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I recently had a minor fender bender and immediately called Infinity to report the situation. They made an appointment for an adjuster to come see my car (and they were quite pushy about making the appointment). The adjuster never showed up and never called. The next day I call and ask what happened and they tell me that the appointment isn't confirmed until the adjuster calls. The adjuster never calls. Eight days later I get a letter from the adjuster saying that he hasn't been able to get a hold of me. He has my home and cell numbers, he has my email address, I had been waiting to hear from him but never got a message. I dumped Infinity that day and still have not heard from them about my claim.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Maria benitez · Aug 09, 2017

    y Insurance sent to me the check number 802857498 for $ 134.55 but I dindt recieve it.

    I need that Infinity send a new check.

  • Updated by Maria benitez · Aug 09, 2017

    nity Insurance sent to me the check number 802857498 for $ 134.55 but I dindt recieve it.

    I need that Infinity send a new check.

    My name is Maria Benitez, Poliza 109-80049-4183-001

  • Updated by Maria benitez · Aug 09, 2017

    The check number wasnt recieved and I need the company send me a new check.

  • Infinity Insurance's response · Oct 17, 2018

    Good day Maria,
    We are sincerely sorry to learn that you have not received the disbursement check. Ms Benitez, we would definitely like to assist you with this mishap and kindly want to ask you to send us an email to [email protected] including your contact phone number for privacy and security verification purposes. Moreover, the new check will be issued within ten business days, since I have sent an alert to the accounting department requesting a new refund check to be mailed. Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. Have a nice day.
    - Orlando, CS Consultant


  • Ag
    agi Aug 08, 2008

    Infinity Insurance- the worst ever. Be careful with signing the contract. They will overcharge you during cancellation. I bought this insurance for my car and I paid $150.00 for downpayment and after that they supposed to charge me 70 dollars a month. I cancelled becouse after 2 months of keeping the policy they increased my premium without any reason. I should recieve refund during my cancellation but instead I was charged $92.00 additional fees. For what?? nobody from customer service could realy explain. Every answer was different and it didn't make any sense!!! Even supervisor wasn't competent enough!! This unexplained bill was due by August 13, 2008. Today is August 8, 2008 and I allready have got a notice form collection agency about that unpaid bill. Maybe anybody can explain me that becouse I realy don't get it!!!

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  • En
    Enra Aug 07, 2009

    I was also on a minor fender bender situation and report it .
    The adjuster was very un proffesional, he calls 3 days after the accident, never show up and he never took any pictures.

    later he calls back and tells me, the other insurance is taking the fault
    and It's better to go thru them. And the sad thing is, The other insurance call me way before and I exsept their offer.

    At this point, I'm not happy with Infinity Insurance, And They will
    be loosing a customer.

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  • Pi
    pinkmistlust Aug 29, 2009

    If you want to keep your insurance rates low here is a little hint for you stupid people. Don't report fender benders and fix it yourself if you really have to. Don't buy a car that you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on for a scratch or a dent and if you do be rich or your just an idiot. Really you can't take the pictures yourself? Infinity doesn't care unless you are at fault. If the other driver gets the ticket you take it up with their insurance. If you get the ticket infinity will deal with it. Cars dissolve like shoes. Insurance companies are a giant scam but your required to have it for your car just to drive and infinity is perfect for that. Now granted I haven't been in any kind of accident that requires your whole 50k coverage for just one day in the ICU but that's where the hospital sues you after they save your life then you are a slave to the surgeon who "saved" you. By that point crappy insurance is the least of your worries. Infinity is for responsible adults who are able to logically deal with life not whiny cry babies who expect a daddy figure to take care of everything for them. If your a spoiled brat, woman, or asian I would suggest looking elsewhere for insurance. For me though the past 5 years of infinity have been bliss.

