Cash Generator Complaints & Reviews

Cash Generator / Appalling Customer Service.

Sep 13, 2019

My partner went to retrieve an item from the Clydebank store on 13/09/19 just after 4pm. He was told by the staff the tills were off and they couldn't process his transaction.The website says the store closes at 5pm. He has £180 in cash and had travelled specially to get the item. My partner...

Cash Generator / Rude manager! Andrew.

Sep 13, 2019

I bought a laptop from the online website that came from the Bradford Godwin street Branch. The laptop was faulty. I phoned the store who agreed to arrange for DHL to collect it from me. The collection was arranged and I received a Text from DHL. DHL didnt turn up, three days in a row...

Cash Generator / ps4 pro

Sep 10, 2019

Hi my mum bought a ps4 pro for my birthday out your shop in great yarmouth paid £250 was told if she was to return it she would lose £50 and get £200 back now they trying to say she only get £120 so they ripped her off there and now I've tried the computer what they said had 6 months warranty...

Cash Generator / 28 day buy back on mobile phone

Sep 09, 2019

Cash GeneratorPut my phone in on 26th August on 28 day back. Was a brand new phone had for 6 days. Went to collect phone had loads of scratch Mark's, scraps and damage on phone. Looks like an old phone . Lying and saying it was like that and I have proof from 02 that was a brand new phone. I have put a...

Cash Generator / product

Aug 08, 2019

I bought a phone and the staff told me it's a Xs . as I bought from them before I told her to check everything and I just signed the in store paper saying everything is ok and clearly on that it says Xs they give me receipt and I came home after a week or so I checked the phone and...

Cash Generator / loans

Jul 28, 2019

I would like all my interest and charges I have paid out with these loans I took out I had to borrow so many loans because your loans were unaffordable and resulted in irresponsible lending please could you sort this out before I seek advice from the Financial Ombudsman I contacted...

Cash Generator / bought a ps4 but was faulty

Jul 14, 2019

I bought a ps4 from the Airdrie store that turned out to have a broken disk drive so tried to return it but without recite as had list it. The employee remembered me buying it but said can't do anything without a recite so iv been left with a expensive brick till tradein standard can sort...

Cash Generator / pricing

Jun 18, 2019

Hi I went into your Rochdale branch today with a nearly new specialized road bike that I payed £2100 for 7 months ago I asked I member of your staff how much he would offer me on it and by my amazement he had the cheek to offer me £15 for a nearly new top of the range bike.well for that we...

Cash Generator / refusal of a full refund

Jun 14, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I bought a laptop from your store in birmingham. The laptop was with a problem and i return the laptop within the 3 months warranty i was told and yet still i didn't get my money back? After the store check the laptop they found out the laptop shouldn't have been sold to me...

Cash Generator / stolen goods

Jun 06, 2019

Cash GeneratorHi, I am sorry to send these here but can this be circulated to all Birmingham branches please? We unfortunately had a break in yesterday - when I came home from work to find that my back door had been jarred open to the point where all the locking mechanisms snapped!  Few items were...

Cash Generator / senior manager banned me for no reason at all

May 25, 2019

I want into cash generators in Rochdale I am a frequent customer and have spent thousand on products and using the buy back service lately all tho I am a liyal customer returning for my items I've been receiving less and less for the same items in buying back off one certain employee the...

Cash Generator / nikon camera

May 11, 2019

Bought a nikon camera for £63 from the airdrie store online on the 2nd of May, I waited a week but still hadn't received any delivery information or anything so I called the store and the kept fobbing me off by saying we are busy with customers at the moment call back later, or saying I will...

Cash Generator / I phone 8

May 08, 2019

This has really been playing on my mind to be honest I am really upset that I have put my phone into the cash Generator store in Manchester which had my fathers pictures on who has passed away when collected my phone notice that all my personal pictures had been erased and to had to top it...

