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Complaints & Reviews

non-receipt of demand draft no. 003027 (service request no. sr139793746) even after 13 days

Dear Sir,
I had made an online service request for a DD worth Rs. 1155 on 28th April, 2010 to ICICI bank. The same day, i was got the confirmation mail that the draft has been created and sent to my residential address via Sigma Courier Agency; SMS details-"SR139793746-Demand Draft number 003027 sent on 28-04-2010 via sigma courier vide AWB 569545. you will receive it in 4 working days".
But, i have yet not received the DD. When i contacted to the Bank, its representative said that Sigma courier delivery boy was gone to my house, but my house was locked. But, it is totally false claim. My house is manned 24 hours a day. My family reside in the house. Suppose even if my house was locked, then it is the responsibility of the courier boy to stick a slip in the house. But there was no slip found stuck in my house. When i said to the ICICI bank representative that the delivery boy has told a lie, then he ("As per our telephonic conversation on your land line number [protected], at 03.20 p.m.on May 07, 2010 your query has been attended. We request you to wait for 3 working days and if you have not received
the DD we request you to write to us."-N Ramachandra Rao, Customer Service Officer, ICICI Bank Limited) that he would look into the matter and send the courier again by 12th May, 2010.
Now today he has written me a mail, in which he said that i would have to collect the DD from my Main Branch-Nariman Point, MUMBAI. I reside in Thane, and why i would to go to Nariman Point branch to collect the same, as it is the ICICI bank and SIGMA courier fault. Why i would suffer for the fault committed by ICICI bank and SIGMA courier. Please look into the matter sir, so that i get the DD before the forenoon of 15th May, 2010, because i will go to my hometown on 15th May, 2010.

Hoping of speedy redressal.

Navin Kumar,
[protected], [protected].

  • Nk
    nk.mtnl May 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    Being a responsible customer, i will wait for the re-dispatched DD till 15th May, 2010 before taking any further action.

    Navin Kumar.

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  • Nk
    nk.mtnl May 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I have received the DD. Thanks for co-operation.

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not paying the amt of theft

my self lucky khurana registerd owner of the car no DL8CH-6633 my car was stolen on nov 10 2009 and i complaind to icici as well as the police and submited the final report to icici lombard pitampura branch the executive name was mr ajit bahrdwaj along with all the documents they demanded from me but its been 45 days that i have not recieve my insurance amt kindly clear this or i will go to consumer court.
thanking you

lucky khurana

unauthorized access by bank. qabchgs deducted without any updates

Hello Sir,

I am the a/c holder of ICICI Bank since 2003 and I had bellow Rs. 1000 balance many times during last 7 years. Now they have started charging Rs.827 under this category (QABChgs). I am not sure what kind of charges are these. They never informed me regarding these charges either by Email or by Letter. Who has given right to ICICI bank to deduct the money without informing us. How could they debit my account withou any prior intimation? This is very Pathetic.

I want my money to be credited in my a/c which they have deducted twice from my a/c.

My Account number is: [protected]

1 16/04/2010 QABChgs, jan-mar10+ST77 DR INR 827.00
2 24/02/2010 QABChgs, Dec09+ST DR INR 827.00

Kindly look into this at your earliest and help me to get my money back.

  • Ka
    karthik siva Apr 19, 2011

    Hello Sir,

    I am the a/c holder of ICICI Bank since 2010 and I had bellow Rs. 1000 balance many times during last 1 year.
    Now they have started charging Rs.827 under this category (QABChgs). I am not sure what kind of charges are these. They never informed me regarding these charges either by Email or by Letter. How they can debit my account withou any prior intimation?

    I want my money to be credited in my a/c which they have deducted from my a/c.

    My Account number is: 004001036874

    1 19/04/2011 QABChgs, jan-mar11+ST77 DR INR 827.00

    Kindly look into this at your earliest and help me to get my money back.

    Karthik S

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tds & form 16

Though I have submitted Form 15G as early as in April 2009, icicibank
UDUPI Branch has negligently misplaced the form and deducted Income Tax of Rs5438 at source and remitted it to IT authorities.
Now for issuing TDS certificate, they say that it will be issued after
ON TV, they advertise that they take care of even smaller things &
they provide privilege banking service.But when we go to bank the
ground reality is entirely different and shocking.The staff do not
even smile at us.Even the public sector banks are giving better service
than this bank.
so the customers are cautioned to keep away from this bank.

issue with icici money2india remittance service

I made a Money Remittance to India (Power transfer) using Money2India last week (First working day i.e Monday). Money was supposed to be in beneficiary’s account by Friday for sure (that is what they claim). For first few days’ customer services in UK have a set answer for the status of the transaction "It takes 2-4 working days to transfer money in beneficiary’s bank account".

