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Avakin Life Complaints & Reviews

Avakin Life / a girl taking my level 23 account please get it back to me

Jul 16, 2019

My Level 23 account has been hacked and taken from me and the girl who has my account has changed my Email and password, please help me get it back i have tried to log back in but it said that my email and password have been changed but I didnt change it at all so please please please help...

Avakin Life / suspended during an update

Jul 11, 2019

Am Shashank Thakur, I was a long term player of avakin life until I don't know when someone gave me an false report and I got suspended two months ago and yet there wasn't any response from avakin, slowly they stopped reading my messages and I now am in depression due to this I...

Avakin Life / tapjoy

Jul 09, 2019

Very disappointed I did lots of tapjoys yesterday didint recieve anything I downloaded apps and did whatever it told me to do I wanted about 2 days and I still didint recieve my coins you guys need to make this game a little more easy to get coins because I'm broke and I'm not spending...

Avakin / I can't log in

Jul 08, 2019

So i tried to sign into avakin and it didn't move from 88% it always said unable to sign in avakin at this moment try again later so i kept trying and says the same thing over and over all i wanna do is play avakin with my friends and also my friends is having a wedding in avakin and...

Avakin Life / avakin life games

Jul 05, 2019

i thoufhr my 11 year old daughter was playing a kid game and it turn out to be a provocative, sex filled game, with strange men asking for sex, please remove this game or make ir kid safe, this is so disturbing, many kids that are friends of my daughter play it and their parents think it...

Avakin Life / banned for no reason

Jul 03, 2019

i wanna know why you banned me i dont talk to nobody and i havent actually been on ava in about 5 days because of the 4th of July weekend on ava except for 2 or 4 friends and not once have i used inappropriate language the ones with inappropriate language are noobs and your game crosse...

Avakin Life / Customer service.

Jul 02, 2019

Worst "customer service" ever. I tried buying coins which were never deposited into my account. I've asked them about it and have shown purchase proof from the app stores and my own bank account and they refused to ever received anything and denied my sale. I had to report them through...

Avakin Life / items/inventory

Jul 02, 2019

Hey I used to have over 600 items in my inventory and today when i logged on my numbers were down to 555. I lost all the lkwd gifts I've gotten from events and a rare choker item. I play the game cause I enjoy collecting so I think Im allowed to be pissed. Please notice this and fix it. I...

Avakin Life / capacity of rooms

Jul 01, 2019

Hi Me and my friends were playing a fashion show game and we were angry about how the capacity of users at homes is so low. Avalon would be so much better and improved if you guys updated the room capacities to be a bit more higher because there are only 6 users allowed in a home. Some...

Avakin Life / the game taking my money and not giving me any coins

Jun 30, 2019

Okay so when I get a gift card I set it up to my phone, and then I go to the app and I go to buy coins and I do it and there is an error and that's it it takes my money and doesn't wanna give me any fucking coins I'm so fucking mad I've wasted probably 100$ on that game and I have no...

Avakin Life / avakin

Jun 23, 2019

Good day, im an avakin love user.. My account suspended for inappropriate behaviour but i didnt do anything wrong, when i try to log in it says ur account suspended and i cant believe coz i dont remember if i did something wrong but i swear i didnt do anything wrong so pls help me ... I've...

Avakin Life / dollar shave club/ tapjoy

Jun 14, 2019

I sent an order for "a fully loaded dollar shave club box, for just $5", it states if I bought one I would get $150004. So the package showed up, I just didn't get my avacoins! Please look into this and give me what I earned!! Ive spent $5 + tax + shipping and I feel like this was just a...

Avakin Life / avakin life

Jun 14, 2019

The games that I chose to get avacoins. They stay at the offer wall when they suppose to be in my gallery and I've done a few games already and they never gave my money that I earnd. I join people or go to a server and it either stops at 15% or 30% and stays there. My money bank is stuck...

