5 consecutive months on a 6 month policy;. This means there will be one month without a payment'. I can go to the month I want to skip the payment, click on the day the payee is listed and a dialog box pops up with the option to "Skip" that payment;. When I click on the "Skip" button another dialog box pops up and asks me if I want to skip the following month|. I don't want to skip the following month!. I want to skip the month I have shown in front of me.

After providing a screen shot and going over and over what I wanted, the representative told me I couldn't do it. All along, a woman was yelling in the background in Hindi at the poor guy. I got no-where over the phone.

I mailed a letter to their headquarters explain my problem and the service I was provided. Needless to say, I never got a response. This was two months ago.

If you need customer service use their on-line forum. It's your only hope.

  • Co
    Concerned about Turbo Tax Feb 08, 2011


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  • St
    Steel Guy Jul 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree 100%
    We can not obtain help from Intuit to complete our website structure for shipping and freight options. We were promised by the Intuit sales person during the sales process that the Intuit site would handle our needs.
    We purchased a site design with Intuit sales rep Justin Weeder June 2010. We were clear what we were selling & what was being sold. We showed him a similar site to make sure Intuit could make our site function the same way, including freight. We were assured it was no problem & that Intuit could complete our site.
    January 2011 after getting a lot of the products & info loaded onto the Intuit site with great frustration (their c/s employee’s lack of knowledge on their storefronts functionality) we had a conference call with Justin regarding issues with their c/s support and freight options. During the call Justin said “if we had any issues with c/s to contact him”. He said if we produced a freight option code, they would have no problem incorporating the code into the site. After much more trial, error & calls to support we are finally ready to make the site "live". We found freight coding options and emailed & called Justin on May 11 & May 17 - no response. June 3, 2011, we reached Sierra. She told us Justin moved to another department but she works with him - to send her the info, which we did. After 2 emails she responsed to try to code it ourselves but it may crash our site. We asked her for clarification/suggestions, she did not respond. We called c/s several more times. June 11 a rep. said that he wondered if Intuit fit our needs. We asked him to remove freight options with a call, email and chat option. He said we needed to talk to Justin-called & email him July 11 & 12. NO RESPONSE.

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unfair added fees

I have used quickbooks pro since 1996. As the years go by I get angrier and angrier at their practices. They force me to buy their so called annual payroll updates, the last one was $332!!! Then they forced me to upgrade the program every 3 years!!! Now they are saying the $332 payroll update is "standard" and I need an upgrade that will go with the qb 2011!!! As near as I can tell qb 2011 is identical to qb 2008!!! Their phone staff all have heavy accents which works in intuit's favor because you cannot understand their justifications and you finally just give up and hang up in frustration. Companies like intuit are what is wrong with america today, we are getting nickel and dimed to death. Someone please write a competitive program please. Class action suit, I am so in!!!

  • Lu
    Lucid Books Jul 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree with your experience with intuit. The support they provide is very cheap and their products always force you to upgrade. If you would like a VERY competitive or, in my opinion, much better alternative consider using Xero.

    Visit my website at www.lucidbooks.us if you are interested or give me a call and I'll let you know what options you have available.

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Quickbooks are so un-ethical in what they do. They stop services within versions to force you to upgrade, which can cost thousands. They cannot add users on to versions as they will do everything they can to make you upgrade. Stay 100 yards away from this American company. I know they are big and growing but I have talked to a few other people that are in the same boat as us. They say for example that they cannt add any licences but are very happy to offer you the newer version with 20% discount, which can turn to 30% etc. Its a gimmick and highly bad business practise.

  • Lu
    Lucid Books Jul 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree with your experience with intuit. The support they provide is very cheap and their products always force you to upgrade. If you would like a VERY competitive or, in my opinion, much better alternative consider using Xero.

    Visit my website at www.lucidbooks.us if you are interested or give me a call and I'll let you know what options you have available.

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Intuit offered me a 30 day trial period for their product. However, they weren't sure which product would work for my company & signed me up for several website versions of quickbooks as well as desktop. Needless, to say, after being transferred to India, Pakistan & the Philipenes I learned my file was too large for them to host on line & their service was not going to meet my needs. I was charged in January for a service I had canceled. After calling them, they realized their mistake & reversed the charges. I was then charged 2 weeks later for yet another amount and this time when I called I was told I had to log in online using a password to cancel with them which I don't know because I never set up an account with them. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told no one was available.

