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Complaints & Reviews

Home equity line

My wife and I make $175, 000 a year. Been with the same bank for over 20 years. Now bank of the west. Our home has been appraised at $1, 075, 000.
We are livid with the lack of communication and process. Asking us to jump from one hoop to another and we did... Now they are asking for 2.

A deed of trust to secure an original indebtedness of $650, 000.00 recorded 08/08/2007 as document

Number [protected] of official records.

Dated: 07/12/2007

Trustor: melissa s. Morris and kevin a morris, wife and

Husband as joint tenants

Trustee: fidelity national title - joel

Beneficiary: mortgage electronic registration systems, inc.

Solely as a nominee for

Lender: american mortgage specialists, inc.

conditional loan release

To whom it may concern, This is a formal complaint for your loan processing department. My office has been...


Bank of the West has the absolute WORST customer service. 6 years to get an address change. Refused a deposit for 250.00 as it said two fifty and no instead of two hundred and fifty and no, then charged me a late fee. Now, they have suddenly stopped waiving my 5.00 a month on the savings account I have had to have for 7 years because I have Good Sam loan with them. It was set up to waive with an electronic deposit. I make 2 electronic deposits a month. Their whole front page ad is fee waived with any deposit anytime. Still, they charge me 5.00 a month. What a bunch of scam artists!

  • Updated by Maria in Montana · Nov 08, 2019

    Also, at one point, they changed the PIN on my ATM card. But would not give me my pin. Took me almost a year to be able to access my account!

customer service

The worst customer service EVER and from the branch manager!! As a branch manager, he is suppose to set an...

branches and customer service

On 10/03/2019 I open a new account at 855 W Valley, Alhambra Ca at the branch. I deposit amount $800 my 401 K...

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lack of staff to help

Never fails everytime I go to the branch on brookhurst to wire money, there's only one teller working and it...

Fraud checks and victims id

id like to report a person doing fraud and trying to cash fraudelent check on your system the indivdual i...

my checking account

Bank of the West is the worst Company I have ever dealt with. They have taken hundreds of deposits from my boyfriend's employers into my account, but today when we are in a desperate situation after my boyfriend was in a horrible motorcycle accident on Saturday, they refused to deposit his check when he had already left to another state to recover for a couple of months with his family in Nebraska because I work and can not take care of him. I spoke to Ty in the Executive offices and while she was nice, she did not know policy and referred me to the Regional Manager. The Regional Manager refused to deposit the check as well even though they have done this a hundred times and kept saying she understood and I know it's frustrating. Really? She does not understand, what it is like to be without a dime. How can a Company without any warning do something like this and be so uncaring about it as well? The Regional Manager ended with this is not negotiable and we would be happy to mail the check back to you. Well, he is in another state now. So, mailing it to me, then me mailing it to him would take awhile. What kind of a heartless Company could do this to a family when all these other times they had no issue with it? They couldn't deposit this one check to help my family out of this situation and say we will not be able to do it again now that you know? I called back to speak with Ty to see if she could override this Regional Manager as they just told me this "policy" today, but she has not returned my call. If we would have known this "policy", we would have cashed it before he left. Stay away from this bank! Horrible, horrible uncaring people here. You should be ashamed.

  • Ga
    gabriellab5 Jul 17, 2019

    I just saw your comment. I have been a Bank of the West customer for more than 20 years, and have been consistently dissatisfied. I do not want my bank to take money out of my account without notice, or asking, and dont want to feel stonewalled when I asked a question - which is difficult enough, because hold-times are always greater than usual. I just tried again, and hold times will be 15 minutes. This must be a joke!
    I also have had an American Express Account for 27 years, and Always feel appreciated, assisted and treated well.
    So, I do know the difference.

