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IMVU Complaints & Reviews

IMVU / age gap

Syldei Artworks on Nov 25, 2018

The age division on imvu is ridiculous and ruins the whole experience for me. I get you don't want 13 year olds talking to 20 year olds but the fact that all of my friends are born in the same year as me and are 18 but because I have a late birthday I can't play or even message them i...

[Resolved] IMVU / permanently disabled wrongfully

Je Suis Ton Papa on Oct 4, 2018

My Keptical user has been falsely accused of using a "blacklisted credit card" when I haven't and I am very confused because someone had accessed my account and toyed around with it now I'm stuck with this harsh punishment for something I have never done when they very well know I don't...

IMVU / unfairly banning my imvu account

Abdel Rahman Youssif on Aug 21, 2018

IMVU is an organization that truly aim for gaining as much money as possible and deal with users like they are insects or nothing. They don't care if you are a long term user and they don't care if you're a respectful person. They will simply wait for you to make purchase...

IMVU / can't reset my password

Kirstin Feemster on Jul 29, 2018

I was recently hacked about 30 min ago and I keep getting these notifications from the hacker on my account, but I cannot log in to and I can't reset my password because it says unknown email, if it was an unknown email I wouldn't be getting these notifications from my imvu hacked account...

IMVU / ridiculous ban and abysmal service

RustyAussie on Jun 19, 2018

My imvu account is banned citing there was a 'suspicious log in'. The pop up says banned for three thousand days! So I might have had an intruder, therefore ban me for nine years??? Idiotic and insulting!!! Its punishing the victim for maybe being assaulted, even though the victim didn't...

IMVU / my account being disabled

Aziepooh on May 6, 2018

Avatar name:bbwazie Age:17 Name:Azariah asamoah Birthday:26 December 2001 Password: asamoah10 Username:💙ÅŽÏĖ💙 Status: single, relashionships, straight Account disabled for report of payment fraud I am completely innocent and confused I think that's account wa...

IMVU / unfair banning of account

Noriko Kiyoshi on Mar 2, 2018

I have been on IMVU for about 10 years and my account NorikoKiyoshi just got banned for a glitch that is on there end. There IMVU Inc. account keeps spamming peoples inbox saying they watched a video and earned credits. And instead of correctly looking into it or admitting it's their...

IMVU / I have done the offer and imvu didn't reward me!

jubaida on Jan 5, 2018

Date January 5th 2018 the offer said "if your between 18-65 complete the online betting questionnaire! You will receive you credits within 5 minutes" so i filled in the questionnaire and waited 5 minutes and nothing came so i got really upset because i can't afford to buy credits and I LOVE...

IMVU / imvu hacked my account, and lied about it

Fiona Vixen on Sep 5, 2017

imvu hacked my FionaFoxPrincess, and removed my, and lied about it, started a week ago (August 30th, 2017, and continue today) I tried to put in my email address, and they lied, it doesn t exist, then how come, I m using my princess_fiona_fox@hotmail, as we...

IMVU / imvu

Morgan Hughes on Aug 23, 2017

Ok so a year ago on October 10, 2016 I made an imvu account and I got on may once a week in the morning before school. Well a year past by and I started getting on more around July. And so i wanted to fit in so I went to surveys and they didn't work or the offers sucked and I got stuck...

Imvu Inc / copyright infringement

Reviewer51030 on Feb 6, 2016

"Zeur: and I'm assuming that all the copy right Nike logos at the top of the catalog haven't actually been reviewed by imvu as per Nike should know about Jhoda Louise: Only the intellectual property rights owner or the owner's authorized agent is permitted to report potentially infringing...

IMVU / banned for 29000 days?

NarutoFan on Nov 3, 2014

I've been on imvu for about 2 years now. I've had my account for 2 years and today i tried to log in to find i had been disabled...I checked my emails and it said that my age didn't match my profile. Which i am 15. I've done the help ticket thingy t try and get my...

IMVU / unfair banning

Rav666 on Apr 2, 2014

I was a user if Imvu up until Monday, March 31. 2014. I had 2 accounts with Imvu. 1 was a creating account with over 600 items that I created and the other was just a normal account. I purchased Ap on both accounts and Vip on my creating account. From the time I started on IMVU which wa...

IMVU / wrongfully banned

Johnny4Lovv on Nov 21, 2013

It all started off what day, I thought I would make my girl friend happy, so I bought a marriage package from imvu by using a prepaid credit card. Before I started I saw at top right different credit cards, Anyway I clicked on the top tight, clicked 4 digits, The 3 digits after that then...

Imvu Inc / wrongfully disabled

LostKittyImvu on Jul 29, 2013

IMVU wrongfully disabled my LostKitty account and fails to provide me with proof they say gathered of me breaking their TOS. on 6/24/13 i engaged in a conversation with someone i thought i was a friend venting after a PTSD nightmare brought on by being under extreme amounts of stre...

IMVU / account permanently disabled

tahaharb on May 31, 2013

my account taha7arb2 was pemenantly disabled because i used other programs to log in the site i have bout milions of credits from the imvu site and las t was yesterday on second day i found myself disabled my other account was disabled (jalalharb) and they said i was geting credits from the...

IMVU / money

ineedmymoneyplease on Nov 21, 2012

i bought credits with my card(nov.18.2012) and they told me 1-2 buissness days but i never got them now i am (nov.21.2012) and my credits are not here imvu has robbed me.i swear i will sue tis company plz i n.eed my money

IMVU / cyber bullying

420darklover420 on Oct 13, 2012

IMVU Banned my account 420darklover420 said its inappropriate and yet I see many others with 420 in name ppl with names like lickmypussy suckmyballs and other nasty names not banned at all. Also if my name is not appropriate then why they let me make the name and also let me buy my AP with...

IMVU / scared about virus

juliaswagger1 on Jul 26, 2012

everyone is saying imvu has a virus! is this real? will they charge my parents extra money? websites for kids are supposed to be fun not freaking scary!

IMVU / unfair disabled account

SusieBoo on Jan 26, 2012

IMVU is the worse site ever.! The customer service is terrible and so are some of the people.! This game is basically a money scam. I was with imvu for 3 years and my account go disabled because I used the wrong password. I may sound bitter.. but I am so upset.! This service is NOT user...