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My order was scheduled for delivery on August 5th. I waited for my stuff all day, nobody showed up. When I called XPO Logistics they told me my order was not in location and they would call me back. On Tuesday August 7th, they rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon. I waited all afternoon for my stuff. Nobody showed up. When I called your courier, they told me that my order was not in location and they would call me back once found. They call me on Friday August 10th and rescheduled for Sunday August 12th. I came home early from a weekend away to receive my furnitures. I call XPO just to make sure everything is going well, and they told me that my stuff is not in location and that they will call me back when my stuff is found. This is the third time it happens!
I have been sleeping on the floor for a week, I am desperate. I need to know when and if my furnitures will be delivered or cancel my order and receive my money back immediately so that I can buy furnitures with someone more reliable. IKEA is not answering phone calls or emails


  • Ca
    CarinaW Aug 17, 2018

    We have the exact same experience. Also XPO Logistics. They can´t find our furniture and we paid for it a month ago.

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  • Em
    Emily Liu Sep 06, 2018

    I am undergoing the same experience here as well, but the delivery company is T-Force. This is the 4th time that they rescheduled my order because T-Force was not able to locate my merchandise at the first two times, and they didn't give me reason at the third time. The 4th time T-Force told me they only delivery to my area on every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. It is a such terrible experience that I have to call back forward between Ikea and T-Force. Ikea keep playing around me and their custom service told me that my merchandise on the way my house this noon, but T-Force told me they don't delivery to my house area today! RIDICULOUS! I stayed in the house 4 days for waiting for the furnitures, and look what happened. By the way, I paid for my furnitures one month ago!

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