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This is by far the absolute worst customer service that has ever existed. 10 years ago when they had humans working the customer service, those muppets used to get tricked into giving out peoples passwords. Now these days the customer service is almost entirely made up of copy and paste bots. There isn't a single human who reads your issues. A 5min solution to my problem hasn't been resolved after 8 months of continuous requests. I'm fairly certain that this customer service is not within EU law. Right now, they have no way to meet a gdpr request of users who cannot login into their accounts.

Help desk

The helpdesk absolutely does nothing to help, it sends back botted responses.

Ive been trying to get my account which has over 500$ worth of items. Sulake's already confirms the moderation they use is a bot.

This company has the worst customer service that refuses to help. I want my account back.

I wont stop until they help me, ill sue if i have to.

habbo hotel staff doing nothing when I responded to their email telling me someone changed my accounts email.

I received an email from habbo telling me someone has changed my email and I instantly put in a help request to let them know I was being hacked.
They didn't do anything right away, not lock out my account, not make it so the hacker didn't have access to my account.

Because of habbo hotels staff I have lost all of my furni/rares/coins, they also told me they will not give me any of my furni that was taken.

Im mad because I told them instantly that I needed help, and they did not help me.

I have been playing habbo hotel since 2006, but still have access my old account from 2009. I have been playing habbo every year since 2009, none stop. Ive put a lot of my own money, and time into getting the stuff I had, the fact that habbo didnt do [censor] all when I begged them for help and followed the steps given to me is ridiculous.

So, I will not be using habbo hotel anymore, and im going to highly recommend to all of my friends ive mad on there to not play habbo anymore since they have poor customer service and don't actually do anything when you need their help.

Overpriced - In Every Way

I just signed up for Habbo a few days ago, so let me get things straight: 1. I am NOT a noob. 2. I HAVE...


I Am very dis satisfied with Habbo Hotel. I have Sent them 5 tickets which I haven't received a reply...

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banning for no reason at all

i was chatting on facebook and my habbo was online, i didnt say any bad words or anything before goin to facebook, when i went back to habbo which i left online, i was banned, i didn't talk to anybody i wasnt even on habbo, i cant believ this shet, they have no damn right to ban people for no reason, people pay real money to get this ### fat,

  • An
    angry. stuff Dec 02, 2012

    They say the reason I was banned from the site was because I got several complaints from people claiming I was preying on under aged girls. This is not true at all.

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  • Za
    zack1021 Dec 09, 2012

    I got banned because apparently I was asking people for pictures. Never in my 6 years on the site have I ever done this! My conversation leading up to my TWELVE YEAR BAN evolved around the weather in the tropics and what I study at university. Habbo didn't do their research properly and if they did they would see not once nor ever have I done such a thing. It's disgusting!

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  • Po
    Pokeycole Aug 28, 2013

    Habbo only wants money, thats all they want, if u dont trust me, buy some credits and break a minor rule.They are trying to find a way to ban u so u create another accountband buy more credits.I understand everyone, including the one who really did break rules, but some of them are just normal like scamming business, dont do anything bad at habbo even say bad words.

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Over timed ban

I got banned for saying skype on habbo and this was saying no i dont have skype to someone and then well my ban was supposed to end 3 and half hours ago and when i try to log in it still comes up with you are banned and the time of expiary date is 3 and half hours ago, its really annoying and frustrating because i just want to get back on. I dont think i deserved to be banned in the first place but this is just over the line.

need to raise the age limit

hi my son signed up with habbo hotel as it was meant to be like the sims. I signed up so I could see what it was like as my son got a few inappropriate comments. The age limit needs to be raised from 13 years old. I didnt say anything just accepted friend requests and was told they wanted to have se* with me by 7 different characters.
I went into the freeze room and a few other rooms and just watched the conversation as it appeared at the top of the screen. I was shocked at the sexual comments that were made. they were very suggestive and others just plain obvious or straight to the point. like telling the other character to get on their hands and knees and s**k them off.
I played one of the freeze games and i won and was then called a sl*t, who*e, bit*h, dog and many other things.
My son is banned from habbo now as are a lot of his friends once i have told them what i read. He will not be going on even when his 15.
I am disgusted that it is not monitored better. There should be a block on half the words i saw written.

