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OUTsurance Complaints & Reviews

Outsurance / Car insurance

Stevekotze on Feb 10, 2017
Yesterday, 9 Feb 2017, I have tried to cancel my vehicle insurance with OUTsurance, because I have found a better offer. After 35 minutes of explaining that I am happy with the other insurer, the lady let me know that documentation will be sent to my email as confirmation. I soon got an...

Outsurance / Cancellation of insurance

lanavz on Jan 30, 2017
Good day, for the past 3 years I have tried to cancel my insurance with you guys, I even had a consultant help me up to the stage of a reimbursement, but yet I see the insurance is still proceeding, I use my FNB account as a savings account, and don't use it often, but for some reason, I...

Outsurance / Claiming my dual insurance and outsurance only paid me 20% of that

Willem123 on Jan 10, 2017
I claimed from Outsurance my Dual Refund on my Building policy as I had the same policy with another institute as I did not know that it covered me for the same things so I realized that I must query this with both parties, and was told that I can claim from both institutes for a 50%...

Outsurance / Claim

MDlamini on Jan 5, 2017
I contacted outsurance last week thursday (29 dec) about my cellphone which was no longer working (I have it covered with them). As always, they were efficient, their service provider collected my phone on the 30th of dec, to have the cellphone evaluated, to see if it can be repaired or...

Outsurance / App help@out - outsurance

Odwa Mhlebi on Jan 5, 2017
Good day, My fiancé had a flat battery on the 9th of December 2016 at night. She used the App, Help@Out for assistance. She then received a reference number (we cannot find the reference number) and a message which state that she will receive a call for assistance within 10 minutes &...

Outsurance / Insurance claim

Blancheb666 on Nov 19, 2016
I was involved in a accident with an outsurance client in August.I don't have insurance myself, and my little daughter of 3years old was in the vehicle with me at the time it was indeed the fault of the. Other driver and he was kind enough to admit that and apologies were given, my...

Outsurance / Vehicle body paint

StaceyLee on Nov 14, 2016
My vehicle was sent to Gateway Autobody on behalf of Outsurance. When I received the vehicle back, the paint job was incorrectly blended and the left side of the vehicles paint is a lighter grey than the rest of the painted vehicle. This is not what the vehicle looked like before I made...

Outsurance / Refrigerator Claim

rehobother on Nov 8, 2016
They will do anything to get out of a claim, next they will blame the bad telephone connections as a reason they cannot process my claim. Pathetic. Don't go there, they promise you anything and everything to get you to sign up then they evaporate . You have to spend money making...

Outsurance / illegal credit checks

wietzue on Sep 30, 2016
i was recently a passenger in a car accident, so had to give a statement of the events, but to my shock found out that outsurance did a complete credit check on my name without my consent or knowledge, even had a couple of personal photos on a laptop, so where does one draw a line? is thi...

Outsurance / Car accident

Angelique Jolene Matthee on Jul 11, 2016
I am truly at awe of the lack of humanity in wich they handle their claims me and my husband we traveling in my uncles vehicle and a guy hit us on the pasenger back side wich was on my side when i told the lady from outsurance this she still presumed to ask me who was driving i did not...

Outsurance / Unethical and rip off

Yvonne Pringle on May 28, 2016
I contacted them yesterday to put in a claim for a Android Tablet and a printer. the first damaged due to power surge and the printer due to accidental damage. First they tell me it is two claims therefore is two excess payments, which is very wrong and unethical. Second they tell me that...

Outsurance / Unprofessional / no service delivery

MauritzB on May 16, 2016
This is week 4 since we submitted our claim for burst geyser in our home (Sun 24/4/16). The person/s we have been communicating with are Nonie and Zandi at Outsurance. Our claim name and number is: 137902945. The lady who is Carien at the cubpoard supplier called on Fri 13/5/16 to inform...

Outsurance / Complaints department

Kim Young shim on Apr 22, 2016
Below content is the email i sent to supervisor of outsurance compaints department. Because one part to fix my car delay i asked alternative order. i received phone call from outsurance if it is original part i can order it So i did. when i called panel beater they said they can not use...

Outsurance / Service

Marius2000 on Feb 23, 2016
Policy number: OT25559407 Claim number: 135627984 Good day I had a burglary Wednesday 17/2/2016. It was discovered around 16:30. I reported it to Outsurance emergency department. They did not assist me with temporary repairs or a security guard for the night. I myself did what i could to secure...

Outsurance / Claims not paid out

Peet du Toit on Feb 23, 2016
Inbraak by voertuig, klomp goed is gesteel bv, sonbrille, PC, handsak cellphone en ipad, by die ratwisselaar is die konsole gebreuk soos wat die diewe op dit getrap het of gedruk het vir ondersteuning soos hy van agtera voorentoe gele het om goed te vat wat voor in die bakkie was. Nou...

Outsurance / House/contents claim

SiphokaziD on Jan 7, 2016
7-01-2016. Phoned outsurance today after the house was broken into at around 3am. They stole all our electric appliances. The consultant wouldn't listen to me even after they had sent letters showing that my policy was revised (increased) to not over insure or under insure my...

Outsurance / Repairs done to my fridge

Reviewer41563 on Jan 4, 2016
OUTSURANCE CONTENTS Claim number 132988000 authorised; ORCA MOBILE ELECTRICAL WORKSHOPS CC Tel (021)5911787, will be in contact shortly. Appointed Electrical company that was suppose to fix my fridge ...fridge only work for few hours on the 23rd and ever since the fridge not working...

Outsurance / Insurance claims

Reviewer14323 on Dec 28, 2015
On the 19th of December, I was driving back from the airport in the rain, and I was following another car in front of me, they managed to get through the puddle of water, however my car got stuck in the water, and my car engine got a hydrolock. My vehicle had to be towed away to Audi...

Outsurance / Cancellation of my Policy

Gouws on Dec 28, 2015
After many years (15+) of being a client, I had to cancel my policy because I left the country. I send a mail cancelling my policy on 26 October 2015. I received a mail back, renewing it by Outsurance -without authorization and carrying on with payment (I have nothing in SA). After about...

Outsurance / Cancellation of policy

Lesa15 on Dec 10, 2015
10 Dec 2015, I called in at Outsurance today, after a long wait and hold I requested the consultant to kindly assist me with cancelling my policy. The reason why I am cancelling the policy is the fact that outsurance on the house contents does not cover theft If you don't have an alarm...

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