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B Sep 06, 2018

Brfore start sorry for my language in advance
So lets start

Tdy I baught 2 mini cheeseburger chips n 3 lava cake from 427 ballarat rd, sunshine vic hungry jacks. I bloody stated to the [censored]ing staff tht I dnt mind waiting but I want ma food [censored]ing fresh they took 5 to -0 min which I dnt mind but when I got home n me n ma wife were about to start cheeseburgers when ma wife took forst bite I got told tht her cheeseburger's petty was [censored]ing hard as [censored]ing rock for the [censored]ing information my wofe is pregnant I will visit tomorrow to the store n talk to these [censored]ing scumbags who cant even one single [censored]ing thing properly n one thing I want to tell you I will [censored] you guys up if something happen to my wife's health or to my baby I will not hesitate to take these [censored]ing [censored] to court I don't give a [censored] but I need reply about this as soon as [censored]ing possible

Best way to contact me is ma email - [protected]

And this is not [censored]ing just this time before I ordered n gave order on the [censored]ing counter same as this time I got home n when I checked union rings were [censored]ing missing I called they started [censored]ing apologising n asked me to bloody come back why the [censored] I go back n waste ma time n fuel I dnt have [censored]ing time to go up n down to collect missing food n cover for thier [censored]ing mistake if u can't handle customers [censored]ing close the [censored]ing store and go home dnt [censored]ing lie fresh [censored]ing food [censored]

Thanks for your time

Hungry Jack's Australia

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