Now as those 2-4 working days are past and still my money hasn't reached in beneficiary’s bank account and it’s a shame to hear from UK customer services that even they cannot track the transaction. No status update is available on the website as well.

No phone number to contact anybody... gave me an email id... God knows when they will reply me back.

I am totally disappointed with this type of services of ICICI Bank.
Will never ever use this service again and will never recommend anybody to use it as well.

  • Ga
    gauravsre Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    guys, Be aware of their services. I saw an exchange rate on their website but later found out that it was indicative rate.
    Let me share something extremely serious thing with public.

    12th Sept 2010 - initiated $3000 Transfer request to Non/ICICI bank
    Exchange rate was 46.23+
    14th Sept 2010 - Money credited from my bank account
    Exchange rate was 46.20+
    17th Sept 2010 - Money debited to Non/ICICI bank account
    Exchange rate was 45.83

    So I opened my ICICI M2I account to see the date they applied exchange rate but to my surprise those dates are blank in my transaction.

    Check the attached screenshot from my account.

    Next thing I called their customer care. Well, they are all nice people but they helped me with nothing as they themselves were not able to find details.

    Very first thing I am doing is to write to [email protected] and second thing is to circulate this complaint to all of my friends to make them aware of the situation.

    None of us will give away our hard earned money to create new money sucker monsters.

    Keep in mind that these banks can promise your the rates before your transaction but they know it will decrease their profits and this business will be no good if they do so.

    I am intentionally hiding my personal details from the attached screenshot but providing sufficient hints to the ICICI guys to identify me if they want to track.

    I am not afraid of anything. They did bad thing and world should know.


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  • Va
    vani_369 Oct 25, 2010

    Recently I sent money to India twice with the same amount, same account (HDFC) etc. Both of them not yet credited to my account. When I called they are not ready to give the information on phone and asked me send an email to [email protected] but there is no response for the emails sent for the last two weeks. I called them daily and they said I need to send an email to the same address, when I told them that I already sent and verify then she transferred my call to the NRI Email group. One girl said she didnt get any email. Tried to call after some time, and another girl picked up and said she had mail only on 19th October.

    I requested her to connect to her supervisor; Her supervisor said the same thing. This is happening every time I call. Dont know what happened to my hard earned money.

    They withdrawed my money from my AUS- account and not deposited on the other end, to resolve the issue daily I send an email at nri AT icicibank.com and wait for the response and as usual there will be no response then I call them to check my luck if some wise customer support person will answer the call. I am harassed with irrelevant answers daily and still this moment, there is no status on my money transfer.

    When asked for RBI reference number, they are saying that there is no such thing. I have filed a complaint with HDFC bank as well to track the transaction. Can anyone guide me on the same and how to get the hard earned money back.

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  • Ss
    SSD76 Oct 31, 2011

    Hi Vani_369,

    Did you have any luck ? I am facing the same problem. I was told by ICICI cusotmer care that all transactions that happned after 22nd Oct have got stuck due to a technical issue.

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Resolved netbankig froud

some one transferred RS 71000/- from my icici netbanking account to three fake account and widhdrawn money. Till date not recovered 95 days over.
Manoj Jain

Resolved poor service, fraud

I have an account for the last 3 years with ICICI bank. I have been running up and down to banks to get my problems fixed every month. I am very tired now. I don't even want to have an account with ICICI anymore. That's the reason I have switched over to Citi as my salary account. The reason I ahve still kept the ICICI account is because I have a loan account with you guys and my EMI's are deducted from the same account. Recently I lost my ATM card in an Axis bankl ATM. First of all your website does not work when it is required ( I normally access the online account once in a month and that does not work - It sucks) . Second, your IVR system is horrible. The agents are very rude. I reported a loss of card and they blocked it...but whn I asked them to apply for a duplicate card they asked me to contact 1-2 hrs later as their freaking system are not working. Why cant you guys check your system and maintain it?? They also said there will be a charge of Rs 221 for the duplicate card. Why ?? Why should I pay? The stupid ATM machine took it in and did not give back the card. You should charge Axis bank in that case. I am not applying for a duplicate card and if I don't get a reply from a senior bank officer, I am going to send a chain mail to everybody in Dell (that's where I am working) and tell them about the poor service. As it is ICICI does not have a good name, on top of that if I send an email to about 20, 000 employess in Dell, I am sure they will choose to switch banks. I really mean it. I already have the email typed in. I will be sending an email to Chanda D. Kochhar too. I just got her email ID.

