Hungry Jacksfood poisoning.

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On Friday 30 June, 2017 I & my husband visited the Hungry Jacks Queen Street Mall store, Brisbane. Australia.

We had travelled to Brisbane from the Gold Coast and were staying overnight at the Park Regis Hotel in Brisbane to attend a sporting event Broncos V Storm NRL football game.

We checked into the hotel at approximately 1.30 and walked the short distance into the Queen Street Mall to do some shopping.

At approximately 3.00pm we had a light snack for afternoon tea.

1 x jnr whopper, large chips, 3 chicken nuggets, 1 x chocolate thick shake & 1 x black tea. My husband and I shared this snack. My husband had the nuggets and I the jar whopper.

After our snack we headed directly back to the hotel, by the time we reached the hotel I was violently ill and had severe diarrhoea.

My husband was not ill at all.

We were in Brisbane to attend the NRL event.

I spend almost the entire game in the ladies toilet - very ill.

We returned to our hotel and at 6.45am my husband rushed me home to the Gold Coast where I remained in my bed and the bathroom for the entire weekend.

I did not go to the doctor as I could not leave my bed.

On Monday morning I rang the Queens Street Mall store and spoke to a young female manager - I did not get her name. However I did give her my name and telephone number. I asked her the email address of the store as I wished to lodge a formal complaint. The female provided me with and email address and I documented my complaint via email. A copy can be provided should you require.

on 4 July Meleea Smith acknowledge my email and advised that she was unable to find a contact number for me.

On 4 July 2017 I responded to Meleea Smith the I had neglected to provide my telephone number in my written email of 3 July 2017.

I subsequently provided my telephone number [protected].

I am totally appalled with the lack of response by this company and total district for you customers.

In my email of 3 July 2017 I also drew attention to the condition of the Queen Street Mall store.

We dinned in the upstairs area. It was filthy my husband cleaned our table before we ate. The tables were filled with left over rubbish, papers, food and general mess.


The mirror on the stair well was badly broken and Im sure a very bad health & safety risk.

It has now been three full days since I made contact with Hungry Jack and still have not spoken to anyone in a responsible position.

This matter need to go to the Department of Health & that will be my next step.


Denise Wilson


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      Jul 30, 2018

    Bought 2 whoppers at Sawyers valley on Fri night. Ate one, then the other for breakfast the next morning. Ate nothing else all day earlier, as I was on the road all day. Went to hospital on Saturday night in agony. It is now Tues morning and I am still crook as a dog. Food poisoning.

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  • T
      Dec 22, 2018

    3 of my kids and partner suffer food poisoning symptoms - Diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting after having Hungry Jack burger (Bacon Delight) on 20 Dec 2018 bought from Hungry Jack Mirrabooka. I'm the only one escape the food poisoning as i'm the only one that didn't eat the hungry jack burger. All my kids still sick on 22-Dec-2018 and slowly recovering. Hopefully will fully recover tomorrow. Will avoid fast food as much as possible from now on...

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