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Complaints & Reviews

denial of repair

Infinity refusing to cover the damage done to my car after their insured hit my parked car. I have picture showing that my car was pushed into another car behind me. They lied and said they would fix it, just to get me to return the rental car. A few days later I received a notices saying that it was prior damage to my car. I will file a complaint with the board and see them in small claims court. Look at the pictures, see how the markings line up with the other cars plates.

denial of repair
denial of repair

Infinity Insurance Company
  • Co
    Common sense Mar 17, 2014

    If the insurance won't pay, you have to sue the person who hit you.

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  • Co
    CONCERNED IN TEXAS 123 Jul 09, 2014

    They wouldn't pay for my claim and i had to deal with a very rude manager named greg schnee. He doesn't even live in texas he is in pennsylvania.

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INFINITY INSURANCE COMPANY should be banned in all States from conducting what may boils down to a fraudulent scheme of collecting premiums from its (low-income) clients and then denying to honor claims filed against these clients in accidents.

Infinity Insurance Co conducts such scams by having its unsuspecting clients enter into useless policies with countless exclusions, and also by taking advantage of many States' lax regulations...!

bad business

infinity insurance is a rip of i got insured with this company to be be safe. I wanted piece of mind knowing...

scam cold call

Today out of the blue a guy name "Parker" from "Infinity Insurance" called about "Mr. and Mr. King's accident" in May 17th in Hollywood Blvd. When I asked him what's he's talking about and what "accident?" Since I had never been to Hollywood in that day or any other days. And I told him he's a fraudster. And I have no idea who are Mr. and Mrs King. I'm not him nor her for sure. It might be that he dialed the wrong number but he sounded so sure and sounded very fishy to me. It did scared me by the fact that how he got my number.

He hanged up when I screamed fraud. But the question is where did he got my phone number? I'm getting so many unknown phone calls recent months feeling like the phone scams are going wild.

over charging

Tried Infinity auto insurance and what a cut-rate company (as far as customer support). Had set up for automatic monthly payments and they didn't hit my account and suspended coverage. When I call to ask why, they said they could reinstate but since lapse in coverage, my premiums would go up by 50%. Now that's great customer service. Went to Progressive and pay way less with better customer service.

Brighway Insurance in St. Augustine seemed to care less and treated me like I was deserving of higher rates even though have a very good driving record.

Infinity basically sucks big time.

  • Jo
    John Holubecki Jun 11, 2015

    Infinity insurance company ---------!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

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cancellation fee

When hoping to lower my good driver insurance premiums, I cancelled my policy with Geico after many years. They charged me no cancellation fee. I was led to the Infinity Insurance Company by a Triple A insurance agent through rather poor advice. Seeing my six month premium actually go up by 50 dollars, I searched online and found coverage through Progressive Direct for 150 dollars less. I took the necessary steps to cancel coverage with Infinity, but was told I would need to pay a 10% cancellation fee because "it is state law." I checked out that claim and found the law states that companies MAY elect to charge up to ten per cent. I called back and asked for consideration since I only had my policy for one day. I told the representative I had been give false information and corrected it by saying...the law says you may charge...not that you have to. I was told, "That is right and we do." Further polite asking for special consideration was met with repeated insistence that I would be charged. I have now read online several complaints about this company... I told the representative that I would be adding my voice to the list of negatives, but she simply told me again... "you will be charged 10% and have a good day..." So I paid an extra 50 bucks to do business with this company. Let the buyer beware. Oh - there is nothing in their contract that says there is a cancellation fee... Rotten company !!!

  • Se
    Seville Oct 18, 2013

    Well to start off they are very unprofessional. They don't explain there policy, just focused on taking your money and signing you to a contract they don't plan on paying in the event something happens to your car. I have never had service like this and hope that know one else experience the situation I had. Long story short, I have never been late on a payment and still ended up out of 13, 000 dollars. While this company may have low rates their service and style of business will leave you upset and out of a lot of money. I am now with Allstate and am so happy. please consider all of these complaints as a warning before you commit because they are professional scam artist...