Al in all, ICICI sucks badly - NEVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT IN ICICI. This is not just one problem I faced. It's been a problem for the last 3 years. Dig into my account and you will see how many times I have called.

My email address is [protected]@gmail.com
Account number : [protected]

If you can do something about it then please do it. I have lost hope. Atleast help others !!

  • An
    anuragmj Mar 31, 2010

    I have also updated the entire message on FB, ORkut, Linkdin, Twitter. I hope most of the people will learn from this.

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  • Tr
    Trikona Murali Krishna Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I forgot my password/user id and Called the Cust Service and Learnt that They charge RS 300+ to reset my userid and Password.. How disgusting is that. Why charge ?? I have seen no bank do that.. THIS BANK SUCKS. I curse the day i opened my NRI account.

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  • Ch
    chitty23 Jun 03, 2016

    ICICI Cheaters

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  • An
    Anjan Banerjee Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Credit Card No:4076512016151008.

    I have paid on last month dues, when I called your
    Kolkata numbers,they arrsured me that your amount
    already credited,after three days you can activate
    your card,but still now my card is showing declined.

    I shall be greatful, if you kindly look in to this matter,
    otherwise your card will be useless.

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Resolved complain against icici lombard - home insurance

Purchase flat on year of 2006 and taken ICICI Lombard home insurance on 2007, suddenly crack has appeared on wall so raised complain no. [protected] on dtd. 06/02/10 finally day before yesterday received repudiated letter when I have talk with local icicilombard office they told me crack happened due to manufacture defects so, your claim repudiated, in my line of thinking if it was due to manufacturing defect then how does it takes four years to appear crack. Now they are cheating to customer, requesting please take this issue to settle my claim.

Resolved fraud

Dear Sir,

I was using ICICI Bank credit card no [protected]. I didnt receive my credit card statement since march to september. When i receive the statement it was showing an amount of 37 thousand. Also before that collection people came to my house for payment whom i had personally told to send me the satement so that i can clear off my dues. Now after repeted followup i did get my statement showing such a big amount which i could not pay in one installment. hence i asked to get an EMI option which was also not provided to me. Then one person from the Bank Named Mr S K Goyal whose phone no is [protected] came to my house an d asked for payment. I told him to pay 30 thousand now and rest he will get it settled very soon. I paid the amount but now he is saying that he has no clue about the settlement. kinldy help me. My no is [protected]. Please revert back in case you need any information about the Issue.

Thanks & Regards


Investment Banking
Tata Capital Limited
One Forbes, Fort Mumbai - 400 001

  • Ri
    ricktype Aug 13, 2009

    i used to work for LPC and let me tell you rip off is being nice. After customers receive a pre approval letter they are sucked into this because it's says that we give them a 7, 500 credit line and these people are usually credit challenged and for the first time they feel they can get ahead in life. They have to pay ridiculous amounts to get this card a 79 processing fee a 120 activation fee and to top it off 198 first year membership fee so oh and don't forget the 19.95 rush processing witch is a scam being all packets are sent @ the same rate no matter if you choose rush processing. so 418.95 to get started. After that they receive a bogus catalog in which every item a customer must pay 30% up front which keep in mind the 30% is what you could purchase most of these items for in a retail store. And then LPC is nice enough to charge a very large shipping fee to receive their items. The owner has the b*** to actually tell employees their doing something good for people when in fact there are hundreds of calls per day with customers loosing their bank accounts due to lpc continusly debiting their accounts knowing there's no money there causing overdrafts. Hundreds of calls where customers were not informed a payment was about to be debited and they bounced their rent checks possibly causing evictions. This company hurts they economy and preys on less fortunate Americans. I think a class action law suit should be filed and if the owner of this web wants to contact me leave your info on a blog here and i will check back and assist in all ways

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Resolved call from mumbai lawyer


I recived a call from Mumbai, stating they are police and a arrest warrent has been filed against my wife, My wife had taken a loan
prior to our marriage for her home expence, due to circumtences she could pay the EMI's for the last 2yrs,

whta ever the case is, dose the bank has any right to file a case against a women who is pregnant, and this caused a major fight betwen the families, I would like to know is there a way to over come such issues, and also would like to know, is it the true fact that
a person will be jailed for not paying the dues, Kidly advise


Resolved wrong non-standard process in icici bank

In every ICICI Bank branch, there is an automated token machine with many options for the customer to get the token and one of the option is 'Deposit 50000 or more'. This facility is applicable to only the account holder who has got the branch as his/her home branch. For any other customer they can deposit a maximum of 50000 if the account holder has updated PAN card details.

