Hyundai Motor Americacustomer service

D Aug 06, 2018

Was in the process of signing for a car when another customer came in and bought said vehicle before me. Manager wanted to see if could get me a better deal on financing then my already pre approved loan. I abliged him out of the kindness of my heart. He put a hard pull on my credit report for this very unsatisfactory visit. I was at dealership at 230pm. Incident happened at 730 PM so I had been at the dealership for 5hrs. Manager Jake Vargas came out of office and said someone came in and he just sold the car I was in the process of buying.. i was in the office and never seen anyone come in. Nobody was signing any paperwork and nothing was stated to me before he made his decision. He said it was first come first serve with the explanation that whoever gave him money first he would sell to. I was fully prepaid to pay him but only due to his advice to "let me get you a better deal through me finacing" did I wait. He had to pull my credit report which resulted in lowering my score and my chances in the future. When asked for a business card, Sales Manager Jack Vargus had no card and only provided me with his first name. I had to inquire about his last name and company name. I hope your company does not value this kind of service as it was very unprofessional. This situation was not handled appropriately and left me feeling taken advantage of and led on.

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