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I was duped by 2 insurance agents into joining humana gold plus (hmo d-snp they did not check to see if my medication was on the formulary I did not receive any formulary from humana. There is a life sustaining breathing inhaler tudorza pressair 400mcg which humana filled 1 month when I joined I went to refill this medicine they refused they require a prior authorization by my pulmony doctor which is a 5 star doctor on the board of a very big hospital, he sent in 2 prior authorizations humana said they did not receive one which they did I then spoke to someome else who took notes I got no response my doctor then semt another p.O. In after I spoke to a grievance person last saturday she sent this as a life threatening emergency which I should have heard from them within 72 hours again I did not hear anything. I was our of this medication I tried a medication spriva which they recommended I could not function I had so many adverse reactions I could not think, walk and passed out completely. When I woke up I called an ambulance the paramedics had to administer oxygen in my home to get me inyo the ambulance to the hospital, many negative tests were done the only problem is I did not receive an answer since january about authorization to refill this medication which is medically necessary the reason I did not die I somehow dragged myself to walgreens because the emergency doctor would not prescribe any other medication because he saw the side effects I had fromspriva they recommedned I am 71 years old on social security and disabled I paid and it is a extreme hardship $400. For this medication as I left the hospital and would have died without this medication this last for 2 weeks then I have to pay the same again and I cannot afford it this is why I am reporting humana for ignoring, lying and getting hussled into their plan any help you can extend or advice will be appreciated as when I call I am blocked from speaking to a supervisor or appeal board. Thank you, sincerely camille fletcher tel #


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Apr 07, 2022 5:28 pm

Camille, my wife and I went through the same thing. Our solution came from a call from Select Choice. They can review your medication list and provide you with an insurance company that will meet all your needs. My wife is a double as to your issues and we now have United Health Care and she has more benefits with this company that Humana doesn't provide. We hope and pray for your needs to be met.

May 15, 2022 10:53 pm

That's not available in South Carolina. I'm STUCK with woman-hating hu-(white)MAN-a and CVS!


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