This limitation is not mentioned/displayed anywhere inside branch and a normal customer gets the token, wastes his time in the queue infront of the teller and finally comes to know a deposit of more than 50000 not possible. Another loop hole for this process is the same person can deposit from different branches on the same day and this is not validated by any system, making it possible to deposit more than 50000.

I am not able to understand this logic behind and is a very frustrating process.

I written complaints to ICICI bank already, but looks like I wasted my time again.

Madhu Varrier

Resolved deduction of money from my account without dispence cash

Dear sir,

I am an icici bank account holder. I was using my atm on 3rd march-10 in sbi atm counter to with draw cash of rs6000/- but I was unable to with draw cash as the system shown that sorry unable to dispense cash but later on the above said amount was deducted from my account, which is not yet recovered yet.

Hence, requested you to do the needful in this regard to recover the amount as soon as possible.

Santosh kumar mohanty
Card no-[protected]
Pin code no-7166

Resolved cc shows pending even after account settled - remove my name from cibil report

I am Sathyamurthy Iyer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I owned a credit 2 years back from Centurian Bank - CC No. - [protected]. Later recovery of credit cards was managed by ICICI bank and I had settled my credit card with ICICI Credit Card department in Sakar I, Ahmedabad office for INR Rs. 32, 800 (Ref/ICICIAHM/08-09/1208/67/FW/N/MAR). Even after two years of payment my account was liened last week for 2 days without any intimation. I was unable to withdraw any amount from account though my family was hospitalized. I have forwarded the request to your local credit card department at Sakar I, Ahmedabad. regarding the settlement and necessary information as required. And even after a week of the same, am informed that my name still shows in the RBI CIBIL report with pending amount for the credit card. It is my humble request to your bank that please remove the pending amount on my name from CIBIL report.

Please check your records properly and do the needful. Early reply to this email would be appreciable.

Thanking you,

Satya Iyer

  • Ra
    Ramesh May 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As we all know that we usually get so many Phone Calls from Banks to Offer Us Credit Card and if you are interested then, Bank send their Executive to us. At that time they are not bother to come to your Office / Home at any time as per Customer's Convenience.

    With the same procedure I had applied for A "Solid Gold Credit Card" ( which has been offered to me by ICICI only & I knew I am eligible for the same ).

    But, I received "Silver Credit Card" through courier.

    When I contacted to Customer Care, I had been told that "You use Silver Credit Card and after 6 months you apply for Solid Gold Credit Card".

    Is this bad system of ICICI?

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  • An
    Anand Lakhani Jun 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having credit card of ICICI bank. I use it regularly. Today I got call from ICICI Bank Kandivali East Mumbai branch regarding special offer for the loan.

    The lady on phone told me that ICICI bank is offering me loan of 10000 for year with easy installment of 12 without paying any extra interest or other charges except 150 Rs for transaction fee.

    Actually which was totally wrong and they were about to charge about 13% interest on amount paid as a loan on year bases. Total Due amount was coming around 11320 Rs.

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  • Sa
    Sanjesh Vijayan Sep 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is in reference to my ICICI credit card.

    Brief History:

    I have been using my ICICI credit card with aforementioned number for the past 3-4 years. I had an outstanding balance of 25,000 and have planned to settle the same in the month of June 2007. ICICI employee (unsure about name – think Tamizhan) from Chennai helped me settle and close this account for me. He called me 3-4 times in this regard and told I can go head with the settlement and should continue using the ICICI service. Initially i did not agree to the same but later he convinced me by telling, i will get a new card with higher credit limit. I was least interested in receiving and just wanted to cancel and close the account.

    He called me later in the day to inform about the settlement amount (sum of Rs.18000) and i would receive the settlement letter in a week’s time from Chennai office. In the meanwhile he pushed me to make the settlement amount by sending some one from Bangalore office. The day the bill collector visited my office, he called me from Chennai promising me that i would receive the letter on 5 July 2007 and i can give him a post dated cheque dated 5 July 2007. I trusted and gave the collector cheque (HDFC Bank – Chq no.289620 dt. 05/07/2007) and in return received the payment receipt with a receipt number C0507 3146285.

