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Bank of the West Complaints & Reviews

Bank Of The West / my checking account

Jun 11, 2019

Bank of the West is the worst Company I have ever dealt with. They have taken hundreds of deposits from my boyfriend's employers into my account, but today when we are in a desperate situation after my boyfriend was in a horrible motorcycle accident on Saturday, they refused to deposit hi...

Bank Of The West / dispute a charge w/ representative melissa brown

Jun 11, 2019

On 6/11/19 I called to dispute a charge on my account. After staying on hold to speak with someone for 20 minutes finally went thru. The service was in and out on bank of the west's end. The lady could barley hear me. Transferred me elsewhere, spoke to Melissa Brown about disputing a...

Bank Of The West / provide false statements

Apr 05, 2019

I filed a complaint to Consumer Protection Unit in County of Santa Clara about the return check issue. But Bank of the West provided false statements in the reply. "On March 5, 2019, Mr. Cheung spoke with Tina Martinez, Regional Manager/Senior Vice President, regarding the returned item...

Bank Of The West / representative claudia and the branch.

Feb 07, 2019

I went in to deposit my payroll check, my account was negative because I had a bill hit today too. I asked for $20 cash back. I was told I could not get any money back because my account was negative. I explained I haven't been working for the last 7 months and I don't have a penny to my...

Bank Of The West / bogus fees and fraudulent activity

Jan 25, 2019

I have a few of these so buckle up. Ill start with yesterdays experience. I have several websites that I generate income thru and must be deposited into a bank. On short notice I needed to chanfe banks so I did to bank of west. When I get a sale amd a customer pays via credit card. It...

Bank Of The West / overdraft/funds transfer

Aug 07, 2018

Inaction on fraudulent check case. I was told there was nothing they could do and that led to more that two weeks of inaction on the case. After repaying the amount owed a call was made by the branch which is PITTSBURG CA to corporate office to get more information but it was late after...

Bank Of The West / customer service

May 11, 2018

So I totally get that first checks for online accounts need to be held, but 5-7 days is far more reasonable the ten days they want me to wait. I submitted on the fourth and it won't clear until the seventeenth... What? Are you kidding me? How is anyone supposed to support themselves with a...

Bank Of The West / unauthorized charges /unbelievable amount of fees charged/ bad customer service and sympathy

Jan 25, 2018

I noticed on wednesday 1/24/18, that i had received several fees on my account each at $35 each, resulting in my account being put in the negative $70+ !! I call the bank branch the moment that this happened and expressed concern. The girl i spoke to tried to tell me that one of the...

Bank Of The West / more than 2 weeks and still haven't received my debit card

Jan 11, 2018

This is beyond unfair how bank of the west lies every time I call. I never thought this bank was going to be such a nightmare, when you first open the account they make it sound soo easy and you know what it is but they do not give their word at all. I call them to get my account started...

Bank Of The West / re-opening checking account

Nov 28, 2017

My wife closed her checking account when we got married and forgot to switch over a few of her automatic payments to her new bank account. BOW re-opened her account without notification or authorization and obviously went negative by processing the charges. Now we're paying a bunch of...

Bank Of The West / overdraft fee

Oct 14, 2017

I recently had a 35$ charge when I was at a positive balance on Friday and all of a sudden negative on Saturday after making a cash deposit on Saturday at an ATM machine. I called Monday they stated I was overdrawn Friday this happened to me again the following week so why am I getting...

Bank Of The West / credit card

Oct 13, 2017

On May 2, I paid my balance due of $172.39. I left for an extended overseas trip on 5/7/17. A charge of $13.66 hit my account after I had departed. By the time I returned, the $13 charge had become a $98 charge due to late fees. My card was closed, and I lost approximately 17, 000 reward...

Bank Of The West / incompetent manager of the day

Sep 22, 2017

I am trying to get funds from my account with this newly opened branch in Culver City and this incompetent manager by the name of Chris Acuff ( Senior Service Officer) is telling me I can only withdraw to the maximum $200 out of my paycheck. The reason he said is that it is showing that a...