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  • Ho
    Hotrodder Dec 01, 2009

    WARNING !!::!!! This Company SUCKS !!! I had a high-end car insured with INFINITY, or so I thought.. When it was stolen, they accused me of "disposing" of the car for the money.. I told them that they didn't want to pay the claim for the same reason, money... After putting me through 3rd Degree examinations, and not being able to find a reason to Deny my claim, they hired a ### Sucking Law Firm to find any reason to get out of paying the claim... They spent more defending my claim than it would have cost to offer me ANY kind of settlement.. I fianally gave up the fight.. I'm sure they are having a good laugh at the millions they are saving on all the Denied claims, , just as Anderson Cooper of CNN reported.. This is the Trend among Insurance companies.. This is same way people like Ford Heacock of Heacock Insurance can own a stable of vintage cars himself.. I wish everything Bad, that can possibly happen, to these companies and all that work for them !.. Where is Batman ? These Jokers need to go down !

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  • In
    infintysucks Jan 04, 2010

    I just switched insurance company from Mercury to Infinity. I was going to save about 350 a year, was that the worst mistake I have ever made. Since then I was involved in a accident, both my adjuster John Thompson & Infinity Ins. comp. have treated me VERY unfair. The adjustor is rude, condisending & not educated enough in my claim, mistakes are frequent from the adjuster & the company appraiser.

    I would never suggest Infinity Ins. to anyone, I have & will tell everyone about my experience with this company.

    They also use CCC Valuescope to undervalue your car, which by is also a scam company that is in many Class action lawsiuts.

    Go figure they are both CROOKS. ...They need to be taken down !

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  • Ca
    CALawyer91403 Jan 28, 2010

    Hotrodder, You do have recourse against the insurance company for failing to pay for your vehicle. Insurance companies will deny you when they know that you won't do anything to fight it. You can find any lawyer who will fight on your behalf. Fight back don't let the insurance companies or anybody roll you over like that.

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  • Fr
    fresco_323 Jan 30, 2010

    Hotrodder...you " fianally gave up the fight"? sounds like you had your homie take your car and burn it bro. If youre innocent you never give up.

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  • Th
    thebighotrodder Feb 02, 2010

    And then the HOTRODDER said ~ " I did fight, but I didn't have enough money to fight a Law Firm that was willing to spend $150, 000 defending against the claim".. They Will get theirs !! .. I talked to someone who works in the INFINITY Insurance office.. He told me that he was nervous working there, because they have so many "IRATE" clients barging into the office with complaints, that he was afraid one might come in with a Gun... I told him that he should find another job, because it's headed that way... I have too much to live for to go to prison doing it myself, but I'll be there to watch it on the News when it happens... If you treat everyone like crap, sooner or later you're bound to piss off someone who will wipe that smug smile off your face, , .. maybe even with Power Tools.

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  • So
    Sophie5550 Sep 21, 2010

    My husband was hit by an Infinity insured person. It has been TWO + MONTHS, and Infinity can't get in contact with the girl who hit him. We are stuck with a $500 deductible from our insurance AND $560 from car rental fees. We may never have this issue resolved. My neighbor was also hit by an Infinity insured person FIVE years ago, and the claim has not been resolved.

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  • Dr
    DRCONREPAIR Nov 10, 2010

    INFINITY INSURANCE Adjuster christina gates is a cheap minumum wage lame worker makes infinity insurance look like there all on drugs, or pilll poping insurance company, there to busy passing the dope pipe around the office that none of there employees can leave and do there jobs, WHO EVER IS OWNER OR PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY YOU SHOULD MAKE A TOAST ON YOUR NEXT BRUNCH, LUNCH OR PRESENTATION WITH A GLASS PIPE AND SAY STAY HIGH MY FELLO TWEEKERS INN INFIINITY STAY ON DOPE LOOK AT PORN, 88%PERCENT OF THERE STATIONS HAVE DOWNLOADED PORN SITES AND CHAT SITES 10% GOT CAUGHT HAVING SEX UMONG EACH OTHER IN THERE BREAKROOM THE REST PLAYED OR JACKOFF ALL THIS IS TRUE

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  • Rk
    rksa Nov 16, 2010

    Sophie5550 : You are correct. I also got into accident in which the Infinity driver involved. After three weeks this guy tells me that he is not able to contact the driver. He will adjust only when they are able to contact the driver.
    Hope soon they bankrupt and the company will Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So much frustation with these ...