Avakin Life / my account suspension

Jun 11, 2019

Good day, im an avakin love user.. My account suspended for inappropriate behaviour but i didnt do anything wrong, when i try to log in it says ur account suspended and i cant believe coz i dont remember if i did something wrong but i swear i didnt do anything wrong so pls help me to get...

Avakin Life / avakin life - charged for coins but no coins!

Jun 04, 2019

Hello My husband tried to approve 4 lots of £3.99 coins. Each time he did this it said ‘error has occurred' and no coins showed on my daughters account. We have now discovered he was charged each time although my daughter did not get any coins and the transaction did not appear to go...

Avakin Life / tapjoy offer wall rewards

Jun 01, 2019

I have completed some of the offers in the tapjoy offer wall. Four of them being a, Nike offer, health insurance offer, chipotle offer, and a target offer. I have received emails, calls, texts, but not the promised avakons for over 24 hours. When can I receive the avakons I was promised?...

Avakin Life / google avakin life

May 30, 2019

Hello my name is Deb wood my username on avakin was shicoda my email was [email protected] on May 11 2019 at 7:26pm pacific time my account had got hacked by a girl name Abby she was lvl3 she had told me my acc was going to b suspended I ask why Abby say that my email is at risk it in...

Avakin Life / My account has been suspended.

May 30, 2019

My account has been suspended for over a week and I would like to know when I get my account back. I've been suspended for " inappropriate Behavior". I tried to contact Lockwood and they told be they would respond in about 2 business days and it's been way longer. I've sent them my Email...

Avakin Life / I have an issue with my user being reported for no reason. I can't go on to my account.

May 24, 2019

I'm pretty sure I've been banned from my account. I have done nothing wrong and I can I have my friends back me up on this. I lost everything, I just really want my account back. My user is Xx°ÔVËŔDÔŚË°xX. Can please let me play the game again. I've put a lot of work into this game. If...

Avakin Life / avacoins

May 18, 2019

There is no way to earn avacoins and if u do job we get very few avacoins . There should be a suitable mehod to earn more avacoins .and u should give everyone daily avacoins like 100 to 500 avacoins daily .and we have to collect coins daily.and some things are so expensive that we can't...

Avakin Life / bad support team

May 15, 2019

My account got suspended for "inappropriate behavior". A user by the name of layla was mad that me and my 2 friends were talking in the club and she muted us. We kept talking and it turned out she never muted us but she was simply rude. Somehow I got my account suspended and I've already...

Avakin Life / being scammed by the game

May 10, 2019

Currently bought the ‘ Lake Como Villa ‘ on Avakin Life as I had just enough money to buy which was 1499 coins, bought the house thinking that everything was going to be okay. Went onto the green button to enter the house clicked okay as it said ‘ do you wish to leave this room ‘ ( I was in...

Avakin Life / im complaints about my account on investigate of report.

May 08, 2019

I have 5 account in avakin life. I purchased Lots avacoin. I wanted to Buy more avacoin but i don't know you may block my account. This reason i think my account on Investigate Because a group of Vietnamese from Vietnam Bullies New players and i stand out help those new players. The...

Avakin Life / about a player who scammed me

Apr 30, 2019

I would like to report of a player who just scammed me. Ok there's this player who asked me if she could gift me an animation and in return she would give me an animation so I agreed. She asked me how much coins I got. I lied cause it sounded fishy so I said I have 475 coins. Then she told...

Avakin Life / gift

Apr 22, 2019

My friend Cheryl gave me the walking cane, that is 199 coins, I have it but can't find it or use it. Why?it doesn't say anything about being gender specific. Also I'd like to be able to use it to walk, not just carry, same for umbrella. I'd like to use it as a walking aid and an umbrella...

Avakin Life / product

Apr 21, 2019

I bought a house on the game with 999 coins I had earned and I when to travel to my house and it did not show me the house I just purchased. Later I went into the apartment store and it shows me that I had bought the house but wouldn't let me enter. I really love playing this game and I...

