Hungry Jacksfall


Warren Page Today I walked in to get a burger and upon leaving it had sprinkled rain onto the tiles which was a shiny flat surface into the doorway. As I opened the door to go out, my feet just went from straight out from under me. I landed on my back and way to solve this problem is exactly as you have done around the food counter is a rubber mat or some form of grip for when wet. There was no signage for warning or no rails to grab. I ended hurting myself to the point of going to the doctor to get checked out. Even though the manager was polite I was not even offered a new replacement drink or meal for the one I lost. The incident was about 12 o'clock at your Kingston store and the date is the 19th October, 2017. It was a very distressing and upsetting episode and one that could have been avoided. How we resolve this I'm not sure but I do think you need to address the problem before someone is badly hurt and maybe your staff could have been more sympathetic.

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