  • Lu
    Lucid Books Jul 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree with your experience with quickbooks. The support they provide is very cheap and their products always force you to upgrade. If you would like a VERY competitive or, in my opinion, much better alternative consider using Xero.

    Visit my website at www.lucidbooks.us if you are interested or give me a call and I'll let you know what options you have available. I am a CPA and run an accounting firm.

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Intuit small business Web sites is the worst company ever there support techs are total ###s know nothing...

won't release my domain name

Intuit.com will not let me transfer my domain name without paying for it!!! They were so nice in the beginning. It turns out they want more money and they are not any different than many of the other web host sites. Intuit.com starts off with their deceivingly friendly customer service to lure you in when you call and have questions about starting an account. Their site assures you of its ease of use. Then when you close the account, the great customer service is also closed. I need an authorization number to transfer my account, which they had access to and were all too happy to give to me, until they saw that I had closed the account. Once they saw the account was closed, they would not give me any information. They said they were unauthorized to give that particular information on a closed account and that I would have to contact the hostmaster via email (EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD THE AUTHORIZATION NUMBER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!) The hostmaster would respond in 24-48 hours they assured me. HA! What a laugh! It has been over a week and I have sent 3 emails to the hostmaster and have heard nothing. I called customer service again...still wouldn't help, but said they would contact the hostmaster for me or I could PAY $25.95 to reopen the account and then they could give me the authorization number that I need right then and there. I couldn't believe it. It IS all about the money with Intuit. There customer service is a put on. So here is what I learned...transfer your domain before you close your account. In my case, I had to close it. There templates were not near as easy to alter like they said and I didn't have the time to figure it out at the time and I didn't want to be charged monthly for something that I was not using. I decided to do more research before going to another site, which is why I was unable to transfer it before closing the account. It is ridiculous that we pay for a domain yearly and we have no access to it except through a web host site that can control what we can do with it. For those of you who read this: Take heed and BEWARE of getting STUCK with a crappy site. Make sure you have done your homework before signing on with anyone. Google reviews and complaints about the site first. You'll be happier in the end if you know what your up against. As for me, I guess I am going to have to find another domain name to use. It's not that I can't pay $25.95, but I shouldn't have to. I also don't want to give any money to Intuit.com because that is the whole reason they are now giving me the run around so that it is easier to pay and get what I need and in the end, the get more money.

services dropped

After using Quickbooks for 2 years, we received notice that they no longer support sending reports and bills via email! What a rip-off. They say they have dropped this service so that they can provide better service (makes sense??) It only makes sense to them because they us to upgrade only to make more money!

  • An
    Angry with QUICK BOOKS Mar 31, 2010

    I just had an issue with Quick Books...My computer quit letting me send invoices through e-mail, I called they said I had the wrong bit, I have 32 bit I need 64 bit for them to help me. So in order for them to help me I could pay them $75.00 now and $35.00 a month after that, or pay them $399.00 a year...Or upgrade for $299.00 what a load of crap. I just want to email my invoices and estimates to my customers again. All quikc books ever want is MORE MONEY $$$$$$

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  • Lu
    Lucid Books Jul 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree with your experience with intuit. The support they provide is very cheap and their products always force you to upgrade. If you would like a VERY competitive or, in my opinion, much better alternative consider using Xero.

    Visit my website at www.lucidbooks.us if you are interested or give me a call and I'll let you know what options you have available.

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Unauthorized Support Charges

Bought Quickbooks 2009 for mac... had an issue with printing checks. Called and was told they could not help me unless I had the support package, this is two days after I purchased the product. Today two months later I go through my statements and find two support subscription charges from intuit.

Call the and they immediately say sorry and tell me they will refund the charges... it will however, take 6-8 days for me to see the credit.

  • Jo
    John Porter Apr 28, 2009

    Having the same problem with them, just got the software and now having problems with the program and they deny support unless I pay for it. It seems they get worse evey year, no problems if you are odering somthing from them, but it is almost impossible to get support if you are having problems.