Cash Generator / airdrie store

May 07, 2019

Placed an order for a camera a begining of the month called them up and there advice was unbelievable, put me on hold four times every time asked a question they said there signal was bad and they have to go as a lot of customer are waiting, disgusting services should not treat customer...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / one of your store managers

May 02, 2019

Hello im writing with a major issue regarding one of your store managers or former managers not sure if they still are in that position, from the Heywood in lancashire branch which is now closer but now works at the middleton branch in manchester her name is Sarah Bradshaw, i know about...

Cash Generator / they sold me item that had missing parts

May 01, 2019

Brought xbox one steering wheel online when received found that a part of it was missing. Phoned the kirkby store in Liverpool where it came from and told them about it to which the response was that they had explained in listing which they didn't. Phoned back the following day and...

Cash Generator / buyback

Apr 16, 2019

I had a buyback for a MacBook Air intially started in mid February. (Agreement 94128). As per the message received, I extended it over the phone on the 16th of March (generating agreement 95025). I called the store on the 8th of April in order to extend it, but a staff person informed me I...

Cash Generator / tv 40in

Mar 09, 2019

I bought plasma 40ins TV it was working perfect on the day when I took it home gave it a good clean, unfortunately the TV has a smuge finger prints mark won't come off I phone the cash generater next day the manager said they not liable for it as it she check it it was fine but I said the...

Cash Generator / iphone 6s

Feb 27, 2019

Hello I put my iPhone in to cash generator for 1andna half weeks by their saying it was a month ago yeah it is about a month ago now Collin the manager in in your Clydebank West Dunbartonshire shop is rude to customers and he discriminated agent me as asked me how I can I be disabled if I...

Cash Generator / playstation 4

Jan 13, 2019

I had a problem with cash generator Northfield branch in Birmingham they sold me a faulty PlayStation 4 so I took the product back, after having it for lest than a month. The day after I took the product back they called me back saying they was fixing my PlayStation but not my pad which...

Cash Generator / a feel items

Dec 27, 2018

Absolutely disgusted in a number of items I've bought from cash generator, use cash gen in Hyde (Tameside) quite often well known customer in there and Christmas ever I bought a tv for an Xbox one a kobo e reader and Samsung tablet... the tv has a big red line down the screen the Xbox one...

Cash Generator / beats headphones

Dec 27, 2018

I bought 2 pairs of beats head phones for my children for Christmas I was told they are new when buying once opened on Christmas day one head no case one had no cable and there was no leaflets inside the boxes the serial numbers on the head phones are not recognized on the beats site the...

Cash Generator / store

Dec 07, 2018

I recently had to pawn my TV at one of your stores due to financial commitments and I got it back out and the stand is broken this is really annoying as it was pretty much new when we pawned it. Are you going to replace the stand as it was in your possession? I would really like a solution...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / deceased customer/lost jewellery

Nov 26, 2018

Good Morning In December 2014 my siblings and I sadly and rather unexpectedly lost our mother who was only in her very early sixties. Near this time I got in touch with your branch in Grays, Thurrock as they lost an item of my mothers jewellery of great sentiment to her of which we were...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / lenovo laptop rec no. 645970

Oct 25, 2018

i bought a laptop from cash generator on the 27/09/2018 a lenova 4gb for £140.00. when i switched this laptop on when i got home it began configuring windows which lasted 6 hours . Then it started updating windows which was another 4 hours. after this process the computer said it wa...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / galaxt tab 3

Oct 18, 2018

I bought samsung galaxy prime on 6 october 2018 and it was faulty so exchanged it for galaxy tab 3 but it is also faulty so I went in to harperhey store where I purchased it from and they said I cant have a refunfd because it was exchanged but on receipt it says I cwn g3t refund if it...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / toshiba laptop

Oct 17, 2018

Recently purchased a laptop from stretford Chester road store, took it home to find many viruses, when returning they said they would have somebody look at it, 6 days later I had it returned to be told there was nothing wrong with it whatsoever, the problem with the laptop occurred right...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / moving goods from sheffield store to rotherham store with out notice