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  • Ga
    gabriellab5 Jul 17, 2019

    One more note: when I called the manager at a denver branch and asked for the most efficient way to close my account, a month ago, she told me I had to go back to the original bank where I opened my account. This is not true, I found out - so she did not wish to assist me. Go figure

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dispute a charge w/ representative melissa brown

On 6/11/19 I called to dispute a charge on my account. After staying on hold to speak with someone for 20 minutes finally went thru. The service was in and out on bank of the west's end. The lady could barley hear me. Transferred me elsewhere, spoke to Melissa Brown about disputing a charge. Have done so in the past, no issues with rep or with my account. She made this huge ordeal of my request, needing to close my card out and request a new one with a $25.00 charge. I requested to speak with a supervisor if she is unable to put in my request. She said she can do so, put me on hold for an additional 20/30 minutes. Then stated she was unable to put me with the supervisor and hung up the phone on me. I had to re call the customer service number and start the process from the beginning.
On another note, she closed down my card without permission. I had to contact so many people to keep my card from closing. An hr and a half later, I finally got my request.
Thank you for wasting my time and energy BOTW Customer Service you really know how to inconvenience your customer base.

provide false statements

I filed a complaint to Consumer Protection Unit in County of Santa Clara about the return check issue. But Bank of the West provided false statements in the reply. "On March 5, 2019, Mr. Cheung spoke with Tina Martinez, Regional Manager/Senior Vice President, regarding the returned item and his interactions with the branch personnel. Ms. Martinez also advised Mr. Cheung that the Bank would not refund the returned item to his account." However, I never discussed "return item" with Tina the letter, Bank of the West wrote "If Mr. Cheung should have any other questions or concerns, please have him contact Ms. Martinez at [protected], Monday through Friday, during normal business hours." When I contacted Tina Martinez, she didn't know anything about that letter. She didn't want to discuss with me and asked someone with the phone number [protected] to call me. But that person didn't understand the situation and argued with me about that letter.

representative claudia and the branch.

I went in to deposit my payroll check, my account was negative because I had a bill hit today too. I asked...

bogus fees and fraudulent activity

I have a few of these so buckle up. Ill start with yesterdays experience. I have several websites that I...

overdraft/funds transfer

Inaction on fraudulent check case. I was told there was nothing they could do and that led to more that two weeks of inaction on the case. After repaying the amount owed a call was made by the branch which is PITTSBURG CA to corporate office to get more information but it was late after the incident. I am now trying to get the amount paid by my mother returned to her if possible.

customer service

So I totally get that first checks for online accounts need to be held, but 5-7 days is far more reasonable...

unauthorized charges /unbelievable amount of fees charged/ bad customer service and sympathy

I noticed on wednesday 1/24/18, that I had received several fees on my account each at $35 each, resulting in my account being put in the negative $70+!! I call the bank branch the moment that this happened and expressed concern. The girl I spoke to tried to tell me that one of the transactions that I was being a overdraft fee for was for an ATM withdrawal that I made... mind you I have made ATM withdraws before and were never charged a fee because the money is in my account or else I wouldn't be allowed to take out the money in the first place! Another was a gas station charge that I had not made on that day for $26. so after arguing on the phone for whole first part of my morning and making me late to work to deal with this, the phone call ended with no help what so ever.. was just told that there was nothing they could do. So! then later, just a few hours after I spoke with them, I checked my account again and noticed that there were 2 more $35 fees processing to my account making it now a total of $176, yet no new transactions were showing different from this morning! I then contacted the location again and was asking about those, I spoke with a different girl this time, and was told that one of those newer charges was for the charge that the other girl mentioned earlier that morning that I had supposedly already received a fee for! we kept going back and forth and I even got another branch involved and was still told that there was nothing that they could do and they could not remove the fees since this was not a bank error. I Borrowed a $100 from my friend and drove it down to one of the branches here in Boise, ID who I had been dealing with that day and was asking if I deposited that if the last 2 fees could be removed... they gladly took my money but the branch in Ontario, OR who holds admin rights to my account would not reverse any fees and work with me to avoid accumulating any further charges. So once paying the $100 I was still negative $76 bucks. This morning, 1/25/18, I checked it again and sure enough another charge from the same gas station who supposedly I had several transactions with over the last couple of days, charged me another $36 something. I called the BOW 1-800 # since the branch was not assisting me previously and was told that this charge was from back in NOVEMBER!!! This is absolutely absurd! I get paid weekly... if there were any discrepancy on ANY payment at ANY time, I feel like it should be resolved and removed from any of the other SEVERAL checks that I had received between that time. My debit card does not work if there is no money on my account... even if its only a dollar over... I know this because I have had it reject in those cases and had to alter my purchase... BOW tried to tell me differently. And now again today... because of that charge... I have yet another $35 fee just since this morning, again a few hours after speaking with them. I have been with this bank since like [protected]. I have never experienced this before and I find it unbelievable that they can overdraft a persons account over $200, which also causes bills to be returned because the money that was in my account was taken by all these Bulls*t fees and just less than 3 days I have managed to receive 6 fees in the amount of $35 dollars each, a returned bill which now costs me more as well, and a short paycheck which causes me to be short on my car payment that's due this coming week! I will be closing my account with the bank and Will never recommend it to anyone! I bust my [censor] to earn my paychecks every week because I live alone and do and pay for everything myself... to have this kind of penalty with no understanding of my health situations and finances, even though I walked in there with cash to try and straighten the situation out... I got nothing!! I did not appreciate the run-a-round information as to what the fees were for and I certainly did not appreciate the lack of understanding and sympathy for my situation. If there were a transaction that hit when there were no funds, I gladly take accountability and do not try to fight the charges... but this? this I repeatedly explained that on those dates listed I had not made those purchases and I was still told this was not a bank error and that there is nothing they could do... They wouldn't process the fraudulent charge request that I put in nor turn off my card. I do not feel that it is right to have that kind of control over the money that I and I alone work so hard to earn... and it certainly should be illegal for gas stations or any kind of business to pull such ridiculous stunts! When I make a purchase and pay with my debit card I expect my payment to be made when I make it and not several weeks or months later... I understand banks aren't open on the weekends, but a charge from NOVEMBER? I cant even believe I was given that response... I do not have a credit card, Just my debit card and the only time my card is not ran as a debit is when I am fueling at a gas pump! there should be no reason that ANYTHING like this ever happens. I have taken extra measures in insuring that I don't over spend my account, and there are times automatic bills hit or I ask for one to go through for a bill but again I dont fight those... I am accepting of the charges that I am accountable for and aware of for one thing! I certainly hope that other customers aren't being treated this way...

