IHOP Restaurantsfired for no reason

J Aug 04, 2018

Hi, I am Jaylin Holland and I was fired around on may because. My general said I stole something outside of ihop and I wouldn't give it back also I wouldn't fix the situation. So I was at a friend house and took something by accident. But the next day later I gave it back. so the friend co-worker that was working in ihop, told the assistant manager I stole a object. but I really didn't I gave it back. Before that, the co-worker went to my house and took my shoes when I gave it back the object to them. So I called the police. After that the the assistant manager wanted me to come to work I said "no" because my co-worker threatens me so the general manager fired me. Also when I was working in ihop SOME people was criticizing me saying I stolen money on my co-workers tips but I DIDN'T the managers wasn't checking the cameras and they believed them because they was jealous of me doing a good job if I had stoled I would've been in jail but I didn't. so that's another reason they fired me please contact me at [protected] -JAYLIN HOLLAND

IHOP Restaurants

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