Global Visas Complaints & Reviews

Global Visas / ripoff and full of [censor]

Dec 22, 2017

I am sorry but I don't recommend this company global visas in london.. I also have my reasons why. I applied for a visa in 2005 that was not even processed nor was fact my wife at the time did not even hand her passport in to apply for my pr in the other words the...

Global Visas / big cheater

Nov 20, 2015

My Name is Rafaqat Malik from Dubai UAE .I applied for my brother work permit through by Globalvisa or Ixpvisa. Com. I paid more than 8000 AED for this purpose, but after more than one year, I visit to office, they spoke to me, your brother work permit is almost ready and it will take one...

Global Visas / Ixp Visas / Breach of contract and service

Apr 16, 2015

I become a client of Global Visas in August 2010 for myself Ratan Singh Potiwal and my daughter Tamana Kareena Kaur Potiwal. We applied for the PIO for India when enquiring with Global Visas i was told that i was ok to apply for the PIO for India. Global visas had taken the full payment from...

Global Visa / refund of money

Jan 21, 2015

Global Visai start process with global visa before one year then i submit my documents after that i start to pay money first installment second third i pay then i say could pls find employment for me in Canada they said we make application on your behalf after that when the time of installment come...

Global Visa / Immigration

Oct 24, 2014

After hearing from my friends to apply for canada, i tried several websites to check my eligibility. I been approached by few agency and one of them was global visas consultant. Their customer care manager was lady who talk to me for more than hour and because they got my detail From...

Global Visas / Ixp Visas / Scam - stealing money

Oct 01, 2013

In January my husband and I decided we would like to go to Canada we decided to contact professionals which lead us to Global Visas, our consultant was Nozipho van Jaarsveld, we had a telecom with her to discuss whether we are good candidates to apply for a student permit. We had a strong...


Aug 27, 2013

Global VisaDate : 27/8/2013. Respected Sir, I Sandip Pawar from Vasai, I want to make a complaint against Global Visa there office is in " A - 226, Okhla Phase - 1 near Crown Plaza, New Delhi-110 020 India” to whom I paid 80000/- INR .as their service charge for Canada Work Permit, they told...

Global Visas / no communication

May 20, 2013

I had been trying to contact all of them but was not able to get through. I have shifted to India, would like to shift my case to New Delhi office and stop the proceeding for Canada as of now. As I need to rethink. I had paid 540 pounds on 1st March to global visas case if 2797103. I am...

Global Visas / liars

May 17, 2013

i hav sent this complaint to global visas about the person that is in charge of marketing they r now threatening to arrest me if i dont do wat they want THIS is the ### they have in charge of their sales i am not saying this is the fault of the company i am saying this is the fault of the...

Global Visas / false promise want my money back

Apr 29, 2013

Hi this is murali mohan reddy, global visas as cheated me by giving false promise they have taken $4150, but not they have taken there phones off, can some one help me in this issue, i want to file case against these people, can some one help me in this process, i got all the documents that they sent me including bank statements and receipts.

Global Visas / fake and scam

Apr 06, 2013

COMPLAINT I started my free assessment on GLOBAL VISAS website to check whether I qualify for the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION or not. Very next day I received a phone call from customer services representative (SHARMIN) and we arranged a meeting in the second week of November 2012.They sent me a...

Global Visas / unauthorised withdrawals with no refunds!

Mar 12, 2013

Global Visas prey on your dreams and will tell you what you want to hear, and not the true facts. I had a consultation with them for about an hour and half and surprisingly they found a way for me to go to Australia …yet my job or job title was not listed on the skills assessment...

Global Visas / no help... no refund

Feb 07, 2013

No help... And no refund when requested. I want someone from global visas to contact me so that we can arrange a refund. I have had little to no assistance from global visas in regards to our visa application. Once they have the money they dont want to help you. They send our cv out to...

Global Visa / Fraud


Hello, I am also victim of global visa. they promised me to find and give work permit in canada. At first they take 1440 pound from me and at the time they said they will refund my money if they don't find dental nurse workpermit within 6 month for me but now it's been more than...

Global Visas / fraud


I paid Global Visa's £1500 for a visa/job to work in Australia, but all they did was format my CV and apply for jobs on job web sites like Six months later- no job, no visa, and no refund. If you have been ripped off by this company, dont waste your time complaining...

Global Visa / Its a Scam


I have applied to the Global Visa to help me to get to Canada, as I am working in construction sector they told it is a very big demand of construction jobs over there .I have been told by Global Visa they will secure a visa and work permit for me for Canada.They will prepare document...

Global Visa / Fraudulent Company


I contacted Global Visa in August to request their services (I was desperately trying to secure an appointment with the UKBA to switch the visa I was on which was due to expire). They took a £600 deposit from my account that same day and sent through a client care package (which I...

Global Visas / scam, cheating and fraud


Hello there, if anyone is thinking to contact GLOBAL VISAS, just stay away because simply it is SCAM, CHEAT and FRAUD. I contacted the company on June this year in order to get a Work Permit Visa to Canada and the next day a nice lady called XUANITTA called me and said that they will make...

Global Visas / fraud company


Global Visas is a fraud company offering IES for Canada whereas no such thing is approved by Canada government and it is not even registered in Canada

Global Visas / illegal contract


The Global visas is a totally fraudelent company. They first speak to customers, take their details then charge a part of fee then send a detailed contract with strict conditions. This contract says that if you pay the fee or part of it, it means you have signed the contract. This term...

