Intown Suitesentire service

R Aug 16, 2018

We made a reservation online a week in advance. We spoke with Ennis who claimed to be the location's manager, who advised us they were able to accommodate our service dog. The only issue they had was they were closed at 7:00 pm ET and if we did not call prior to 4:pm they might not check us in. We called from the road at 3:00pm and left a voice message. We called again at 4 and yet again at 5. I finally called the customer support number who called the hotel front desk. Instead of answering the customer service representative as the phone is ringing in my ear they call my cell and hang up. The customer service representative called the other desk number and a female answered. I gave my name and she said they do not have the room we reserved but have a bigger room if we will pay 100 dollars more. I said no I will not pay extra because they did not honor the reservation. At that she advised they will not accept a service dog without a certificate. I advised that is not legal. I called back to customer service who refused to put a manager on the line because they are too busy and she needed to log off and go home and to do so she needed to disconnect my call. I called back and got a new agent who told me there are no other rooms in all of Cincinnati except that one hotel. I showed up and they refused my 'pet' (who had not yet been gotten out of the car) and they called the police on us. Never stay in one of these ever. Boycott intown suites.

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