  • At
    At _Your_ Service Dec 04, 2011

    Well I don't know much about Oldtimer, but I can tell you that Venice is no day at the beach. I think a lot of members are deceived into thinking that she is a very like-minded person. In reality it's more like she is a "selectively" like-minded person. She is often rude to those that are not in that selective circle. I think she fits the cyber-bully category perfectly. Being very popular on the site gives her more ammunition in confrontations. She'll also join in when lessor known members are attacked. Usually she'll type the users name followed by a +1 or 10. That's my3cents.

    BTW whoever is the user hypocrites united. You really need to grow up and get some professional help, if you help make violent threats like that. Shame on you!!!

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  • English Ian Dec 04, 2011

    sounds like a job for slim jim... where are you slim?????? never a cop when you need one

    I would ask that you 'have reported this to the police' already ???????

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  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Dec 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What they are discussing is most likely against the rules of the site. You don have the option of reporting this when you do see it happening. I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse but most likely these people posting the inappropriate messages are either your son's age or a bit older. They are mostly unmonitored teens. Most sites due to COPPA laws you can join when you are 13. They can raise the age limit, even then kids will lie about their age and claim they are 13.

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  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Dec 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Most of the people who are talking like this are probably your son's age only a few years older. Most likely they are no older than 16 and just unmonitored teens. Report what is being said to the mods I am sure they have rules against this kind of stuff. They won't change the age limit is 13 and over due to COPPA laws. Though even if they did increase the age limit kids will still see this dialogue if they lie about their age.

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not Compatible with anything other than PC.

Habbo Hotel SHOULD be compatible with other hard drives such as iPod Touch, Wii, maybe a psp. It's not fair to people who's computer is broken or crashed and they want to get on. Like me, me laptop crashed and now I can't play. I have an iPod Touch (which I'm on right now) and a Wii. They should make an app. For the iPod.

  • Mt
    Mtownrudy03 Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You all really have to agree... No reason not to.

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  • Ra
    RAWBY Aug 07, 2010

    It's not as easy as just snapping your fingers to make an App. I am sure they are working on something for the iPhone/iPod but the fact is it is probably impossible to get that large of a game on a small platform.

    Some people don't have the money for a computer or iPod or anything so does that mean Sulake should supply them with a free computer just so they can access the game?

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  • Jj
    JJ334 Nov 13, 2010

    Sure... They SHOULD make one for the iPhone 4. :)

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  • Tz
    Tzag Dec 16, 2010

    Its not easy making an app for habbo as its a web based Flash game. For those who dont know, Apple has banned adobe from supplying Flash to their mobile products and anyone who hacks the system to run flash on the system would be breaking apple's terms of using their products. So habbo cannot make it availible for the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. However if you wish, go for something with android, my current HTC Legend plays flash and playing habbo on it is fine, just annoying with the small screen...

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  • Jj
    JJ334 Dec 22, 2010

    Waitwaitwaitwait! Did you say walmart!? DON'T! Walmart is worser than Toys R Us... IT'S YOUR NIGHTMARE!

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the merge

I was normally going on habbo as I do everyday, when it said it had done the merge. I went to sign in and it said it couldnt find my acount. When it finally did find the acount I was really happy. But now it says i have made to many mistakes on my name for i cant get on anymore. i have lost about 200credits worth of stuff because on this stupid merge!