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  • Ro
    RoseV Dec 01, 2010

    Infinity is the worst insurance I ever had to deal with. They never answer their phone calls or respond back to your messages. Their claims department is very slow and you have to call million times before you get through to someone. NEVER DEAL WITH ADJUSTOR MICHAEL MARZUCO or MEKA DUVALL; THEY ARE VERY RUDE AND NEVER RESPOND TO YOUR PHONE CALL. They do not care about you or your time. It is better to be killed in a car accident, than have to deal with this insurance company.

    If you care about your car, life and time, DO NOT get Infinity Inurance. They are RIP OFFS!

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  • Lo
    Lookingglass Apr 20, 2011

    Why aren't you people complaining to the BBB.org ???

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  • In
    infinity ripped me off Jun 21, 2011

    please also see the Infinity AUTO Insurance Complaints on facebook.they ripped me off, of $32, 000 and never wanted to pay a claim. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002536554444#!/pages/Infinity-AUTO-Insurance-Complaints/207651412613326

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  • Au
    Audioboxer Sep 08, 2011

    Infinity is absolutely horrible. Had them for only two months and cancelled. After setting up an account no one from the company made me aware that 15 days after the initial payment to get started another payment was already due, which first of all, first time I have ever dealt with an insurance like that. So not only did I receive late fees since I wasn't aware of the 15 day payment they cancelled it on me cause I hadn't made it. No biggie tho cause I found a much better policy from a much better auto insurer. Nationwide if anybody is wondering. Infinity is just out for your money dot give them yours

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  • Do
    DONNA KITCHEN Oct 19, 2011


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  • Da
    Daryll Barham Dec 18, 2011

    I was just involved in an accident with a person that has Infinity insurance, it was their fault, I will keep people posted, I have many customers that are attorneys they will take my case pro bono if needed, I will give infinity 2 weeks to make good, then we take them on.

    Captain D.B

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  • Ho
    Horse Whipped Dec 30, 2011

    I worked for them ... and I will key you all in : Check the Rules of the policy before you make a claim; If you have a non permissive driver who wrecked your car ... they're not paying; If you try to lie to them ...they'll find out and won't pay your claim; If you got some shop hiding your deductible and the shop calls for more money ... they won't pay it! That's ture with every company!

    They are bad at not answering their phones because they won't want to staff their claims offices correctly to handle their volume;
    There management is a JOKE; If you think their screwing you ... you won't believe the screw job they're putting on the employees; They force them to work to midnight and in some cases the weekends .. when they came back Monday the phones DO NOT QUIT ringing .. They are looking the over way on the time clock employees after the punch out ... knowing there is no way to do the job without working off the clock ... and they refuse to pay OVERTIME;

    They have these managers that come from Progressive .. who's MO is to work the people ... grab they completion #'s and try to get rid of them ... hire new ones and do it all over again... and these Progressive people are all over the industry .. F&*king up the industry.

    The best way to contact your adjuster; Call their home office in Birmingham ask for managers name and E mail ...address ... E mail them ( First name "dot" last name @IPACC>COM) and send them E mails and copy their bosses; This will give you a record of trying to contact them and MAYBE some day upper management will be someone other then an air head that will get those people some staffing.

    Last comment; The job of every insurance adjuster is to check for "exclusions" to the policy ... the 1st thing they will check out .. if they can deny the claims ... that goes for every company in the country.


    BY; Another Screwed Employee

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  • Si
    sigman May 22, 2012

    its been 2 weeks since i rolled my truck they sent me a letter offering payoff amount 10 days ago but still no check and i keep making the payments on the truck while thry screw around with this.

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  • Mu
    Munfordgirl Oct 17, 2012

    Infinity is a terrible insurance company! I cannot talk to the adjustor because all I get is voicemail. Their customer was driving while drunk and hit my daughter head on. She is being treated for various injuries. My van was totalled. It has been 17 days since the wreck and I have been without a vehicle since. I have tried to make contact and eventually got to speak with someone. they transferred me back to the adjustor only to get her voicemail again. my insurance company would not have done someone like this.

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  • Ci
    Cindymada Oct 23, 2012

    They have terrible reps i mailed my payment it took over two weeks to get there i called i ask if i pay over over phone and put a stop payment will i get charged they said no well they did and i complained why their reps didn't tell me they didnt waive the fee . If i had i would off dropped them but if i did they would charge me a canselation fee. Hate them.