Global Visas / no service!! but still took my money


I first contacted Global Visas in May 2012 to discuss a visa application for Australia. They made a lot of promises about how they would contact me every week and had a high approval rating. I agreed to pay the fee gave them my credit card details. After that it all went down hill! They...

Global Visas / pathetic service and no refund


I contracted Global Visas Cape Town late last year to assist me in emigrating to Australia. I was told that I must pay upfront R20 000 (2000eur) for the services. In order to gain all the necessary points, I had to submit an RPL (Request for Prior Learning) since I did not complete my...

Global Visas / scam


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY You will pay money over and get nothing in return. Read all the other comments and it's the same old story. Even when positive feed back is entered on these types of sites there are always 3 or 4 entries on the same day! How many times are the complaints entered on...

Global Visas / unprofessional / scam


Good morning I have applied 1 year and 3month ago for a Spousal Permit through Global Visa Cape-town. The permit has been approved last year June.. The lady who was responsible of my case phoned me and asked me to send her my passport since my permit is in cape-town and they need my...

Global Visas / fraudulent business


Dear Global Visas customers I have been a victim of this fraudulent and deceptive business. I have hired a kick ### lawyer at Axiom Stone Solicitors and thank him for helping me out with my case and fighting for my damages. I feel you are in a similar situation then I recommend that you...

Global Visas / misled by agent on visa application


Similar to many who have handed over their hard earned money, I trustingly paid £1920 to Global Visas, having been assured that I was elligible for a nominated occupation. I disagreed and strongly queried this as I felt unqualified for the chosen occupation. The application wa...

Global Visas / breach of contract


Almost a month ago, I got services from Global Visas in order to process Canada Immigration Visa. When we were preparing our case, we determine that they have provided us inaccurate information. We have all evidence that our issue was right but they did not admit it. Consequently, we...

Global Visas / global visas scam - dont trust them


Dear anyone reading this, I am writing this here to warn people about the ridiculously bad service that I received from Global Visas and how they pretty much scammed me, wasted my time and didn’t provide me with anywhere near the service that they "CLAIM" to provide on there...

Global Visas / fraudalent business


I inquired the service of Global Visas, Canada on April 6, 2011, to assist in getting a Philippine Visa. I never looked for complaints regarding Global Visas, Canada. However, I spoke with a gentleman who was interviewing me to see if I qualified for the service. Right away he said I...

Global Visas / I do not feel terribly happy and want a way out to penalize them


I have faced the rut of Global Visas pathetic service and greed for money. I have therefore made an effort to complain to OISC against Global Visas, although it took nearly 8 month for them to reach a conclusion, finally Global Visas have been found to breach the following OISC codes: Code...

Global Visas / persuaded me to signa coontract and stole my money without doing any work


Hi All The best advise I can give to anyone who has been hurt by Global Visas is to report the company to Google Adwords. Google takes these matter very seriously and they use Googles advertising campaign to promote their website. Google always love to hear these things, so follow the step...

Global Visas / ielts score differes from person to person


Hi, I am a Chef by profession. I had filed my case last year in February 2010. When i had filed my case they had told me few point for me to clear the criteria for getting the Citizenship of Canada. It all started when, I had completed my payments of fees month by month. They asked me to...

Global Visas / complaint, scam, fraud


they told me on the phone i was elligible for something i was not elligible. THEY MADE FALSE PROMISES OF SUCESS BEFORE THEY EVEN CHECKED MY DOCUMENTS AND ASKED FOR MY CREDIT CARD DETAILS. i contacted the home office who told me I have been badly advised. they took my deposit over the phone...

Global Visas / global visas reviews


Global Visas Scammed Me £3000 for a Entrepreur visa. They never did nay work and would answer my calls. Google Lets them advertise with them. IM NEVER USING GOOGLE AGAIN! Lets all let Google know and stop Global Visas comitting fraud. Report to Google. Tell them about what...

Global Visas / unproffesional and extremely poor response systems


Dear All, Global Visas is the worst proffesional services agency you could ever work with. I guess their main interest is only the money and not whether the customer is satisfied or not. This is right from the sales rep to the customer service manager to the head of complaints department. All...

Global Visas / fraudulent charges and lack of service


My husband and I live in London and arrived here in 2010 on a Tier 2 work visa - due to a change in jobs we realized we would need to transition to a Tier 1 visa quickly as the window for this particular visas was closing in April 2011. We contacted Global Visas on February 3rd and talked to a...

Global Visas / visitors visa


Got in touch with Global Visas to help get my partner a visitors visa to come to the UK. They promised to help with this as my partner has been refused twice already but, as soon as my partner paid the full fee, all the emails and contact stopped and he had no feedback or news about the...

Global Visa / visa services to canada


to enquire whether i could get visa nd what type to emigrate to canada i had to give my debit card number. i was promise everything was possible. although i am over aged for skill migrant and that my nursing pin had lapsed. my money(£500) was taken form my account, then i was asked...

Global Visas / global visas - evil made flesh


Global Visas is a criminal organization that practices highway e-robbery. Me and my wife were interested in visiting the U.K. We called Global Visas to ask them general questions about what we may need in order to go there. They told us to make a deposit of $120, and they would connect me...

Global Visas / they took my deposit and never gave me a response


I want to complain about Global visas. They are scams. I paid a deposit to get a visa to travel in canada for the christmas holiday. I made the deposit 2 months before christmas day, they told me that they will get me an answer about the visa within 1 month max. i would call them to see...