Credit surcharge in AU hotel

Sulake Australia's Habbo branch has clearly started profiteering after this change:

This is a obvious attempt at ripping off Habbo's users and MUST BE STOPPED!


when i was playing habbo ( ive been playing for a few years now)
i bought 400 coins worth of stuff and i was scammed by a mod. i didnt give my password, did not go on free coin websites, did not use retros, i just played habbo and avoided scamming the best that i could but i guess my best was not THE best. Mods are allowed to pick peoples furni up so beware if this happens to you. i notifyed the staff and they said "sorry" sorry dont get back all the money i spent "sorry we scammed you" is basically what they told me


i have been banned because a friend went on my account for 2min and said some weird fake address it sux because i am the one who is banned until 2021 and i cant do anything about it i emailed 4times and they replied saying call this number so when i rang they took $4 per call and the number didn't Evan work i dont know what to do and it says im banned for sharing personal information i spent over $500 on habo Au and have played for 2years this is heartbreaking and i need HELP to complain

Taget Card (habbo)

I have played on for almost a year now. I always wanted coins...well i finaly went to Target to buy...

Unfair ban equalising fraud.

I was recently banned on a game called Habbo ( which is a usual thing on the game. But I was banned permanently for something I didn't do (I know it sounds like the same thing over and over). I had spent well over £150 on the account and they a lot of people without thinking about it.

I was banned for unauthorised access to an another account. (Which from them is hacking another user). I went off 3pm the day before and came on the next day and I was banned (the ban was at 3am...)

So as I expressed my concerns for the unfair ban, I asked over and over to review the ban and logs. They didn't and refused to do anything. I was then told by one of the staff to stop sending emails cause he will just ignore them and not reply. That is from Ludus who is the support staff.

I demanded a refund for everything spent because if they go banning everybody unfairly who has spent money, then they are frauding everyone out of their money.

Unfair ban equalising fraud.

  • Su
    summer-chick1 Feb 03, 2010

    i agree i got banned on habbo Au and i spent alot to and the phone numbers are al fake it soo unfair and i hope we get our money back this sux

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  • Ds
    d=:Sam:=b Feb 16, 2010

    yes i also i must had buy new acc were scks

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  • Jl
    JLS:gurjit Feb 26, 2010

    true i am jls:gurjit for minor thing such as ### or wateva i wasted about 200.00 punds on that game

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  • Jl
    JLS:gurjit Feb 26, 2010

    hey, im JLS:gurjit from habbo and im got the same reason for the ban and im now going to their office to complin

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  • Ra
    RAWBY Aug 07, 2010

    Well I am sorry to hear about your predicament, every user has to agree to the Terms and Conditions of service upon creating an account. Under those TACs it clearly states there is no guarantee of service and they also reserve the right to terminate service at anytime. You (and myself) basically agreed that any money we put into that game is theirs and we have no legal right to expect anything in return as well that anything we go get in return is of their good will and charity. Yup it sucks. Welcome to virtual gaming. :(

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  • Po
    Pokeycole Aug 28, 2013

    Dont buy using real money on any bannable game, in result, u get banned.My advice

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I went on habbo one night and I bought HC for 6 months. I Vought loads of stuff and my room was PACKED! with furni! I Was really happy. I went offline and came back on the next morning. After half an hour, my computer came up with. Your account has been accessed on another computer. There was nothing I could do! An hour later I logged back on and I had been banned until 27/12/20! Thats 11 Years Away and I Din't do anything wrong! Its Sooooooo Unfair! :(

My Account is Becklipop

  • Xl
    xLogan Dec 30, 2009

    You obviously did something you were not supposed to. It tells you why you were banned.

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  • Re
    Reilly208 Feb 25, 2010

    that happoned to me to! i was HC had loads of furni and i got banned!!!

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  • Bu
    buntybabe Mar 22, 2010

    i have been banned for 11 years all because a habbo person had reported me saying that i had been on a habbo site and it wont let me back on and im hc!
    my habbo account is : buntybabe

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  • Be
    bethyaahhh Oct 12, 2011

    haha haha thats not there problem mate its yours

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I purchased a 100 habbo coins for my daughter for her A's in school, that was $18. Being a single mom...

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