Hyundai Motor Americaworst mistake of my life!

A Aug 16, 2018

On June 1, 2017, I purchased a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited with Ultimate Package. Approximately six months ago, I noticed that when I released the brake to move forward after stopping the car would jerk. On June 2018, I took my car to Fort Mill Hyundai. The service center reset the adaptive values on my transmission and told me this would help correct the problem. This did not help at all. Within days the car was jerking once again.

A month later, while attempting to turn left across a main street, my car did not accelerate. The RPMs increased but the car did not move for at least 5 seconds if not longer. Two weeks later, while once again, I was turning left on another busy street the car did not accelerate. I took the car to South Charlotte Hyundai on August 6, 2018. After going three days without a car, South Charlotte Hyundai called (8/9/2018) to tell me my problem had been fixed by resetting the adaptive values on my transmission. This was the same "fix" Fort Mill Hyundai did in June 2018 which did not correct the problem.

On August 13, 2018, while traveling with my family, including my five-year-old nephew, my car failed to accelerate after a brief stop at a stop sign. I called Fort Mill Hyundai to make an appointment to have this serious issue looked at again. I was told that the earliest appointment that they had was a week from now on August 21, 2018.

Because of this serious issue with my car, I have been exploring the best option for me. After getting no satisfactory answer from the Hyundai USA consumer affair department, I decided that it may be best to do a private sale for my car. I did also visit the Fort Mill Hyundai to evaluate my option of trading in my car for a safer one. When my sales associate took my car to be evaluated they found that South Charlotte Hyundai made a major mistake which makes them, or any other dealers unwilling to purchase my car.

This mistake began in June 2017 when a light in my dashboard replaced. I took my car to South Charlotte Hyundai to have the light replaced. When the car was returned I noticed that the odometer had been reset to 0. I spoke with the serviceman about this reset and he showed me a sticker that they had put on the inside of the driver's door showing the original miles. When I raised my concern that people would not know the sticker was there the serviceman said: "the system will let them know that the odometer was reset."

Months later when I took my car to Precision Tune for an oil change, my miles was recorded as the amount on my current odometer reading. When I later took it to Fort Mill Hyundai in June 2018 they too recorded my miles at its current odometer reading. Another dealership also was not alerted to this issue and recorded the miles incorrectly as well.

These records of a lower mileage have raised a red flag on my Carfax report which I was unaware of until the recent appraisal at Fort Mill Hyundai. I was told, that it was determined they couldn't purchase my vehicle with this defect on the Carfax. The service manager went on to tell me that I could not sell the car privately with this defect. He said it could open me up to liability legal liability concerns.

I once again contacted, via phone, Hyundai USA about this new issue. I was told that the mistake can be fixed on Carfax. I called a few dealerships to see if this fix would help me and was told that while the dealership would purchase my car, it would not be purchased at the full value even with the Carfax not showing the red flag. He explained that there will still be a problem because the odometer does not show the actual miles on the car. I was advised to contact Hyundai USA about repurchasing the vehicle from me.

I then wrote to Hyundai USA explain that I could no longer receive full value from my car because of the reset of my odometer and that I need the full value in order to get a new safer car. Hyundai USA wrote back and informed me that "Based on that evaluation, we do not believe that the history warrants a repurchase." I was advised to discuss the repurchase with South Charlotte Hyundai.

I went to South Charlotte Hyundai to discuss the repurchase of my car. I explained that the car had been devalued by the reset of my odometer that they did. The person who was introduced to me as the sales manager was extremely rude. Not only did he not take my concern seriously he proceeded to offer me an extremely low amount for my car after I told him that I would not be interested in purchasing a new Hyundai with him. He didn't even stay to discuss the offer he just handed me the paper and walked away.

I contacted Hyundai USA on August 14, 2018, to ask them is there any way that they could not only fix my Carfax report but fix my odometer to reflect my actual mileage. The customer service representative I spoke with, Erin, was completely uncaring. She told me that Precision Tunes had made the mistake and that Hyundai USA will not help me with correcting the carfax report. She did not address the transmission issue or my request to have the odometer fixed. Her response was that Hyundai USA do not cause the issue and so they would not help me.

What I spoke to Precision Tunes, a few minutes after speaking with the Hyundai USA representative, I was told that the Precision Tunes personnel asked the Hyundai representative how they could help fix my Carfax and she did not answer. She told them that she was just calling to get the information.

On August 15, 2018 I spoke to Fort Mill Hyundai about fixing my odometer. They informed me that it can be done but South Charlotte Hyundai would have to send it off to be corrected. They also informed me that this was their procedure whenever they had to reset someone odometer. I even spoke with the company Fort Mill Hyundai uses to see if I could get it fixed my own but I was told it had to be done by the dealership.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed and upset by my experience with South Charlotte Hyundai, Hyundai USA and as a Hyundai owner. Not only is the transmission in this vehicle jerking and not accelerating at time which makes it a danger to drive, I am financially stuck with it because of the South Charlotte Hyundai.

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