    Till this time, I did not receive any settlement letter and during the first week of Aug i received my new card with new card number. I was convinced that i now have the new card with a letter stating... "my old card is deactivated".

    Every month i receive SMS and call center calls asking me to pay my outstanding. I am trying to make people understand that this account is closed and I have paid the settlement amount. They close the call telling… they will inform Chennai office and get my letter soon.

    This morning (25 Sept 2007) a person visited my office telling he is from ICICI and i should pay him the outstanding. Later spoke to his manager in ICICI bank, MG road branch and he told they can give me the settlement letter but have to pay the difference. Which is current outstanding - what is waived out. I totally disagreed and felt cheated and told him to do what he wants but i can’t may this payment as this already settled.

    What i can’t understand here is he knows the credit given to me but cant issue the letter. This is a clear case of cheating the customer over phone and i have fallen prey to this kind of business ICICI is following to get the payout out from customers.

    If I have not opted to close my account, why did I receive a new card without my request?

    Anyone suggest.

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  • Pu
    Pushkaraj Patil Sep 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ICICI banks credit card department is filled with cheats and frauds from all over the city here in Mumbai as well, my account was settled in the september of 2006 and its september 2007 now and i havent recieved my settlement letter. I had the settlement of 18000/- made on an outstanding amount of 25000/- which I agreed. The amount was paid but the letter never came. Now the outstanding is 54000/- approx and now i have completely denied payback because of this fraudulant expierience.
    ### I DONT CARE!!!

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  • Sa
    sankar Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is possible to remove my name from Default, because I have settled that amount and surrendered that card here with I have attached copy of the document as Proof for that…….

    Can you please guide me to approach for this…..

    Thanks in advance….

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  • Ra
    rahuls1010 Jan 18, 2013

    myself rahul sharma, i have my icici credit card, at the offering time bank said this intrest free cradit card after that also i clered my all pending paymnt.
    some of my personol issue i coudnt paid my credit card payment 2 or 3 emi bank didint informed me and they blocked my icici account so . this is not fair and they are charging 30000 rs extra on my credit card so please suggest my what should i do..
    i have to do settelment.

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Resolved misselling

I had bought a policy Life Stage Assure from icici prudential on 08/12/2009. The policy number is [protected] and whose premium is 25000 yearly. According to company representative guidelines the policy term is for 3 years and on maturity i will get my fund value as per NAV. Secondly there is no allocation charges in the plan as per agent said. I have not received my policy bond till date. Regarding this i had a word with customer care excutive and he told me all about the product features. He told me that the plan is for 15 years and my first premium will be zero if i will not complete the policy term. He also told me that if i surrender the policy then surrender charges would be deducted from my fund value.Then i visited the company office in Sector-9 D Chandigarh and requested to cancel the policy. Company executives refused my cancellation request. Now i don't have any need of this product.Plz do the needfull things.

Manni Gupta

  • ICICI Prudential Jul 13, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Manni,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We have made a note of the details.Our official will get in touch with you and assist you.

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  • ICICI Prudential Jul 15, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Manni,

    Our official tried contacting on the number registered with us as well as the number mentioned in the complaint. But, the number was incorrect. Request you to kindly provide us with an alternate contact detail for our official to get in touch with you and assist you.

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

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Resolved home loan

Dear sir,
I am prashant mohite taken a home loan (Floating) from icici bank in 2007.
At the time of full disbursement they give me repayement schedule of tenure 180 months but after 3 years when I downloaded file of my loan account from internet it shows repayement schedule of tenure 244 months, this change in tenure till I cant understand becuase there is no increase in interest rate from last 3 years, as it decrase in interest rate.
So please try to solve my problem.
Prashant mohite

  • Pr
    PRASHANT MOHITE Feb 25, 2010

    yes i diagree

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  • Ar
    ARCHANASUNIL Jun 03, 2016

    dear sir, and public
    my husbund is icici bank saving account holder and they are from 1995, we purchased property in gujrat, in surat city, but icici bank home loan department said give the pay extra 2 percent charges and then after your loan will passed from table

    what is this
    this is first step of destroyed thw india humility

    saved india

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Resolved Irritating calls


I am getting unnecessary calls from ICICI Prudential people frequently from last 2 months. I have told them many times that i am not interested and delete my number from their database. But they are ignoring my request and calling frequently still.