Bank Of The West / complaint about a staff

Aug 30, 2017

I have been an account holder of Bank of the west for almost five years now and I have been going to same branch since it is the one closest to my home. It's bank of the west branch in corner of farwell dr. And Mowry ave. it is right next to Denny's restaurant. They have a certain staff...

Bank Of The West / service

Aug 29, 2017

bank of the west in citrus heights ca is by far the worst bank i have ever banked in .i will be closing my account. people that work here are the most unprofessional people i have ever met rude talk down to you and find any way possible to make over draft fees apply to your account they...

Bank Of The West / personal banking account

Aug 20, 2017

Hi my name is Priscilla Christie and I am filing a compalint against Bank Of the West for not having access to my personal funds for over 48 hours due to a customer service error on 8/19/17 where my atm/ master card was canceled by a Monica in customer service after making a phone call to...

Bank Of The West / all around incompetence and no customer service.

Jun 01, 2017

I have a registration issue and 1.5 years later they still can't get it resolved. It should have been done by myself but they lost the title when I requested it be sent to the local DMV office. They have no customer service skills and hide behind "bank policy". The amount of (or lack of...

Bank Of The West / Customer service

May 02, 2017

I think this is not a bank. And they do not speak English. And they dislike Asian People. I felt sorry, that I have used this bank for over seventeen years. I had a story that I have file complaint to the bank and no one is following it up. And I was language abused and assaulted by the bank. I wish they closed down in the next 10 years.

Bank Of The West / Signature checking account

Feb 01, 2017

On March 22, 2016, we enquired about setting up an account (free of service charges) that I require to receive checks from my renter. The staff at the bank told us that since my husband already has a joint account with his mom in the same bank, setting up this signature checking account...

Bank Of The West / They didn't refund my fraud transactions

Sep 02, 2016

Don't expect bank of the west to cover your back. Because they won't. I had several fraud transactions that I didnt catch the first 60 days of it happening. They were 1 a month from someone in china. I didn't think anything of it because there are stores on the internet in china that i...

Bank Of The West / You are safer leaving your money in your mattress!

Aug 20, 2016

I had my purse stolen and several fraudulent purchases were made on my BOW debit card. I reported my card stolen almost immediately but the teller at my local branch shut down the wrong account. Now, over 2 weeks later I'm still waiting on my new card that isn't linked to the compromised...

Bank Of The West / Horrible bank/customer service

May 31, 2016

Southwest Airlines quadruple charged my account (total of $880) and they sent a hold release form to my branch on 84th & Giles in Omaha, NE. The branch told me yesterday there was no way they can actually remove the hold for me and to call the 800 number on the back of my card. I called...

Bank Of The West / Violation of Consumer Rights and Federal Law

Oct 01, 2015

I have never seen any corporation, major bank, or any other business entity wilfully violate, with malice and intent and with forethought, both Federal and State laws in conjunction in dealing wit personaly h not only bank customers and private wealth clients, but do willingly and with... / Cash Deposit Not Recorded

Sep 16, 2015

On September 9th or 10th, 2015 I wrote a check for my quarterly taxes to the IRS and made up a bank deposit of approx. $2, 200 in cash because I'd been putting money aside for that purpose. It was a blazing hot day in California hot day in California and I had my dog in the car and...

Bank Of The West / Treated very poorly

Sep 10, 2015

Myself and my family have been customers of Bank of the West for apporox. 20yrs in the last year we have been treated very poorly . I called them last week to let them know I was hospitalized for the last 3 1/2 weeks and was trying to explain that I'm doing very poorly financially and...

Bank Of The West / Card blocking without notice

Aug 13, 2014

Today my card was blocked, without notice to me, for the third time in ten months due to "the card being compromised." When I called the bank today I was told that I would have to wait fourteen days for another card. I pointed out that I cannot wait that long, again, to pay my bills, etc...

