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Cash Generator reviews & complaints

Cash Generator complaints 95

Cash Generator - Service

I went into slough cash generator in slough with a technics 1210 mk 7 record deck and technics amp and pre amp so the boy in there put the speaker wires on the amp with it all turned on and then he went off to get the speakers to attach to the wires he had already connected and whilst he was gone I noticed the two speaker cables touching so I asked the young girl if he had left the amp turned on and pointed out the wires touching to which she replied he'd left it turned on so by the time he came back I showed him and he tried to get the amp to work and it didn't then this girl Claudia turned up and started saying it wasn't working before I brought it in so I told her what happened and that I wanted to borrowed against it and they get it repaired by the time I came back to which she replied we've had technics stuff in before and that they've shorted the speaker wires before and it still worked so I asked her if that was her s o p to which she wouldn't answer so then I told her I was going to head office about it to then which the other gir offered me 150 on my 1210 well they've only been out a year and second hand they're still £800 so I left rather fed up so can u contact me plz with a resolution as I now have an amp that second hand to buy is still 500 without the pre amp

Desired outcome: I want it repaired or replaced


Cash Generator - My old console

Hi I recently lost my Xbox one digital can you tell me why they never deleted it left my information on it and someone called lisa Lockett at 41 Woodstock road m40 odu is trying to buy Xbox live using my details don't you give your customers any protection on sensitive data I'm not bothered about losing the Xbox it's whats on it that the person has got access to who is going to get the games that are onit if they are deleted from my profile I've used you before but this is the only time my information was not deleted

Desired outcome: Sort it out please

Cash Generator - Customer service / online web team

Hate to think how much money I've spent with them over the years and can see why many shops are ditching the name to go solo but just placed an order last week and no notification but called the shop to say the web team cancelled it?! No reason no refund as usual so opened a PayPal case to get refund! Shocking service

Desired outcome: Goods to be sent


Cash Generator - Buy back and staff

0n 19/3/2021 I went to my local cash generator to buy back goods and rollover others 1 staff member was cheeky and arrogant toward my 6 year old boy who has adhd.i then went bk to the same shop on the 27/3/21 to explain a family member passed away and could please wait another few days to pay I was told no so I then offered to put my phone in to offset the debt and was told no the same person was cheeky arrogant and said I was being threatening which I was not 4 times I have asked to speak to the area manager but no reply .a member of staff said I have till 10/4/21 I, ve tried to explain I get paid on the 19th.i got barred for apparently being aggressive and threatening which I wasn't, t.she was aggressive to my six year old son.
I so hope to resolve this matter quickly.

Desired outcome: Written apology and compensation for the way my son was treated

Jan 06, 2021

Cash Generator - Faulty item, no return with 12 month warranty.

Hi. I bought an Xbox One with controller for my 14 year old son for xmas. It cost me £180. I spent over £500 in total. The xbox came with 12 months waranty. On Sat 2nd Jan my son complained the controller wasnt working properly. One of the analogue sticks had become very loose, so I took it back because it was under waranty. The reaction I got was not what I expected. I have been a customer for over 10 years. The manager told me "my son had broken it". and "it was working when left shop". He said the waranty didnt cover the controller. So what was the waranty for?. I will not be shopping there again

Desired outcome: Refund

Cash Generator - Buyback agreement

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Shopping The issue that I have experienced was: I entered into a backbuy agreement on my mobile phone on the 15/10/2020. I had until...

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Cash Generator - Pay day loans

I feel that l was charged at a high rate and was unable to pay for my utility bills. I was cashing my cheques every week
I think that this was irresponsible lending.
I lived from hand to mouth and felt that l was being taken advantage of this but I had no choice as a mother with three children to support.
I await your response

Many thanks

Habidah Fazilahmed

Cash Generator - Agreement's numbers 105280 & 103925

Hi my name is Christine bullock I put some gold in Bearwood Smethwick on buy back I was a bit late collecting the two agreement's but when I called I was told they was still in store and Safe for me...

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Apr 24, 2020

Cash Generator - Agreement number 63429

Good afternoon. I have a laptop with you on buy back. I have tried to call the Colwyn bay shop. And it's closed. I need to make a payment. I'm so worried about this and I have tried to call your head...

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Cash Generator - ps4

I have been pawning my ps4 at cash gs for 2 years now on and off, i think they have had it most of the last year at £28 a month, as ive recently become self employed my income is unpredictable. I...

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Cash Generator - mobile phone

I put my mobile in to buy back it had all my photos of my baby's being born and my gran who passed away and went to desk they took my money to get it out only to say sorry your phone's not here after...

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Oct 01, 2019

Cash Generator - xbox one s

I always usually go in store to renew my xbox or get it out but I had to renew it very the phone in september. I went in today to be told it's gone because they gave me extra days so they'd taken a...

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Sep 27, 2019

Cash Generator - faulty nikon d7200 no refund received

I purchased this camera on Wednesday. Took it home took up 10 pictures and the screen started to flicker.switched the camera off and back on and the screen became black with few lines on the side of...

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Sep 16, 2019

Cash Generator - putting something in on buy back

Upon putting a laptop in to buy back, which has been put in a couple of times, I would usually get £70, but when my girlfriend went to put it in she got 50 pounds. Tey said this was due to the chargers Ware and tear, but we had put the laptop in several times before with the charger in the same state and got 70 pounds for it.
My girlfriend is worried this is due to sexism, and would like to put a complaint in regarding this.

Sep 13, 2019

Cash Generator - appalling customer service.

My partner went to retrieve an item from the Clydebank store on 13/09/19 just after 4pm. He was told by the staff the tills were off and they couldn't process his transaction.The website says the...

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Sep 13, 2019

Cash Generator - rude manager! andrew.

I bought a laptop from the online website that came from the Bradford Godwin street Branch. The laptop was faulty. I phoned the store who agreed to arrange for DHL to collect it from me. The...

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Cash Generator - ps4 pro

Hi my mum bought a ps4 pro for my birthday out your shop in great yarmouth paid £250 was told if she was to return it she would lose £50 and get £200 back now they trying to say she only get £120 so...

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Cash Generator - 28 day buy back on mobile phone

Put my phone in on 26th August on 28 day back. Was a brand new phone had for 6 days. Went to collect phone had loads of scratch Mark's, scraps and damage on phone. Looks like an old phone . Lying and...

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Cash Generator - product

I bought a phone and the staff told me it's a Xs . as I bought from them before I told her to check everything and I just signed the in store paper saying everything is ok and clearly on that it say...

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Cash Generator - loans

I would like all my interest and charges I have paid out with these loans I took out I had to borrow so many loans because your loans were unaffordable and resulted in irresponsible lending please...

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