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I purchased some lights at Ikea USA for about $50.00. I took care to save the receipt and the original package and all the contents. About 10 days after I purchased the light I attempted to return it at the Sunrise Florida store. I was told by the girl at the return counter that I could not return it because I had opened the package.

Immediately I asked to speak to a manager and Kate Murphy the return counter manager came out to talk with me. I told her the item was not for the purpose I had intended and she said that Ikea's return policy says that they only take back unused merchandise. I told her it was indeed unused and that I had merely opened the package. Kate Murphy was so rude about the whole thing it was unbelievable, I had never been treated so badly by a department store in my life. In fact every department store in the USA that I had ever returned something with a receipt I had absolutely no problems. These USA retailers have what is called a no hassle return policy, something IKEA USA knows nothing about.

I continued to argue my point to no avail with Kate Murphy until I began asking for the store manager. When I asked Kate for the manager she told me that she was the manager and there was no one else above her. The first in a series of lies that Ikea USA was about to perpetrate against me. This was starting to become a very negative experience for me and I was not getting anywhere with Kate Murphy so I left the store and figured I would call the store and try to speak with the real manager.

On my way home from the store I called and got a hold of the real store manager Peter. Peter the real manager was indeed at the store on 7/6/08 at 5:30 pm and Kate Murphy was lying to me in an attempt to blow me off. Peter told me that I should have no problem returning the light and apologized for the problems I had then he forwarded me to the customer service liaison Abbey.

Abbey never returned my calls and I finally got in touch with another customer service flunky named Jackie. I explained to Jackie that I had a light that was opened and unused and I needed to return it. Jackie told me that it was no problem just bring the light in and they would take it back. I sent my wife in with the light and the receipt on 7/13/08 and my wife started to receive the same rude blow off treatment from the Ikea USA employees that I had received a week earlier.

They told her the same line of crap about their return policy. They treated her exactly as bad as they had treated me and she was livid about the whole thing. We had the receipt and the item was not used. Kate Murphy and Jackie were laughing in my wife’s face as they were refusing to take the light back.

My wife called me on the cell and I asked her to put Jackie on the phone and Jackie got on the phone and told me that she never said she would take it back, she said that I told her I had furniture to return and that now that she knows that it is a light she can not authorize it. I explained to Jackie that we spoke earlier on the phone and she said it was ok to return the item and now after I had drove 30 miles she was going to flip the script. I asked her for the store manager.

Now I am feeling the same as I had the week before. Being treated like crap by a department store, Treated worse then I had ever been treated before. Lied to again and again by one store manager and another manager...

The point of this story is the extent to which IKEA USA will go to deny taking back and refunding a legitimately purchased and receipted item. The point is that their return policy is one of incredible hassles. They will make your life miserable should you try to return something you bought by mistake,

No other major Department store in the USA treats customers like this should they need to return something. Here in the USA we have what’s called good customer service and IKEA has no clue what that means.

IKEA USA does not care if you have a receipt or if you never used an item they won’t take it back no matter what.

IKEA will not refund your money on anything. No matter what!!! No matter what they say!!!

If you don’t want to have the same horrible experience don't shop at IKEA USA. You will be sorry!!!


  • Ja
    jack Oct 07, 2008

    As a former mid-level manager at IKEA I can only tell all customers of IKEA. Beware. Store managers are like "gods" in the IKEA world and are difficult to get to. BUt if you reach the corporate office and get past the switchboard. try to reach these Hot shots running the show and they will fix your problems because they cannot stand to get store complaints. What happens is they track down those store managers for you. Here are a few very valuable tips. To reach these hotshots by email. Their email addresses are all formated the same. ([email protected]), so once you get the name you can email these big shots directly and create some noise and make them your pain. Bottomline, get your problem solved. IKEA is all about making their bottomline grow. The US dollar value is crippling the US operations, and the US organization is getting heat for not getting the results the folks in EU want them to have. See the founder of IKEA is still alive and kicking. Being one of the worlds top 10 wealthest si not enough for him. The old Nazi supporter wants all the cash he can get his hands on. Swedes are elitest and IKEA is the typical role model of that. They claim for the many, but the market to the few. You don't see the Walmart customer shoppinvg IKEA. So here are some names, and emails you can contact to fix your customer service problems. [email protected] Rob's the big man on their corporate campus outside Philly. He oversees those "billions" IKEA takes in each year in the US. He also oversee the customer service divison. Tell Rob how his return policies stink.

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  • Fa
    fatwat Feb 19, 2009

    I had the exact same experience trying to returned a chest. They claim that once the box was open it can not be returned. Yes, I got the run around. Everyone claiming to be the manager. And they laughed at my face.