Bank Of The West / Fraud

Oct 26, 2012

I found out recently that someone stole my credit/debit card number and decided to "borrow" $800 from my checking account to shop somewhere on the east coast. This is the first time it happened to me. Bank of the West didn't either catch this or notify me...I found out myself that...

Bank Of The West / Bank of The West Can Be Tough To Handle If You Are Battling Them Alone

Mar 05, 2012

Bank of The West needs to be pressured with Imminent (BK) Threats or Mediation Law and Procedures. They are basically a giant collection agency. They purchase the distressed mortgage at Extreme Discounts from various key players in the sub-prime arena. They collect aggressively on thi...

Bank Of The West / Scammed me for $26.57!

Dec 09, 2011

I received a refund check from my auto insurance Cie Geico $26.57 I endorsed it and I deposited at ATM Bank of the West ( lets name it BoW) Santa Terera branch on 8/31/11 just before I left for Vietnam where I’ll stay up to May/2012. My BoW account ending …9045 name Tam Leminh...

Bank Of The West / THE FEE CHARGE

May 10, 2011


Bank Of The West / Will Mess your Life Up

May 03, 2011

1st off let me just say, Bank of the West is not only a horrible company to work for, but they are a horrible company to have an account with. Before I get to my main complaint, let me fill you in on a day of working with the company. There are on a 'hiring freeze, ' or at least...

Bank Of The West / Bank fees and Incompetent bank employees

May 01, 2011

My family was with Bank of the West for over 18-years. Several hundreds of thousands of money has been processed by our accounts and Bank of the West. Recently, I received a courtesy call that I needed to deposit or transfer money into an account. I was there within 30 minutes with a...

Bank Of The West / customer service

Feb 21, 2011

My husband wanted to add my daughter's name to the title of our boat. We are parking it at her house and she and her husband are insuring it since we no longer can do either. It took from 7/12/10 - 2/17/11 to get this accomplished with emails and phone calls and forms back and forth...

Bank Of The West / Bogus fees


On December 4th I had found that I had been charged $105 in bank fees to my account. I called customer service and they said it was three overdraft charges. My account showed that I was never overdrawn. The CSR said it's because I had a low balance and my available balance fell below...

Bank Of The West / Overdraft abuse


I opened a Bank of the West account. I was told by the manager that an overdraft fee would never be charged and that items presented against insufficient funds would not be paid. Cut to three years later, two other managers, and over $100 in overdraft fees. In response to a detailed written...

Bank Of The West / bad customer service


I've been banking here since 1992 a long time customer. When I went to deposit my check which was dated 10/5 and it was10/2, for the first time ever (and my paycheck comes from this bank) they told me no you have to wait till monday. Mary the assist manager she knows me for years. I...

Bank Of The West / Daily Overdraft fees plus more


Before September 1, 2009, Bank of The West announce that they were going to add a $5 overdraft fee every day for accounts overdrawn for 3 days or more. Our companies and personally, we have had to struggle with the economic crisis taking place in the United States. Our funding i...

Bank Of The West / Overdraft fees


My sixteeen year old son over drew his checking account by 55 cents. He was charged $70 in overdraf fees. I disputed the fees. During the dispute the bank charged me $5 per day. So far they have charged his account $140. I attempted to negotiate a reduction in the fees, but they were...

Bank Of The West / Poor customer relation


I am shocked and disheartened with the way Bank of the West has treated me. I have been faithful paying my mortgage on time for the last 3 years. Due to circumstances, I have not been able to pay my mortgage. I contacted them 2 months prior to let them know I would like to request a short sale...

Bank Of The West / ATM ate my debit card!


I inserted my debit card in a Bank of the West ATM to see if it would work. On the first try, I got an error message that my Pin wasn't recognized by them, & the machine held onto my card! I went inside the bank, & two bimbos looked at my blankly when I explained my problem. They said...