I am getting lot of calls from this number (+[protected])

  • Ja
    Jayant Das Feb 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey Dude, Why don't you register for Do Not Call(DNC). By registering on DNC you will not receive unwanted calls.


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  • Re
    Revanth Arji Mar 08, 2010

    Hi.. Could you please tell me the procedure to Register for DNC..

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  • Re
    Revanth Arji Mar 08, 2010

    Hey Jayant,

    Thanks for your response, I got the website to register..

    0 Votes

Resolved froud by icici bank

hi there my name is ravinandan sharma I am blong from punjab dist-moga i have banking with icici from few years one year ago i was try to take out mony from another bank ATM but They dont have mony in ATM how much i want so i didnt take out mony but few days laiter when i chek my acount balance there is less 20, 000 Rs in my acount wahen i went to bank i told them my problum they said yes some thing rong in system just write down a aplication we will give you your mony back then few days they give me my mony back, then few week laiter they take out mony from acount when i ask from them they said last time we give u mony by mistake i talk to branch manager he said we will do somethig write down aplication i dont know how many time i write down aplication i dont know how many time i went to bank i dont know how many time i call to coustmer care they we will call you in one week but they never call me back its not about 20, 000 its about faithwe are not keeping mony in house becous mony is save in bank but our mony not save in bank plz help me my cell no [protected]

Resolved be aware of icici bank creit card and their services

To whomsoever it may concern

My name is Vikram Singh, H/O of Manisha Singh. She was using ICICI credit card hold number – XXX, In the year 2007, month Nov-Dec, I got a call from XXX number telling this call is for due amount on my credit card. I had conversation with 2 gentlemen, however now I cannot say then as gentlemen, I got call from two fraud people, they were from ICICI collection agency, they said I have some amount due on my card of around 19000, out of which there are some late fine also in 19000. I asked them to remove the late fine. They agreed upon the same. I asked them that how much amount do I pay to close the card, so that I need not to pay a single penny more in future, they told me 15400/- is the amount which I have to pay. As this was a confirmatory call on total payment, it just happened that I recorded all the conversation. Their names were Rajesh & Ankit. I asked them to send their executive to collect payment. I gave them cheque of 15400/- at one instance, so to clear all my outstanding. The amount got cleared from my account too in 2-3 days.

Now since last 1 year they have again started asking for money, saying that you should have letter against the same. If not then you have to pay the amount. They keep on calling on my cell, I have moved out of DELHI, reason being my JOB, now they have started calling at my inlaws place as the card when was given to Manisha, she was unmarried. They have started misbehaving with our family members. 1-2 days back they called up at my inlaws place and told that “Manisha paise lekar bhag gaye hai, apna ghar check kar lo, kuch waha se to, lekar bhagi nahi hai na”. This has become so embarrassing for us that I cannot express through words.

This is my complaint against ICICI collection agency & Bank both, please help us.

Just a word - All, please be aware of ICICI bank & their services, it will take your happiness, your money and will force & push you to get into ###…….

Plz resolve my problem and contact me on my phne number [protected]

Resolved nonpayment of claim amount

I have purchased overseas student insurance policy under plan gold-w100 from the icicilombard on 8/08/2008...

Resolved blocking of card

I am a very old customer of ICICI Bank, credit card, prudential, Lombard.
I had icici Platinum card no. [protected] that is now blocked because of non payment od dues.
I had a quaterly auto payment of Rs.15000 on my credit cardof my Max New York Life Insurance policy .I was charged twice in one quarter.Which i already paid.Then i stopped this auto payment facility on my card.Still i was charged.Which i didnot wanted to pay.Still i paid that amount to the bank.But i have not paid the late fee and interest chanrges.This interest and service charges has now increased to more than 6000 Rs.My card is now blocked.Now I wanted to pay my basic principle charges which is Rs.2200.But Icici credit card staff says that card will be blocked and i cannot use this card again.
Respected Sir?/ Madam, I will request you to look into these matter.You can look into my history.I have been a cutomer of ICICI company more than 10 years.I wa very happy with the services of your company, but this incident schoked me. It is not the matter of Paying Rs. 2200, but matter of dignity.Why schould i pay, which is not fair.I have always paid my dues on time.First i had Silver card then promoted to gold and then to Platinum.
Kindly look into the matter and please reply me on [protected]@yahoo.com or you can call me on [protected].

Looking forward for a positive reply

Yours faithfully
Bhopal Singh Jhala
Udaipur (Rajasthan)