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White ox pouch both sizes consistently underweight!
Customer for many years.
A few weeks ago I decided to start weighing my pouchs due to the visual size differences I was noticing.
I have not had a pouch weigh up correctly I'm at least 10 pouches.
Have the empties and #s of them written down along with weight
Today purchased 2 50gm pouches, opened one only and it is 2grams short
The numerous 25g pouches I've weighted averaged 1gm short with one being almost 3gm short.
As mentioned by others, the bark has increased and consistency is poor.
I have had a few pouches which has had black chunks in it, unsmokable, like molasses or similar

  • At Imperial Tobacco Australia we take consumers’ concerns about the quality of our products particularly seriously. We see from what you have written above that you have had a less than ideal experience with one of our products. As you have provided your contact details above, a customer service representative will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours. Should you have any queries regarding your tobacco products in future, we invite you to contact our Customer Response Centre on [protected] to have your experience recorded so that any production problem can be identified and dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Sep 27, 2019

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