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  • Ju
    just want it fixed Oct 29, 2012

    I was involved in an accident, it was clearly the other guys fault, he admitted to the accident ..plus there were witnesses also. there was one other car involved.and his car got hit worse then mine. I was appraised at about $1500.00 plusI had to get a new radiator mine cracked, I was informed that I would be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses, ( well he didn't have enough coverage to cover both of us, ) so we have to split what ever he has. well I get $300 for my car repairs and not sure about the other guy, The thing is.. Its been 10 months - that's right -10 months, and still waiting for the money, But whats worse is "like all of you have said, " I cant get through to them ".. I've called and called, left messages, but no return calls, I even went to the ( B.B.B) to let them know whats going on, not a whole lot was done, but a short time later, I did get a hold of my adjuster, On the phone ..it shocked the hell out of me...well needles to say, I'm still waiting.. And receiving letters saying its still under investigation "REALLY?? ???investigating what????? its a simple case, , I was hit when stopped at a light... He admitted it .. Witnesses agreed to it... now get on with it ...I want my car fixed - -That's All I'm asking... they need to focus on returning calls, and stop with those letters, its the same letter every time, but a different box is checked to relay a message.. just give us a phone call, so we can talk to someone.. this is a busness... RIGHT?:???? am I Right ?????

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  • 2m
    2much Jan 27, 2013

    Infinity is an awful insurance company. After checking rates I found that I have been overpaying by at least $40 a month. I hate how nobody is available to answer the phone. I am dropping this crappy company ... bunch of thieves.

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  • Ts
    tsimmons Feb 01, 2013

    My wife and I were in an accident in October. Both of us were taken to the ER via ambulance. We have Infinity Insurance. Didn't realize it at the time, but apparently only PASSENGERS in the car are covered. My wife was driving and had to be cut out of the car. She has what looks like permanent damage done to her leg. I have been in rehab for the past 3+ months, only to realize today that they have paid NONE of my medical bills to this point. Their excuse was that they had no idea that anyone was hurt (see ER bills, rehab bills, etc for the past 3+ months). Today was the first time I have EVER got a live voice on the phone. They were using terms such as 'let me give you some advice', etc in a condenscending attempt to let me know that they are not going to be addressing any of this anytime soon!

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  • Je
    JENNY EGAN May 06, 2013

    Recently got into a car accident took them 2 days to get me a claim number and 2 days to get an adjuster name and number. The adjuster called me after 5 day. Did not know my name and after taking my statement i told him this insurance was pretty crappy and he said "that why i dont have it, i have state farm" Now tell me what kind of company hires people like that. I will be switching as soon as this claim gets settled! The worse customer service and people i have ever had to deal with! My uncle owns and insurance company i gave him a call and he was appalled. REALLY AWFUL1!!! DO NOT GET A POLICY WITH THEM

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  • Pe
    Pee-Oh'd Jun 24, 2013

    The employees of Infinity seem to be the most incompetent bunch of people... The adjuster and filed appraiser assigned to my current claim NEVER answer their phones calls, and rarely return voicemails. The repair shop let me know on Thursday morning that they had put in a request to Infinity to have the appraiser come out and estimate the cost of repairs for supplemental damage. I called the shop on Friday afternoon and was told they had received no contact from Infinity yet. I called the adjuster for my claim, who does not answer his phone, so I had to call the main number for Infinity. The woman who answered said she put it in the system to have an appraiser go to the shop within the next 24 hours. It is now MONDAY afternoon, I called the shop and to my utter dismay was told that the appraiser STILL had not shown up or contacted them! I called the appraiser and got no answer of course, and am now waiting like a sitting duck--going on my third week with no car because this company cannot properly organize their service.

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  • Ry
    ryoHAYAMA Sep 18, 2013

    I got hit on my motorcycle by an infinty insuarncae holder...its been two months they have taken fault but now they are saying that they cant understand the hick in damages when the adjuster came to what the shop says...well for one the adjuster is a complete idiot who told me hes only done 2 other bikes before...2. the idiot doesnt know bikes...3. a motorcycle frame extends to the back passenger seat so if your bike is squished like a slinky...guess what frame gone...4. idiots quoted it under car labor...motorcycle labor waaay more than cars. now they want to invesitgate and have a meeting with me so they can try to use whatever they can against me suing them medically. at this point im about to sue them medically and for my bike...worst company ever!!!