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insurance rip off

Myself and my Daughter were rear ended while we were at a stop light. there was damage done to my bumper and the insurance company is refusing to pay the full amount for the damage. they are saying the appraiser said there was previous damage and scratches on the bumper.

so they are refusing to pay 183.00. they want me to take that money out of my pocket to pay for the rest of the damage. all the appraiser did was take pictures and came to this conclusion.

how could he tell if there was any previous damage to my bumper. so i asked the insurance co to send me the pictures and circle the previous damage along with circling the scratches. they refused.

refund of payment

“DO NOT” purchase any insurance policy from Infinity insurance, Infinity are crooks with bad...

worst service ever

Infinity is the worst insurance I ever had to deal with. They never answer their phone calls or respond back to your messages. Their claims department is very slow and rude but not only that, you have to call million times before you get through to someone. Never deal with adjustor cinthya segura; she is very rude and it takes almost three each time she returns your call, complaining about why you call her so many times, she is careless about you or your time, same happen with her boss, this lady who I don't remember her name the claims manager never answer her phone either, and still haven't heard from her at all.

they refuse to pay to repair my customers car

I'm the owner of an auto body shop. Infinity Insurance came to estimate the damage, and said that my customer's 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer is a total loss.
After hearing that, I looked up the Kelley Blue Book on the 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4x4. The SUV is in good and very well maintained condition. The value is 9, 808.00. My repair estimate was 4, 942.40, just about 50% of the value of this SUV. My customer said that he has 1000.00 deductible. That will make Infinity's part about 3, 942.40. They said they will pay off the SUV. He still owes around 9, 000.00 on it . But he still would have to pay his deductible of 1000.00 and be without a vehicle. Do the math, what a waste of money. Infinity will waste 3057.60. The vehicle CAN be repaired at a value under the total loss range.

auto claim

To whom it concerns, cc: [protected] This letter is regarding the accident dated May 1, 2012 at...

Infinity Auto Insurance

wheres my due money?

on april 11, 2012, i was rear ended bu a ### that had infinity auto ins on my motorcycle. it has been 2 months and i have yet to receive 1 f---ing dime from them, , it seemed the only question that they were concerned about was if i was married.

how would that matter/

i am out a perfectly like new s50 motorcycle, have extensive medical bills, and cronic back pain... give me a break, i work for a living, and need my due money to get my life back in order.

dishonest and outright rude

This company (Infinity Insurance)is extremely disorganized and unprofessional. When being hit by another party they admitted they were at fault. We explained this to Infinity who insured the car we were in and when we called infinity they were lazy and said we should call the other parties insurance company since the other driver was at fault. They did not want to help or make the call. The other parties insurance would not get back to us. We called infinity and they told us to go to Santa ana to expedite where appraiser can take photos because otherwise it takes them 3 to 4 days to have an appraiser stop by. Drove to Santa Ana and the appraiser was a rude arrogant woman and they worked out of a body shop. The appraisers worked inside a body shop owned by a seprate entity. The Infinity appraiser Lied and said we had to get the work done there in Santa ana at that shop. Not only did she lie but she was nasty and rude. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. BAD BAD BAD

