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IMVU Complaints & Reviews

IMVU / scared about virus

juliaswagger1 on Jul 26, 2012

everyone is saying imvu has a virus! is this real? will they charge my parents extra money? websites for kids are supposed to be fun not freaking scary!

IMVU / unfair disabled account

SusieBoo on Jan 26, 2012

IMVU is the worse site ever.! The customer service is terrible and so are some of the people.! This game is basically a money scam. I was with imvu for 3 years and my account go disabled because I used the wrong password. I may sound bitter.. but I am so upset.! This service is NOT user...

IMVU / wrongful banning of account

RaniaWebb on Nov 24, 2011

IMVU have banned my account PrncssHeavenofSouls due to payment fraud which was not made by me but by a person called XxSpaceBratxX. They say my account is liked to her account because I made credit purchases from her. Well this is untrue and I have shown as proof to IMVU my paypal...

IMVU / safety zero

Pinkish on Aug 24, 2011

Imvu is zero securing their users, I've made an account from 3 years called Sally nd i spent alot of money for my avatar nd account, and oncely i fell in fight with a guy who threated me to disable my account if i didnt obey his demands, rapidly i contacted imvu for this situation...

IMVU / pornography and sexual content

imvunotsafe on Aug 1, 2011

I have to strongly agree with some comments here concerning this company, and am working on things, contacting various agencies concerning imvu. When you have kids on as young as 10 sometimes and others 15 and 16 naked, and porn and sexual themes it is not right or safe. Complain too much...

IMVU / cant login

Guest_hopediteacha on Jun 13, 2011

i cant login to the actual game it keeps saying something about checking my internet connection when it is perfectly good.

IMVU / promise of 5,000 credits

sally1970 on Jan 25, 2011

IMVU lied to me, that I would get 5, 000 credits, on the January 24th, and it never arrived. I was promised to get 5, 000 credits, plus, I already paid for 2 months, which I already got, on top of the free month, because IMVU prepaid cards, were not here, in Canada, till recently, after, I...

IMVU / stealing credits

donhead3 on Jan 7, 2011

I had over 8ooo real credits and over 4oooo promo credits and when I personally bought stuff you took my real credits Recently when I went to buy something u told me I did not have enough credits even though I have 4oooo rpromo credits I dont suppose you'll answer but I can only try Donhead3

IMVU / imvu unfair banning

After being a member of for over 2 years, I decided to buy credits. I bought some, and when I came back for some more, it said I had to call my bank and confirm that there were funds left in my account. After that process taking a month, I bought $150 more of credits. A day later when...

IMVU / imvu

I think that imvu is a waste of time.I think the game is completley unfair.They dont give you any credits.They lie about what you can do to get them.And I think the people on there are disrespectful.They are always cuesing.And alot of people on there are stuck up.And they dont know how to...