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  • Wi
    willislindaj Feb 01, 2014

    infinity is utilizing consumer reports to detect non-drivers so they can add them to your policy without informing you. if you are lucky to find out about it they will deny ever charging you for it but if you truly do not know the non-driver ever and the person has never occupied your home, they have to take it off. and when it comes off guess what the billing generates a credit for one month. not a charitible deed just a partial refund for the month they insist you were not charged for the nondriver being on your policy. you have the right to request an audit of your billing from the time the name was added until the date of its removal. you may be due a refund...don't forget to send a copy of your complaints to the state board of insurance regulators within your state of residency.

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  • Wi
    willislindaj Feb 01, 2014

    if you are with infinity be sure to ask if anyone else has been added to your policy as a driver or nondriver without them advising you. infinity utilizes consumer reports to set your rates. if any bogus names are on your credit reports as having lived at your current address even though they may be folks you don't even know they can make the mistake of adding that person to your policy. the problem is they claim there's no charge for the nondriver mistake but when you finally get it removed you will find a generated credit. which means you next need to ask for an audit of all the billing of your policy from the date the bogus name was added to the present date. you may be due a larger credit. no one, i repeat no one should ever be added to your policy for any purpose without the auto insurance gaining permission from the policy holder or at least informing them of why they have been added. that was mistake #1. mistake #2 lied about not being charge..i.e. the credit for one month...mistake #3 may have been over billed for the entire insurance policy was in force...go get that audit to be sure.

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  • Jo
    Joan Piper Feb 15, 2014

    Infinity Auto Insurance is trying to charge me a premium because I live in a house with another driver. This driver has her own car and insurance and never drives my car. They wanted to add her as a driver of my car. I told Infinity that I didn't want her on my insurance. So they told me to add her as an excluded driver. They implied that this would result in no extra premium. So I did as they told me to, and they charged me 328.00. They told me the state of Illinois allows them to charge an extra premium to a policy holder if their is another driver in the house. They said even though she was an excluded driver, Illinois lets them charge me a premium for her. No other insurance company charges you a premium because their is another driver living in the household, especially if that individual never drives the policy holder's car. I have had many other problems with them also. The problems with them never stop.

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  • Lu
    Luiggi Mar 22, 2014

    I have the same problem as Joan, whereas the wanted to include my 16 year non driver son into the policy. Now they are charging me 980 a month for insurance. Never agreed to add him in the policy and still they did. Now they want 1500.00 for back premiums that were never used.
    These people should be ban from doing business. I am almost certain they are a scam.

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  • Re
    Rex Anselmo Apr 17, 2014

    pinkmistlust - either this person is employed by Infinity or just a racist troll who has tons of cash and doesn't mind being ripped off. Either way, this person is one of the reasons why scam insurance companies like Infinity are still in business. If its wrong, say something about it. Don't just sit there and take it all in. We all work for our hard earned money for some greedy money hungry company to just suck it all in. You want to be a responsible adult? If its wrong, say something about it and don't sit there and take it all in like "pinkmistlust'.

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  • Sa
    Sasha_ Jun 02, 2014

    Infinity sucks !!! I got in a accident on the 1st of May, they send a man to come see my car the guy told me he'll call me the next day .. That man NEVER CALLED ME !!! my adjuster I don't know what purpose she serves she has yet to call me . I'm sick of this crap I pay my insurance every month and now they giving me the run around . The customer service sucks

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  • Lo
    Lora l Oct 17, 2014

    Their policy holder ran a red light and hit me. I called to see where i have to go get the repair. All they reps thought it was funny everyone I talked to and still would not tell me where to take my car for repair. I would like to talk to a CEO about how I have been treated by their company. Had a trip planned this week end and now cannot go because I will have to wait until its convenient for an adjuster to come out.. I'm so angry at this company the way they have treated me. This company should be shut down.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Achuo Apr 14, 2015