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  • Pe
    pebbleintx Jun 14, 2018

    @fatwat Do they think you have xray vision and can see the product through the box? This company needs to be stopped. Their Online Web page malfunctioned and caused me a duplicate order to the tune of $2333.58. I caught it and asked them to cancel the duplicate and they refused. I had to file complaints with FTC and my Attorney Generals office and they still have not processed my refund. I of course canceled all orders with them after their treatment.

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  • Ke
    keith May 12, 2009

    We just had the same problems with IKEA. What they told us at the customer center on the phone was not what they did at the store. This is an ongoing fraud and I will try to get the Michigan Attorney General to do something about it.

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  • Pe
    pebbleintx Jun 14, 2018

    @keith I had to file with the Wisconsin Attorney General also. This company needs to be stopped.

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  • On
    onememory2 Jun 23, 2009

    The Idea return policy is a joke. I purchased an item that was wrapped in cardboard, got it home, it was scratched, tried to return it, now they won't take it back because it is damage!! The stupid thing was damaged when I opened it, but they won't believe me. They just laugh in your face. I will NEVER shop Ikea again NEVER!!

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  • Ho
    HowardLevy22 Oct 04, 2010

    DIS-GRUNDTALED - The Light That Doesn't Work

    I have had many horrible experiences with Ikea over the years, including ordering office furniture and receiving the wrong merchandise and being kept in the store for 3 hours trying to get a refund on an item that they rung up incorrectly. But this last one takes the cake.

    I purchased a set of 4 lights for over my wardrobe. When I got home, I found out that it required additional cords and device to connect them. But the kicker is that it requires that you change the lightbulb with a little suction cup. I tried and I tried, but I could not get the suction cup turn with the bulb. Despite being securely suctioned to the bulb, it came off every time. Thinking that perhaps just that bulb was stuck, I tried it with another GRUNDTAL light, but that did not work either.

    This product, the GRUNDTAL light DOES NOT WORK.

    DO NOT BUY IT. It is includible how IKEA is able to get away with selling this product that does not work.

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  • Un
    Unhappy sucker Apr 19, 2012

    Such a goody-goody world saving attitude is just a smoke screen for unbridled greed at IKEA.
    The store will NEVER call any back. Their installation contractors are just as bad and do not call you back.
    DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: employees and outside contractors are instructed to run the customer around the block for 90 days then when that conveniently exceeds the 'return policy window', you will be told that you own it and have to get out of the store unless you want to buy something else.
    This is rip-off city. By these sheister methods, IKEA gives car-jackers and pornographers a bad name. Once you go in there, you are treated like a jerk!!

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  • Po
    POUPEE Dec 03, 2013

    Do not shop at IKEA especially if you must use their delivery service. We renovated our house and bought a large mirror that weighs 66lbs. We paid IKEA to have it delivered. The delivery company informed us they would come between 5 and 9pm. The truck came one hour before, luckily we were home ahead of the scheduled time.. The driver never came out of the truck and one guy carried the heavy mirror. He rudely told us to hurry because he had another three deliveries to make.. Never paid attention and carelessly scratched and ruined all our newly painted walls and ceiling. We signed the delivery form and he refused to give us a copy of our document.

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  • Da
    DAM7 Jun 19, 2014

    I have a severe complain to make about your managers, Debbie and Greg, in the store Elizabeth, New Jersey.

    Not are they just unfriendly but most inappropriate for the position of a manager as they are not capable of talking in a logical manner.

    I bought along with other stuff a wardrobe from ikea elizabeth with the help of an Ikea agent, exactly telling her what i want. She selected the wrong frame size of the wardrobe, not matching with the doors, which we were unaware of. The order was delivered, the assembly done, that is when we realized that the doors are bigger than the frame.

    Calling the store to get a replacement and assembly done of the new cabinet as well, since it was not our mistake that the wrong frame was delivered but also that I had to pay the person who did the assembly regardless of the frame size, I was not let being talked and was told: " You get delivered what you pay for" repeatedly to that extend that Debbie couldn't solve the problem and was utmost impolite threatening to hang up the phone. And she hung up the phone … really????? I was never insulted like that before … also I can only pay what I am told to. If you are agent does the mistake you have to take the responsibility. To that question she replies "no" and says "You get delivered what you pay for" ! Huhhhhh?????

