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Infinity Insurance- the worst ever. Be careful with signing the contract. They will overcharge you during cancellation. I bought this insurance for my car and I paid $150.00 for downpayment and after that they supposed to charge me 70 dollars a month. I cancelled becouse after 2 months of keeping the policy they increased my premium without any reason. I should recieve refund during my cancellation but instead I was charged $92.00 additional fees. For what?? nobody from customer service could realy explain. Every answer was different and it didn't make any sense!!! Even supervisor wasn't competent enough!! This unexplained bill was due by August 13, 2008. Today is August 8, 2008 and I allready have got a notice form collection agency about that unpaid bill. Maybe anybody can explain me that becouse I realy don't get it!!!


  •   Mar 30, 2009

    I agree that Infinity Insurance is the worst insurance ever. I totalled my car last Feb 2009 and up until now they refused to take responsibility. My car is worth so much money and when I file for a claim they told me they refused to pay for my car since it is worth too much. They keep telling me different reasons why they denied my claim. I am hiring a lawyer now and hopefully this matter will come to end.


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      Jul 24, 2009

    A common misconception is that insurnace premium are on a monthly basis, when all reality is that their not, and insurance agency offers you the total premium plus policy fee and any taxes from your state and always offer you to pay in full..since the majority of people won't pay in full, they then offer you monthly payments from the premium divided by the months plus an installment fee for expanding the payments.. if you were to cancell your policy at request it will be cancelled at a pro-rate rate meaning you get charged for every day you had your policy plus fee's paid, and then your total amount of money paid from same time frame, if you have received more coverage than paid, then you owe a balance, if not your receive a credit, ...ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES DO's a contract just like a cell phone if you cancell early theirs a cancellation fee...

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      Aug 03, 2010

    My Alstate agent came up with this outfit when I told him I was not renewing! We have 3 relativly late model vehicles. My Allstate renewel was 15% higher than the previous year. We have never had an auto insurance claim, a violation or any other reason for my premium to jump that much. Your car is worth less every year, why would your premium be more? You have read some peoples horror stories and as the one gentleman said, some companys are not for those that roll over! Infinity gave me a 12 month contract where all others wanted to print a 6 month policy. My 12 month Infinity policy was less than the 6 month policy from Allstate! We are talking serious dough here, like well over a thousand bucks! They all have to pay, if you are not happy, go to arbitration! However if you are a safe driver and never have claims, why pay more? If you drive like a madman, you deserve to pay more than me, sign up with the most expensive insurer you can find!

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      Aug 07, 2012

    The fee that they are charging after cancelation of the policy is a "reduced amount". Insted of 8.83 a month I was paying, for the remaining months that I was scheduled to have coverage they are charging me 5.84 cents a month. Basicaly a "finance charge" for something they are no longer financing me for. Talk about a joke! I have had auto insurance for the last 30 years of my life. Never in my life have I herd of such ###! Tak you business elsewhere this company should be ashamed of themselves. Leaving an insuerance company for better cheaper coverage is my option. Taking one last jab at its leaving customers and charging some pedley insurmountable amout of pocket change as a "I got you!" yea we will see who has the last laugh. I am blogging the ### out of what a freaking rip off Infinity is, So you keep my 27 dollars and shove it right up your a#@!

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      Jun 21, 2013

    I just cancelled my insurance with them and the first woman told me there was a 10% fee. I called back today and another woman told me the other girl had it wrong it is 18%.. I barely remembering the agent saying a 10% fee, but I have never cancelled insurance until now so blew it off. I will be calling AAA and tell them that it is 18 not 10 and not to sell and I will also turn them into the BBB. I paid in full so I can't charge it back.

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