Avakin Life / lkwd member

Apr 19, 2019

Hello, do y'all work with Jens? Well she banned my friend from Avakin Life for no reason, she is showing favoritism to this girl who used to work with LKWD team. Anyways Jens banned my level 45 account for no reason, she is showing favoritism, she didn't ban no one else beside...

Avakin Life / avakin life

Apr 13, 2019

I was playing avakin life with my sister, went out of it, went back on and it said ‘cannot sign u in, please retry later' something like that.. It's still like this for over a hour now...I don't know my email and password so if I delete it and get back again it won't let me in. I did pay over €8.00 for this game so if I can't get back in I'll be mad

Avakin Life / scammers

Feb 04, 2019

This player scammed me into "gifting" her an animation set for 4999 coins that I earned. She said she's gift me an interaction, but promptly left. I don't care what happens to her, I'd just like the coins back. If that can't happen, then I'm just done with the game. Cause this is some...

Avakin Life / avakin life game bug

Jan 23, 2019

Dear (LKWD) Game Bug: I wish to complain about Avakin game bug ( IDK what's going on from yesterday night, biwhen I've login in Avakin i saw everyone has been deleted just one friends was in my list. I am complaining because this same situation happens with one of my friends as well her...

Avakin Life / my account has been hacked

Jan 17, 2019

I've been playing this avakin life game for over 3 years now about 3 years and it's impossible for you to get hacked with somebody not knowing your information or you giving up your information I don't understand why is this happening to me I've been complaining about...

Avakin Life / account suspended

Jan 12, 2019

While I was playing avakin life I think a hacker tried getting into my account because it said I was on another device when I wasn't, And now when I tried logging in it says suspended account I have sent a report to the administration team at avakin life but they are ignoring me I haven't...

Avakin Life / I never got any of my avacoins added to my avakin account

Dec 15, 2018

It never gave me my reward avacoins sent to my Avakin account I am ver very very very very mad and I want my Avacoins I am being very nice about saying this but I need to see my missing coins Tapjoy is owing me 18, 000 avacoins and I haven't seen non appear on my Avakin life account so...

Avakin Life / the prices on the game

Nov 16, 2018

The prices on the game are getting to expensive no one can afford them the pets are way to expensive the houses are to much I mean 100000 for a stupid house why that's just crazy especially since the house has no dedicated bedroom. I think it's time to lower the prices or I and my friend...

Avakin Life / expiration date

Nov 10, 2018

Adam are you the manager? Well if you are please fix your game why is there an expiration date for responding to your service helpers i got mine for underage and so then i needed to get everything organized and everything and your "Good customer service" people said that they will wait a...

Avakin Life / avakin life coins not being released to my account

Oct 28, 2018

I have been emailing avakin life for more than over 7 and a half months now about not receiving my avakin coins for completing offers in the game. I have not received avakin life coins for completing the task/offers as follow: 1. Avakin Life Watch Videos 2. Avakin Life Mystery Boxes 3. TapJoy...

Avakin Life / warning unityadscache

Oct 15, 2018

Noticed a file called UnityAdsCache appeared in a hidden folder on my device after initial installation of Avakin. What this does is automatically download ads to your intenal storage at will until its full and crashes. Only wsy to remove it was to remove Avakin Life app and hey problem...

Avakin Life / avalon life

Sep 30, 2018

I have about 5 completed task and screenshoted the proof as well I am not getting any points matter of fact I can't get coins period after ive submitted evidence please help i'm due over 200, 000 coins some games took a week to complete avakin ree85.. Reality...

Avakin Life / video offer

Sep 29, 2018

I always do videos to build my coins up and most I have got is 98 coins and I have just watched a video and it said I have got 62092 coins and when I looked it never give me them I am not happy it should not say that you earned that amount of coins and not give you them. I have attached a...

Avakin Life / avacoin rewards

Sep 15, 2018

I've done several offers and I haven't gotten any rewards from it. It's quite annoying because it was working before and now it's just randomly stopped, I have watch ads as well and they still don't work nothing is coming through, I've shut down my phone and turned it back on again, I've...