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G Jul 29, 2019

If anyone has figured out the proper way to file a real complaint against this company please let me know.

I read all the reviews about this company when we first had our loss due to water damage in the kitchen last July 2018. I knew it didn't matter which mortgage company you had but came down to this company. So I self funded all my repairs and held on to the check from my insurance company.

When EVERYTHING was completed. I submitted a certification from the contractor that there were no liens and all work was completed. I scheduled my inspection and confirmed they acknowledged at that all work was 100% completed. I spoke with two different reps to confirm the servicer had all documentation and all steps completed except receipt of my insurance check. They said as soon as they received the check they would be able to release funds back in about 7 days.

I overnighted the check with a prepaid return overnight envelope (totall almost $100 in mailing costs to expedite) and copies of all the original paperwork I had sent them (just in case)... I received a call after they received it to know a check would be issued and coming to me.

That was July 5, 2019. Today they still have not released any funds and are now saying my insurance check was for too much so they can't release anything. They now claim to only have a estimate that was half the total of the repairs. They previously confirmed receipt of the correct estimate/authorization. I asked to speak to a supervisor and no luck. They said flat out you can't. My position was ok... even worse case and you lost the other authorization then I sent you a check for more than you need to repair evrything, you've already acknowledged all repairs were 100% done so then you should be returning the amount from the estimate you have and any extra as your argument would negate your interest to any of the extra anyway. Either way whether they have the correct estimate or not... both scenarios entitle me to a release of the funds in full.

This company is now fraudulently and illegally holding funds they are NOT entitled too.

I can't believe how many complaints are on the internet and how difficult it is to get a resolution. I know my claim is in the neighborhood of 20k... they must be retaining millions.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way around them... The mortgage company won't talk to you and force you to use their service. There is no opt out. This is bad.

I want a full release of my funds immediately.

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