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bad product and/or poor technical support

Bought and installed the product. Didn't work when I loaded my company files. Requested support through...

unauthorized charges on my credit card

I was charged for not 1 but 3 copies of turbo tax and I did not even order it. I did order Turbo Tax (1 copy...

bad service

Intuit warranties the accuracy of their software and sells audit defense provided by a subcontractor. By...

can not reach support on line

Can not reach support on line from within Quick Books, which you are supposed to be able to do. Support at [protected] number does not have a clue what is going on. After I reported this problem to them it started working for awhile but now it won't work again. If you try to go to their website www.quickbooks.com/support by typing it in the address field you get the same error message. You get this: Cannot find "www.quickbooks.com" DNS Error - Server cannot be found. (This is exactly what it say. I did a copy and paste) If you go to www.intuit.com and follow the links to Quickbooks there is a link to support. If you click on the support link you get the same thing. It is tax season, before you go out and buy Turbo Tax and you want to import your Quick Books files you had better think twice.

unauthorized credit card charges by quickbooks!

I have never authorized payment. Just like that quik books charged to my credit card. I have called the...

bait & switch game

It looks like intuit has figured out how to make a little more short-term profit and drive long-term customers, like me (20 years), to taxcut or some other competitor.

I was comparing the deluxe & premier versions of turbotax 2006 on the turbotax web site. On their "choose me if" pages they stated that a buyer would have to upgrade to the more expensive "premier" version if they sold stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

In each of the past years, I have used "deluxe" and stock transactions were part of the year's income or loss.

This concerned me. So, I sent an e-mail to their tech support and asked if this were actually the case and I could no longer use “deluxe” if I sold stocks.

The intuit tech support reply contained the following quote (bad grammar & all):

"1. Yes, the deluxe version do not offer this feature. If you will try to access this on your product, it will ask you to upgrade to premier investment product.

2. There is a question on the deluxe interview that will ask you if you sold these items. If you will click yes, it will ask you to upgrade to premier investment product.

3. Yes, you need to purchase or upgrade your deluxe 2006 to premier 2006 to handle stock sale."

Elmer l
Intuit tax products customer service & support
"revolutionizing how people manage their financial lives"

Stock transactions are a common item in today's income tax. Now they seem to have removed this fundamental tax item from the deluxe program, with no notice to consumers.

It’s like selling you software that is useless without the purchase of add-ons or having to pay to buy an activation code.

It's a version of the old "bait & switch" con game or the intuit tech support doesn't know what they are talking about.

  • Bo
    Bob Meighan Jan 04, 2007

    This is in response to your posting at Complaints Board. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks. Below is my posted response. I hope this satisfies you and earns your trust back.

    Unfortunately, the TurboTax agent's response is incorrect and I apologize for that.

    TurboTax Deluxe 2006 is virtually identical to the 2005 version. If you have investments like stock/bond transactions, Deluxe will work fine for you. Premier is ideal for investors who have more complex transactions or need additional handholding in this area. For example, you may wish to upgrade to Premier to get these additional benefits:

    1. BasisPro - BasisPro automatically computes your cost basis for any publically traded security regardless of when you purchased it and regardless of any corporate mergers/splits/cash distributions/ spinoffs, etc. that may have happened since your purchase.

    2. Additional guidance with regard to stock options and employee stock purchase plans.

    3. Additional help and interview customization for rental properties.

    Just to reiterate, TurboTax Deluxe will handle all of these security transactions and rental properties, but TurboTax Premier provides more help, customized interview and BasisPro to make these complex areas even easier to master.

    I hope this information helps.

    Bob Meighan
    VP, TurboTax

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  • Ca
    Candi Warren Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid Turbo Tax $26.68 to e-file my state tax return. Due to a particular form in my tax return, I was unable to file it electronically and had to send in a paper return. I have been battling with Turbo Tax customer service who refuse to give me a refund for the e-file fee that I was unable to use.

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  • Ke
    KeenAngel Aug 21, 2018

    I have NEVER been an Intuit customer. I have never used Turbo Tax or any of their products. So why do Intuit charges show up on my checking account? We had almost $1, 000 in charges via POS Debit via Intuit twice. Our cards were cancelled and reissued TWICE this year. It's happening again.

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QuickBooks is a rip off!

They constantly force the user to upgrade and the support desk says something different every time I call. I...

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