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ING Directfraud and cheating


Someone was able to access my Electric Orange account and withdraw $800 from it. INGDIRECT says it was my card used and will not investigate the unauthorized use of my card and will NOT honor there service guarantee. They promise the money would be safe, but it is not.


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    DemiGod Sep 05, 2009

    "They promise the money would be safe, but it is not." ... really? Here's a question for you: does ING Direct (or ANY bank for that matter) have control over where you use your card (i.e. internet/websites, stores)? Obviously not. So if you are not using your card responsibly, why should your bank eat the cost of YOUR mistake? Although banks do their best to monitor your spending habits in order to catch fraudulent transactions, the system is not perfect. BANKS ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL BABYSITTERS! Take some personal responsibility for your actions. Also, think back on how many purchases you've made without reading the terms of your purchase. If you agreed to terms that would allow the merchant to take funds from your account... HOW COULD A BANK POSSIBLY FIGHT ON YOUR BEHALF?!? Which bring up another point. "INGDIRECT says it was my card used and will not investigate the unauthorized use of my card..." How could they possibly determine that without an investigation? The only reason the bank will not investigate is if YOU are not proactive and do not correspond back with the bank in the amount of time you are allocated. You don't need a bank. You should REALLY consider getting yourself a babysitter instead.

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    random google search Jan 07, 2011

    I had 1400$ stolen from my account with WaMu (pre-Chase buyout) and they refunded all of the money because it was fraud (I guess someone did an ATM withdrawl somewhere in Europe using my account information, and I hadn't even traveled there!).

    I don't know if WaMu 'fought on my behalf', but they returned the money. In fact I didn't even realize it had happened until they called me the very next morning initiated the process they also returned all of the overdraft fees I got as a result, it very pain-free (considering I had negative balance).

    I would probably leave ING direct, and go with a regular bank if that was the case. Make sure to get a bank with theft protection.

    I assume you immediately closed the account, or at least canceled the card.

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