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Imperial Tobacco Australia - jps 25g tobacco

The 25g pouch of tobacco I bought was unfortunately extremely hard to roll as it was full of really thick woody bits or tobacco and was overly dried out and probably half of the pouch has been wasted...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - horizon tobacco

I always buy horizon 50gm tobacco. Last couple of pouches have had hard sticks and bark all through. Each pouch costs $61. We pay a premium price here for tobacco and I am not happy with the quality...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - escort blue cigarettes 35

Been smoking escort cigarettes for 20 yrs now and have never complained... But now im paying around $43 per packet I feel the need to let you know im not happy. I bought a pkt the other day and over...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - horizon 50 grams

I brought 2 packets of horizon 50 grams from a newsagency/ freechoice tobaconist In Napier st East mackay and it is not horizon it is Choof mixed in with your product and sold as horizon I have sent...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - horizon blue

Hi my name is sita i have a complaint about the packet of smokes i bought. I got me a 50g horizon blue from the tobbaconist at mt druitt and its thick n flakey bit like jps. I've smoked thi...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Imperial Tobacco Australia - jps gold 26's twin pack number [protected]

I purchased a twin pack of JPS gold 26's twin pack from Woolworths Corrimal on Saturday 14th April 2018 for my son Luke to smoke as I am not a smoker. I paid $54.00 for them using my Visa card. So...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - jps red 20's

I am a loyal customer and purchase JPS Reds religiously. I have purchased the same smokes for years. The only change has been from blues to reds. I've had a few problems with the product recently though. I have noticed the quality has dropped, somewhat drier, but have never made a formal complaint before as I have given the benefit of the doubt. Today however I was extremely disappointed to find a single cigarette without a filter! Its frustrating! I had a rant to a friend about it and they claimed to have had the same thing happen to them not once, not twice, but three times! He switched to Pall Mall and never looked back. I am considering making the switch to Win Field... Out of some strangely overwhelming feeling of customer loyalty I thought I'd provide some honest feedback and see what you're response is.

Thank you for your time.

Imperial Tobacco Australia - 25gm pouch of tobacco

The packet of tobacco i have has huge unsmokeable pieces of bark like texture. This happens all the time but this packet has a huge amount [protected] is the barcode I would appreciate a...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - white ox tobacco

Have been a white ox smoker 4 over 20 years now and would like to complain about your product. Over the last few years i have noticed that there is more and more crap in each pack bark and or stems, it has come to the stage where i feel i need to complain about this product, with the price we pay now days for our smokes one would think that the product would be better not worse. I smoke the 50gram packs, and even tried the 25gram packs, to see if the quality was better but it was not, this is the reason for my complaint, I smoke at least 2-3 packs a week and its just not right to pay out 50 dollars per pack, and receive the poor quality that i have been receiving, please respond to this email to ( edited ) with your reply.

Nov 17, 2017

Imperial Tobacco Australia - jps red cigarettes

Bought a pkt of Jps Red 30s, code at btm 716720:20, and couldnt open the packet. Used a knife finding inside of pack and lid had extra paper sealing lid from inside. Ended up damaging 4 frnt row...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - no cigarettes in the new sealed packet

‪this morning I went to my local service station before work. I had paid for petrol and brought a 20 pack of what I believed to be JPS blues. When I got to work I had trouble open my pack and needed...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - 25 gm pouch white ox

Bought a pouch of 25gm tabacco from tobacconist in Mirrabooka shopping centre and when i opened it it didn't look right it was a light brown and smelt of menthol I rolled a small cigarette and to my...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - horizon cigarettes. blue 93mm long. pack of 20 barcode [protected]

For the third time - the third time! - I've just had to leap from my chair and tip my drink onto the carpet to extinguish the coal that dropped from the cigarette I was about to stub out. I've only...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - Superking black cigarettes

Since the cigarettes have changed over to plain packaging they have a different taste and there is a blacker marking on the filter seeming to show more tar content. I have been abroad recently and...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - tally-ho papers

1st of November 2016, For the second time in two weeks I purchased a box of 5 Tally- Ho Papers from my local Woolworth's at Playford S.A. only to discover that the box only contained 4 packet...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - cigarettes jps red

I got a packet of JPS red 20's from a Foodstore grocery shop in Kingston, Qld. When I opened the packet I found a cigarette with two wrappers over the filter. The first wrapper was on the filter...

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Imperial Tobacco Australia - Tabbacco

Hi my is Margaret I have been buying JPs endless blue for a while now and I buy at least 3 pouches a week and on a disability pension I did have the yucky had stuff put in a bag to send bak but my...

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Apr 14, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Imperial Tobacco Australia - Worst hosting company ever. Cheap and cheat


Myself JMI Software. I have purchased a reseller from JP Software Solution . Until purchase the middle man said the technical knowledge and handling of servers are maintained by top end people and good with their skill. But after that I cant be able to use anything. Right now when I am continuously calling their mobile phone it stays switched off. Just a baby-due reason that cell phone tower is not near and middle one always say that that technical person is out of station and other silly reasons.

After reviewing messages from Mr. Jeya Prakash. The Honourable Managing Director of . What kind of Business is this. Don't you know that you are affecting our Business. Don't you have manners. Why you blame Kumaresan. If you have proper source you would have suspend his account way long back.

Are not you a shame of yourself to behave like this. Please be aware that we are going to complaint directly to the Consumer Board and going to cancel your registration. There is always power of common People.


Nov 13, 2014

He Always Do like this.Members of this forum Pls to Take action and help the company who is struggling with this fraud company. IT not a matter he is running, The Great fault is . switching of mobile. I lost 7lak project because of him . I dint know what to do .

Nov 13, 2014

Yes I Agree ; He Is Fraud

Jul 03, 2014

even i lost more than 10 people bcoz of him

I agree with that. Got problem and lost 20 customer because of them. they are not good with what they say.

Imperial Tobacco Australia - I WANT MY MONEY BACK! This so called company is a scam. When you go to the BBB they have A+ rating! That is not even them! I had put my ad on craigslist and next thing you know these crooks called me and asked me to pay money TO SELL MY CAR??? Does that make sense? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Imperial Tobacco Australia - didn't ask any details about me

I applied for a job on craigslist. Company called RCJPS wanted to hire me. We talked through Skype. I had to analyse the data and to put the info into the tables. They didn’t ask any details about me, my account and etc. It looked strange as how will they pay me salary? I hang up…


I have chucnks of what looks like tar in my tabacco and what also looks like thick leaves I'm not happy


Now i expect every now and then a little bit of resin tobacco in my pouch but lately its been way too much and if i saved it and weighed it i would be out of pocket a pouch of tobacco.
This is just 1/4 of what i found in one pouch.

I open the packet an a smoke was chopped near the butt, I'm not the complaining type but smokes aren't cheap an you want what you pay for.

i bought the 25g jps tobacco and found it had so much lint in the tobacco as well as small sticks in it, as i can not afford to throw it awaway i smoke the tobacco, on about the 19/2/2020, it was under weight about 3.5 grams aswell
i have the barcode [protected] thank you for time daniel archbold
[protected], [email protected]

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