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  • Di
    disgustedcustomeratikea Aug 06, 2014

    Does anybody have the legal department number for Ikea? They charged me twice for the same order, second order never arrived and they refuse to answer my emails from customer services. I am suing their ###. thieves

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  • Gu
    Guadalupe Moreno Toscano Oct 16, 2014

    DON'T BUY AT IKEA!!! The cheap turns to be the more expensive talking about IKEA. The worst service I've ever seen. I bought IKEA for many years in Europe with a decent customer service, but since I moved to the USA my experience at IKEA USA it's the worst ever. I bought a lot of furniture by phone because definitely it was impossible to do it online, it was over 3 months ago, and it cost my over $7, 000.00. Today I haven't receive anything, despite the delivery day was two weeks ago. I spent over 4 hours in the phone in three calls for nothing. The service you provide is like the worst trash!!! Every time I call, you come with a different great idea! "now, two items are not in stock…" or "You have a new order number! Why? Who knows!!" Amazing, unvelibeable, illegal!!! You charged me over 7 thousand dollars for a service I didn't received!!! All over the world this is TO STEAL!!! I will keep on writing complaints in all walls, blogs, Facebook, twitter while a wait on the phone!!! If you want to save money and time, forget about IKEA!!! Guadalupe Moreno Toscano.

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  • An
    Andy Thompson Jan 12, 2016

    You kinda created your own problem here pal. They wouldn't take back a light? BFD. Don't shop there anymore. Its a bit nuts that someone would go to the lengths you did over a light.

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  • Ja
    jay jay40 Aug 17, 2016

    I placed an on-line order today for furniture with Ikea. About an hour after the purchase I changed my mind and tried to cancel the transaction. I COULD NOT DO IT. They wouldn't allow it. There is no option on-line to cancel. The only way is to call their 888 phone line and go insane while you listen to their recorded sales pitch and earthy crunchy PSA's on loop for hours (kill me now!). I literally spent hours on hold this morning. When someone (usually very rude) did answer, the response I got was "we are having unusually high call volume today, and you are in the wrong dept anyway so I can't help you. Let me get you over to the right dept." Then more "save the earth" PSA's while on perma-hold for another hour only to be told the same thing yet AGAIN. Gaaaaah! I even tried to get someone from on-line "chat" to help me. No luck. Their only interest and function is to help you place an order so they can get your money. They said to cancel you have to call the 888 number---you know, the one no one will answer. Finally, after hours on perm hold, someone answered (@ 1:30pm) and cancelled my order, but they did not credit my account. So now they have my money and I can't get it back. They tell me it could take up to 7 days. What? It didn't take you 7 days to debit my account though, did it? Nope--- you got that money in minutes when I placed the order. Horrific experience and I still don't have my money back.

    Folks, get your furniture (the real stuff--not Ikea junk) at Raymour and Flannigan. That's what I should have done in the first place. While on hold with Ikea, I actually ordered all the furniture I needed from R & F. Lovely, responsive CSR's who facilitated my order by picking up the phone, taking my order, helping with selection and acting like they really wanted my business. I didn't even spend that much more.

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  • Ca
    CarolC21 Aug 03, 2017

    " Lure with $$ and then Sold customers' private information to unknown parties!"

    On July 27 2017, IKEA insights community (Hilary is the host) invited me to participate their online survey claiming that a participate will earn a $100 IKEA gift card on email body by filling out some information online. They claim all information will remain strictly confidential. After clicking on the link, participants will get paid by e-card of $100. I have filled out my phone number, availability of day, prefer evening hours to be called, and some other information on that survey. On July 31st, I received an email (headline of that email: Online Market research study-follow up) from Jennifer Frank from Ipso-- third party survey group asking me to pick any day from August 1st to 4th for a 75 minutes interview. I wasn't aware if this person is from east coast or from IKEA or where, I replied with please contact after 5 pm at PST on wed or Thursday. There wasn't any business title or brief introduction on that email. She then replied saying that there is not any schedule after 5 pm eastern at this time, please send me your availability for next week August 7-August 9. Jennifer also wrote " if you participate you will be paid $100 for your time" I was starting sceptical about how reliable is this from Ikea on compensation because Hilary, the host from ikea insights community, stated $100 ikea gift card; while Jennifer said $100 will be paid for the time. I see three different answers here: gift card, e-card, and $100. Such a big corporation how can one says this while the other allow to say different thing! On August 2, I replied to Jennifer that I am available on August 7th to participate the survey. Immediate one minute after I sent out that email, she replied with "we are fully booked for this study." I have emailed Hilary on the same day asking what was happening after being asked for schedule and then everything has gone vanish. I also asked if Jennifer Frank from third party market research group. There is not any solid response from Hilary or ikea insights community team. With the bad attitude from Hilary or the support team ignoring customer, I'd recommend IKEA Corporate please re-train the staff be responsive, honest, business manner. Also please stop luring customers with compensation for private informations and then disappoint customers stating there isn't any study available. With the incident above, the insights team will ruin IKEA business image in the long run not being trustworthy!

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  • Su
    Sunrise Mattress Aug 17, 2017

    I would agree on the author's issue with the company's employees and the way they handle customers.I am asking some insights on some mattress so I can compare it to my business. www.sunrisemattress.com

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