Imperial Tobacco Australia50 gram white ox superior dark blend

I have been a loyal customer for 16yrs purchasing a 50g White Ox every 4-7 days each purchase costing me $96.89 a packet & the majority of my packets lately are so full with hard unsmokable bark I'm absolutly disgusted especially for the amount of money I fork out on this brand. I feel that I should be compensated in some way for my inconvenience as a loyal customer or I'm really thinking very hard about trying other products instead of paying for a 50g made up mostly of hard dirty bark I will upload a picture of just a small amount of the bark I have picked out of a packet as it is a real nuisance & very time consuming which quite frankly I defiantly do not have to try & pick every last tiny little bit of bark out of each packet as a single mother of 4 boys ranging from 2yrs right the way through to 13yrs old. Your Sincerly Tara Price.

Imperial Tobacco Australia

Oct 11, 2019

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