Oct 08, 2018

I have an item on buy back which was moved from sheffield to Rotherham without notice. I have been making payments to extend my agreement but on the 28th September they said that they where not taking payments as I have got to go to store and sign a new one. But unfortunately I can not get...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / irvine store

Sep 08, 2018

I was in store today and was shocked and appalled with the attitude of your staff, I was felt very uncomfortable and a staff member made a comment about our clothing, then I asked how to make a complaint and was asked ‘how' I want to make a complaint and ‘who' I was making a complaint about. I...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / nasty staff

Aug 25, 2018

Well it all started off my little girl at the age of 11 was in one of your cash Generators store someone made a comment in the store so the staff members started getting air freshener out and spraying it alright my little girl and that was ok with your shop after that we purchased the...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / service complaint

Aug 22, 2018

On Monday morning my partner went into cash gen Chelmsley Wood to ask about the Nintendo wii we brought that had no controllers he spoken to scarlet the manger and he got a very unpleasant conversation he said that we had brought a wii that had no controllers but we didn't have the receipt...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / xbox one sale

Aug 20, 2018

I purchased an Xbox one on the 14th of August at Rutherglen store for £99.99 I took it home an for the next 2/3 days it wasn't used as my oldest prefers PlayStation consoles, I checked up an it states on the website if you change your mind and on this note I decided to take it back as it wasn't...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / staff member

Aug 12, 2018

Hi I been using this store quite frequently over the last 10 years but recently the high turnover of staff that your Swansea store has is obscured I used to like coming there the staff were great but now they have a new staff member on the buy back desk I highly avoid them I know his name...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / laptop

Aug 08, 2018

Hi I went into your wolverhampton store and brought a laptop a few weeks ago and wasn't informed that not only was the laptop on Windows 7 but it wasn't even a genuine copy on the laptop I wasn't very pleased to say the least I was going to contact Windows media but thought I would contact...

Cash Generator / lack of customer service/assistance/help

Aug 01, 2018

On the 14/04/2018 I spent ££550.00 on a Samsung galaxy s9 from the Irvine branch, after 2 weeks of unsuccessfully not getting the unlock codes I decided that I had enough and I was going to sell it to Mazuma. I was going to take a bit of a loss but I carried on and sent the phone to them...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / Loan

Jul 16, 2018

To whom this may concern, My name is Daniel Furbey I am writing to you due to the new laws and regulations regarding payday loans. I have been advised that this company owes me a refund in compensations day I would also like the loans to be removed from my credit file as at the correct...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / franchise manager

Jul 10, 2018

Went to cash generator on the 10 the July to witness the franchise manager speaking to a member of public like he was trash for both reason given all that was said by the customer is that hr wanted to buy a Xbox one console to be told by manager your banned for Bringing back TVs saying...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / mobile phone iphone

Jun 25, 2018

On the 16/6/18 I bought an iPhone 7 from your Shawlands store in Glasgow. As I was working in Southampton the following week and needed a mobile, I was assured this was the best phone for me, duly paid £250, then went to my service provider and signed up to a new sim contract. Two days later...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / unethical behaviour buyback

Jun 18, 2018

You have my iphone 8 plus in your buy back I got a call on saturday the 16th june 2018 that you would be going into administration I went to your peckham store and the store was closed I then called head on [protected] and spoke to keeley casey who confimred that you had gone into administration...

[Resolved] Cash Generator / lost and stolen jewellery halo diamond ring alert

Jun 15, 2018

Cash GeneratorHi Team, I hope you are well, I have request to make my house was robbed yesterday at 12noon in Bradford. I have informed few stores but there afe too many stores in West Yorkshire (Bradford Leeds Areas). Asian Jewllery was stolen along with this 18ct white gold double halo diamond wedding...