Hungry Jack's Australiaplant based burgers

As a decades long loyal Hungry Jacks consumer you have just lost me.
What scientific data have you got to support your intentions? Are your stated market objectives just a trendy market grab for a small vocal group?
Over whatever extended period Humans have evolved, a very efficient digestive system as both a carnivore and herbivore has been created. Your intentions to supply a product for a typically radical inner city vegan group, a vocal small minority, may have a major impact on your current business turnover. The silent majority of a Customer base are frequently overlooked.
Beware at your own peril, all this be green, and save the planet stuff is reaching extreme levels. I can remember when anti Nuclear demonstrators marched the Streets now it is increasingly being considered a viable Carbon free solution ...
My comments come from someone with a healthy continuing Agricultural Science background and no preference for meat or plant products. In fact I believe they are both essential for our continued long term health and survival as Humans.

Oct 02, 2019

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