    Infinity insurance is the worst insurance ever, the biggest scan in the whole wide world. I wonder how this is company is even legal because they are out to cheat and deceive hard working Americans . The worst customer service in the world, my adjustment aka Mr Ker was yelling at me on the phone. Liars and cheats all day, its like u are giving the insurance company money to fix your own car, I will throw out this agency and their policy the moment I get my car fixed. This is unbelievable. If you ever see infinity insurance service run run run run and don't look back

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  • Sn
    snydercat May 26, 2015

    I love how they advertise LOW insurance rates - you know why they are low? Because if you as the insured hit someone, that person will get screwed!!! Their customer apparently shouldn't have a drivers license if he can't turn a corner without hitting a truck pulling a boat that was over 40 feet long AND PARKED! And now they will not cover the full cost of the rental vehicle, nor a rental vehicle comparable to what I drive. I am out of town, my boyfriend was driving my vehicle and now needs a replacement vehicle until mine is fixed. When he drives my vehicle he is covered by my insurance - but he can't rent a vehicle without me physically present to add him as an authorized driver. Simple solution would be for Infinity to pay the $20/day insurance coverage at the rental place - but their response is "it just doesn't work the way you want it to". I explained to them that I am out of town and unable to be there to sign and have to take care of a sick family member and cannot make the 3 hour drive to sign the documents. Infinity will not pay the difference and told me "sometimes that is just what you have to do" - REALLY - I have NEVER had an accident in my life and now I should pay because of someone else carelessness? They were so VERY CONDESCENDING.

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  • Co
    Code9 Jul 25, 2015




    We use Esurance but did not have full coverage on the vehicle that got totaled.

    Here is the story:

    Our car was hit and totaled at 4:40 am while parked at the end of our driveway .The infinity insured driver was most likely drunk or on pills. (She drove 3 miles on a rim and the cops followed the swerving rim mark from the accident site to her truck which was parked completely on a sidewalk.)

    We called our insurance when they opened, we called INFINITY directly after,

    The Claim adjuster came out about 5 days after the accident.
    So far so good right? WRONG


    We have called and spoke to our adjuster and he submitted the claim, We called the manager who is handling it multiple times and its been 2 weeks with NO RESPONSE.

    GET THIS ! When we originally called infinity the guy we spoke to actually said the following:

    "This is the insurance people get when they can't get it anywhere else do to dwi's and terrible driving records"




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  • Mo
    mommstad Aug 16, 2015

    I was in a wreck with one of your customers and it was her fault she ran a solid red light totaled my car. it happened 2 weeks ago today and they still haven't gotten me a rental. Plus now they won't even return my calls. I am having to take the bus to work since they refuse to even answer my calls. I get the adjustors voice mail and I need them to return my calls I have released my car to you and still they won't return my calls. I was also injured and they don't care about what happens to the person who got injured. On top of that she didn't even make a claim with you. Plus when the person took the information down they got the wrong phone number which delayed a response not one has the adjustor returns my calls I call well before 3 pm and promises to return to the call the next day before 10 am but nothing at all.

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  • Pa
    pamela1019 Aug 27, 2015

    In January I was hit by an Infinity insured driver, she totaled my car, injured me, and she was grossly under insured so her policy limits didn't cover the cost of my car. I got an attorney because I have under insured motorist coverage on my policy, but Infinity has to pay before we can use my policy. They should have paid out her policy limits months ago. This is such a nightmare. I haven't gotten a dime for my one year old car, the rental car they said they would reimburse, lost wages...HORRIBLE company!!! I am filing a complaint about them http://www.insurance.ca.gov/ you can too!!!

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  • Po
    Positivep Dec 29, 2015

    The same thing happened to except I am not the insured.
    I am sitting on hold as I'm writing.
    You can't get anyone on the phone.
    When you do and give them your claim number, after holding for almost 20 minutes, the person sends you to the someones voice mail. !

    My car was hit in NY by their client. Their client has a New York State Drivers License.
    How is that ?
    Their has Florida plates.
    How is that?

    I was assigned an adjuster that doesn't return your calls.
    I received a letter saying that he has been trying to reach me. What ?
    I spoke to the man, he has my number..!

    What the hell is going on...?

    I need my car fix...!

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