Imperial Tobacco Australiajps gold 26's twin pack number [protected]

P Apr 14, 2018 Review updated:

I purchased a twin pack of JPS gold 26's twin pack from Woolworths Corrimal on Saturday 14th April 2018 for my son Luke to smoke as I am not a smoker. I paid $54.00 for them using my Visa card. So there is proof on my bank statement that I purchased this packet on the date mentioned. Upon smoking the first packet of cigarettes in the twin packet Luke noticed that some of the cigarettes didn't have the flavour or strength he is used to smoking. So he tipped out all of the cigarettes from that packet and noticed that some cigarettes had numbers on them in different positions near the butt and dome had no number on them at all. He showed me and informed me of this peculiarity and felt that the packet he was smoking must have been tampered with or old stock stale cigarettes placed into that particular packet. He then refused to smoke the rest of the packet and requested the other unopened packet from the twin pack. I asked him to check out the number positions on the new packet and all of the numbers were exactly the same and in exactly the same position below the filter. On my next visit to Woolworths in the early evening on 14.4.18 I mentioned this to a Woolworths employee who then asked the person in charge of the cigarettes what could be done as it was a very strange thing to have cigarettes in onepacket not packaged exactly the same. The surpervisor said I had to contact your company. So I have taken photos of the remaining cigarettes with their inconsistencies and forward the photos to you, if I'm able to do this. As you know the Australian govt collects huge taxes on cigarettes so one cigarette costs at least $1.00 if not more. I am seeking some compensation with regards to a few cigarettes that my son refuses to smoke due to their staleness and lack of flavour and the inconsistency with their number and no numbers. There are 8 left from the packet I am complaint about that display three differently labelled cigarettes in one packet. Thank you for your time.

jps gold 26's twin pack number [protected]
jps gold 26's twin pack number [protected]
jps gold 26's twin pack number [protected]
jps gold 26's twin pack number [protected]

  • Updated by Pam Robbo · Apr 16, 2018

    On Monday 16th April I purchased another twin pack of JPS Gold 26's from Woolworths in Corrimal NSW 2518 for my son Luke who is a smoker. Upon opening the second packet of 26's from the twin pack purchased the very first cigarette had no number code on it. Then he had a look at the remaining cigarettes in the packet to find that there is once again inconsistencies with the number printed near the butt which indicates that the cigarettes have been drawn from different batches due to the different positions of the numbers near the butt. He then looked at the remaining cigarette, 6, from the first packet opened from the twin pack and found that the numbers were at the same place but much further away from the butt than usual to other cigarettes. This is the second time he has noticed these discrepancies from the purchase of JPS Gold twin packs. It causes him concern as from the first experience which was registered on Saturday 14th April 2018 that some of the cigarettes had no flavour and stale. Woolworths are the only company that sell twin packs from JPS and he feels that any discarded or out of date cigarettes are placed into these twin packs to get rid of them to save the company money and any wastage. Woolworths sell the twin packs at a cheaper price compared to buying two single packets of JPS 26's. As the consumer and the cost of cigarettes the cigarettes should be from the same fresh batch placed into any packet.


  • Jo
    John Edwards Jan 05, 2019

    I am very disappointed with the deteriorating quality of this product. Every packet I buy seems to have more and more large pieces of un-smokable stems. When I am buying a product by weight I to be able to use the whole product. If there is no improvement in the quality of your product I for one will be looking elsewhere for my rolling tobacco.

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  • @John Edwards At Imperial Tobacco Australia we take consumers’ concerns about the quality of our products particularly seriously. We see from what you have written above that you have had a less than ideal experience with one of our products. We invite you to contact our Customer Response Centre on 1800 677 953 to have your experience recorded so that any production problem can be identified and dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

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  • Da
    David Kervin Jan 05, 2019

    The tobacco i had bought a couple days ago from a tobacconist was dried out as soon as i opened it, i had taken it back to the tobacconist but they would not replace or refund it...this is now the 3rd time this has happened to me and i would appreciate some compensation for the poor quality of the product ive purchased...

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  • Mi
    Michelle1975 Jan 22, 2019

    I have been smoking this brand for a while now n this last 2 packets I purchased have had like big clumps n sticks sort of, like tobacco hasn't been shredded I guess

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  • Go
    Gordygdonya Feb 11, 2019

    I spend good money on White Ox Tobacco and open a packet to see Bark all through, and are not impressed. Sick of complaining about the tobacco and yet nothing has been done? I'm most certainly Not pulling out the tobacco from the packet separating all the crap so I can have a decent smoke! Please rectify the problem for all us White Ox Lovers!

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  • Li
    Linda Leigh Baker Mar 03, 2019

    The packet of crushball blue i have brought so far 2 in it has not had the crushball on it at all

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