more than 2 weeks and still haven't received my debit card

This is beyond unfair how bank of the west lies every time I call. I never thought this bank was going to be such a nightmare, when you first open the account they make it sound soo easy and you know what it is but they do not give their word at all. I call them to get my account started they said to visit a branch OK so I looked up my closes branch and noticed the hours were a huged problem for me so I call the bank they offer online banking which I didn't believe it at first but I gave it a try because is 24/7 so they had me make a deposit I right away did it the check took 1 day to clear the same day the deposit was made I called them to make the aware of the deposit so my part was done they say to me that they had already requested my card I should received 7 to 10 business days I asked if they can do expedite the card I mentioned I was willing to pay for the shipping fee so they said do not worry is on us for being first time banking with us. For me everything was great so 3 days nothing I called to check to the news that they didn't even ship the card, are you kidding me!!! I was so upset because nothing the guy said to me was done well I had her make sure to please ship me the card expedite and once again I pay for the shipping I mentioned to her this is an urgent request I have a son I am counting on my card to be able to get cash or use my debit car I need food, I need gas and to pay bills. She said don't worry I will be getting it in no time. I do not know why in the world I beloved them again, worse mistake ever. To this day I still have not receive my debit card more than 2 weeks. Last week I called to talked to a supervisor maybe they can help but guess what the person had no customers skills he was rude didn't even hear me out and he hung up on me, who does that?! If you are a professional business get professional employees to work for you and take good care of the customers in another hand if you have workers like the "supervisor" you will most likely run out of business soon. This bank has false advertisement, I will make sure to spread out the word so people know what to expect once they trick us to enroll with them and once they accomplished the new accounts with our money in their possession that is it meaning you have being robbed by Bank of the West.

re-opening checking account

My wife closed her checking account when we got married and forgot to switch over a few of her automatic...

overdraft fee

I recently had a 35$ charge when I was at a positive balance on Friday and all of a sudden negative on...

credit card

On May 2, I paid my balance due of $172.39. I left for an extended overseas trip on 5/7/17. A charge of...

incompetent manager of the day

I am trying to get funds from my account with this newly opened branch in Culver City and this incompetent manager by the name of Chris Acuff (Senior Service Officer) is telling me I can only withdraw to the maximum $200 out of my paycheck. The reason he said is that it is showing that as pending. I went ahead and ask, How much is available? and he said all of it, then how can I not withdraw more than $200? and he went on saying your direct deposit could be reversed tomorrow. To add more to his incompetence, he suggested I should withdraw in the ATM, which obviously can withdraw more than $200. This damn manager just wasted my lunch time. I am afraid this branch will go to the nuts in case this senior service officer becomes a regular manager!