  • Ta
    Tammy75 Jan 02, 2012

    I was very surprised with the claim department of this company; I have never experienced that kind of treatment in my entire life. It left me feel humiliated.
    My 2010 Honda Accord was vandalized on December 31 of 2011 at 2:54 a.m. (that’s when the police department left a card on my windshield). I had a broken side mirror and a window completely smashed in pieces. I could not drive the car in that condition. I called Infinity insurance to find out how they would handle the claim. The representative named Branaesha lacked any willingness to help, she said that she could arrange the inspection only on January 3rd and if I go to any unauthorized body shop, they will pay only 80%. After mumbling my policy to me, she asked if I still wanted to file a claim. I said that I will call them back. On January 2nd some rude lady called me and asked what the status of my car was. I told her that I left it with the body shop and they will repair it by the end of the day. She told me that they have to send their appraiser there first and put a stress on my $500 deductibles. She repeated several times yelling at me that I have $500 out-of-pocket deductibles and 20% co-payment if I still wanted to pursue my claim. It sounded like she was warning me that if I dare to file the claim, I will be screwed one way or another and I'd better take care of it myself because it is my fault and responsibility that my car was vandalized.
    I will cancel my policy this month and will never pay them any penny, no matter how inexpensive they claim they are.

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poor customer service

I was recently involved in a minor traffic accident involving a driver who was insured with Infinity. My gosh...Infinity is the worst auto insurance. Ms. Christina Gates lives on another planet, she never ever returns phone calls. I sent out a formal complaint letter today to the corporate offices of Infinity, hopefully someone gets on the ball with this claims representative. I am absolutely sick and tired from their poor customer service. DO NOT INSURE WITH INFINITY...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED...

  • Ra
    raymondau Oct 13, 2011

    Infinity and AAMI and many other auto insurance are the all the same, they happy when you pay, and when you you lodge your cliam, they don t want to know you anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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repairs took 2.5 months

An accident accured on April 27th 2011.. Took it to one of their shops in LA, a guy in a cast on his arm and a cigarrette in his mouth got into my car to look at the mileage, my wife has asthma. So i took it to my shop considering the 20%, at least the work is going to be done. A week an adjuster was coming out to look at the car. After body work was done, the car wouldn't go into reverse, took it to their shop, he couldn't diagnose it, took it to the dealer. 11 days till adjuster came out again, that was fixed. Driving out of the dealer, some noices appeared on right side while making a right turn, back to their shop. Guy test drives and says you gotta replace the shocks( car was hit on left front). I didn't agree with him took it to the dealer again.. It's the entire steering rack/Rack&Pinion that's cracked and needs to be replaced. 8 days wait for adjuster, 3-4 days parts and work of 2.. While all that goes on, rental is only for 30 days, so rest of the time i'm paying rental.. After the car is finally done and ready, they wrote an estimate at the dealer, and minused the $20%. So, rental car for 42 days, the enitial deductible$ 1000, 00, and paid the dealer "co-pay" $ 530.00... Do the math.. Never again

they stole $32,000 from me

My truck was stolen from me, I had infinity insurance full coverage. They did everything they could to not pay me, they put my family and me through hell, so I was a victim twice. Please check out infinity insurance complaints on facebook!/pages/Infinity-AUTO-Insurance-Complaints/207651412613326

  • Li
    likle Dec 06, 2012

    Infinity insurance sucks with a capital S. My 2011 Toyota corolla was totalled on Aug 4 and my claim still ain't finalised. That's bull crap! Who can I report this company to? They sent me a letter telling me oh they going to pay 15896 and they only pay 14000 and change. Yeah I had full coverage and they claim that they are responsible for my storage and they took that storage from my payoff amt. They even claim that I got my sales tax of 951 which is a lie. So now I'm stuck with a bill from Toyota for over 1700 dollars. What a fraud!! I think I'm going to lawyer up right now.

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dishonest and deceptive practices

Infinity insured turned left in front of my vehicle. Driver admitted fault and was cited by Phoenix PD. Initially Infinity would not return calls then (week later) they admitted the driver was their insured and that we could proceed with our claim. Initially the Adjuster said Infinity would cover our damages...the they changed it to 80% of our damages as speed "might" have been a factor. I pointed out that speed was not a factor and that is supported by the accident report submitted by Phoenix PD and the insured was cited for an improper left turn/failure to yeild.
It took Infinity over a week to view our vehicle and damages and three weeks to give an approval for repair. It then took the body shop three weeks to make our repairs. After the repairs were completed we waited a week and a half for Infinity to return our call(s) so they could make payment to the body shop and we could pick up our vehicle.
When we submitted our rental bill as we were instructed by Infinity to do...the first told us that they would only pay 80% of that charge and later said they would only pay 80% of 15 days worth of rental as the repairs should have been made within 15 days!?
Now we will pursue the outstanding damages via their client personally.
Years ago I used Infinity Insurance Company for my business vehicles...their customer service was horrible then and it has only gotten worse. Do not use Infinity Insurance Company!

  • No
    no2HILLSTAR May 30, 2011

    INfinity insurance is associated with HILLSTAR insurance, HILLSTAR is the worst INSURANCE company I Have ever delt with!! THey are rude and have caused me so much headache!! THey have the worst customer service and I would NEVER recommend this company to my worst enemy. I had AAA for years and could not afford it anylonger during my college years so i went to hillstar. so not worth it! they are horrible with claims, i even had a customer service agent tell me she was going to hang up on me because I ask her if she was having a bad day. who does that????

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dont answer or return your calls, all he said she said, nothing but lies, they charge you for things your not supposed to pay

I resently rear ended someone who was insured with infinity insurance on 1 / 21 / 2011. I am being honest and admiting i am the one at fault. To get to the point the vehicle was insured but i was listed as an excluded driver meaning i am not on the insurace to drive the vehicle there for our insurance would not cove any damages to either vehicle. I have been given the run around with infinity insurace. Randall torres is in charge of the caims dept in the fort worth area. He told me because i am not covered im going have to pay her $1000 deductable. Her damages were 2664. 89 they gave her a check for 1664. 89 and i would have to pay the $1000. Randall is soooo unprofesinal. I called him for weeks straight leaving him numerous messages and he never once called me back. Before him not returning my phone calls i spoke to him about 3 times and my dad spoke with him twice. He told the woman we hit he has never spoken to us at all or our insurance which is a huge lie, i even gave him my statement saying i am at fault! He advised her bc of our incooporation she needs to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit to get her deductable!!! She would call our home phone like 5 times a day angry bc no one has contacted her at all. I asked randall what do i do about her calling bc im trying to go about this the right way through insurances. He told me do not answer any of her calls. Then he tells her bc were not answering her calls to sue me. Now bc i am a excluded driver and the insurance wont cover damages they have to send the claim to the subrogation dept which will let me know how to pay the 1000. Randall told me someone in that dept would contact me in about a week. Well a week goes by and nothing. So i call randall but he wont answer my calls. I call him a week sttraight and nothing! I decide to call the woman i hit personaly to let her know whats going on and how her insurance was acting twords me. She said not even her insurance had been keeping in contact with her or returning her calls thats why she had been calling us non stop. I told her im not trying to avoid this situation i just want to get this over and done with as fast as i can. I told her what randall had told me when we actually did speak at the very beging of all this and she said he was telling her the exact oppisite!! All she wants is her deductable. Well i call randall back bc im pissed. Again no answer. When i finally get ahold of him i ask him to transfer me to his supervisor and he gives me such a hard time. He hassles me for a reason why. I told him its regarding my claim and he says what about so i tell him againg its about my claim. He refuses and continues asking why i need to speak to her and once i tell him why he will transfer me. So i tell him its to complain about him. Now that i tell him y i want to talk to her he still wont transfer me. Omg im super pissed. I explain to him y i am making a complait about him and he says all he can to cover his butt and point the finger at the woman we hit blaming her for everything! What an unprofessional ###. He gives me her number and i speak with her. Her name is stacy and she really wasnt that much of a help. They gave me the number to the woman incharge of subrogation and i speak to her and she tells me they sent me to collections because i havnt paid!!! Im like wtf! It has not even been a month since the accident and they havnt even given me a chance to pay or even let me know what i need to pay and they automatically send me to collections. Im so angry. She said she sent me a letter letting me know what i owe on feb 12. (I spoke with her on the 17th) turns out they have the wrong address! Well she says i dont owe 1000 for her deductable i owe the insurance 2664. 89! I suposibly need to pay the deductable and pay back infinity for giving her a check for 1664. 89 for her damages!! All the woman i hit wants is her deductable nothing else, we were told from the begining all we need to pay is the deductable so why are they saying we need to pay all of that. Well the lady in subrogation named edith rocco said if i knew from the begining that my insurance denied the claim then i should have paid at the begining! But everyone with infininty told me i had to wait for her to contact me! I am sooo confused and dont know what to believe or whats true. I dont know waht to do. This is the worst insurance company ever everyone please stay away. They lie to your face!

  • Ch
    cheri verable Apr 14, 2011

    I feel your pain. I used to work at infinity as a claim adjuster. One thing is they hire only the 2 people to cover a ten man job. This is why it is hard to get through on phone. Another thing is if you are excluded on the insurance policy (they will not pay, So if you are excluded do not get in a wreck or drive ins vehicle). This is an excuse for getting out of PAYING THE CLAIM. Also, why you were sent to subro your claim was being investigated by A special investigated unit (SIU ). Trust me these guys are a pro when find a cause or evidence to deny your claim. Anyone with infinity better be where because a simple accident could be sent to SIU and found a way to be denied. Good Luck !

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infinity short changes valid claim for rental reimbursement

Late last summer (2010) I was rear-ended by an Infinity Insurance customer while I sat parked at a red light...

auto theft claim

I got my car stolen on 9/10/10 and its is 12/1/10. My car was recovered in 3 to 4 hours with minor damage, the thefts took only personal stuff and broke stuff inside, their was also minor scratches around the door handle area. i have spoken to my claim adjuster maybe 3 times at the most. i call him, leave messages on his voice mail never get a call back, i have even spoken to his manager and she was also really rude and said the case was under investigation.

  • Sa
    saston2010 Apr 26, 2011

    I gave my boyfriend at the time permission to use my vehicle only to go 2 blocks down the street in order to get me migraine medicine because I could not drive at the time. Well the jerk never came back. I had to file a "attempt to locate" on the vehicle first before I could report it as stolen, which I did. I full cooperated with the police giving names, addresses, relatives, etc in order to help recover my vehicle. I have full coverage, but my claim was denied because they said they don't cover theft or conversion of the insured auto by a person to whom I have voluntarily entrusted the insured auto. They said my claim falls under conversion. I only have my vehicle 39 days and am now out $3, 000 grand plus the $548.00 I paid in advance for 6 months of full coverage.. This company is a RIP OFF!!!

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  • Sr
    srobfire1 Sep 27, 2011

    had my car stolen on jun 1st 2011... its now 4 months later... my car was not recoverd and im still waiting for the money..!! haha oh and ive been paying insurance in good faith for a friggen car that i dont have since it was stolen, but they told me they would reimburse me for paying on my car! yea right! They have told me lies, tried to intimidate me and find anyway not to pay!! They hassled me about the mileage, told me I need paperwork from my mechanic with the mileage on it. When I got it from my mechanic and gave it to them they told me it was made up and I would be charged with fraud?? They talked to my mechanic, talked to my dealer who I bought the car off of like 3 times? it's embarrassing and such a hassle to get anything off of this insurance company. I even drove to Harrisburg to get the title cause I could have sworn I gave it to them (they probably ripped it up) but they play these games so that they don't have to pay you. they denied my claim so now i have an attorney

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  • Lu
    lutherd Feb 20, 2012

    this place is a huge fraud. they dont like paying people who work hard to have ins. for them just to not have any care in the world what us pepz are going through. i would advise anyone to get ins. through them. even if it was the last place on earth your better off not having any ins.

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