Humanafraud, unethical behavior, pain and suffering

K Sep 06, 2018

I believe my visit to the Johnson Memorial Hospital was set up August 22 2018 with Dr. Durfee by appointment at 3:00 August 22 2018 for Ropinirole, generic for Requip for increase in dosage because of the Ropinirole at bedtime became ineffective for my movements anymore. It was like it completely stopped of doing what it is suppose to do, stop movements in my legs especially, but overall movement of many other parts of my body as well. It worked well for many years, but just seemed to stop working. I had it increased one time before from 0.25 to 0.5 by Dr. Nicholas Krueger at the CCMH in Montevideo MN Phone [protected]. I didn't like what was going at the CCMH, so I refuse to go there for anything except getting my ears flushed out for ear wax. There has been many fraudulent things that have gone on at the CCMH in Montevideo MN. Lawyers have witnessed evidence of it, including recent Civil Rights Lawyers Loevy and Loevy in Chicago IL PHONE [protected] Fax [protected] of all kinds of fraud by this CCMH including forged medical documents of MRI'S and Cat Scans, Medicare, plus Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance fraud of what could of been prevented and stopped, had they not of pulled these crimes. The United States Government is also aware of this as well, by phone, fax and sent documents by USPS mail. Any way I just wanted to show you what is going on and more then likely is the reason for this complaint to Humana for a lawsuit for you and me Kevin L Strand Phone [protected] email [protected] My complaint as stated above is fraud because they did not fill the prescription increase on Aug 22 2018 that was faxed to Thrifty White Drug in Montevideo MN, my pharmacy, that I use for my prescription medicines for years with Humana as my drug coverage provider. Their Phone number is [protected]. I wnt to the phasmacy to pick it up the next or following day of either Aug 23 or Aug 24. The female employee said it wasn't filled yet, meaning that these dates of appointment with Dr. Durfee Aug 22 2018 of increase of Ropinirole, the followind day or after was plenty of time to be in my Med Sync change in my prescription of Ropinirole. Why wasn't it? I also believe when I got my automated phone call from Thrifty White Drug, that I pushed in the number on my cell phone keypad of a recent Doctor visit. This is plety of valid evidence of my complaints on this matter, that are not Humana's fault but what these people pulled or the pharmacy Thrifty White Drug. I wouldn't think it would be the pharmacy, so I would say with high probability it is the same person or persons doing all of the fraud charges, forgeries and more. My complaint then is how mush pain and suffering I went through because it was not filled to relieve my movements and deprive me of sleep, as part of the reason for my losing sleep. I suffer tremendously without my Ropinirole. I have plenty of evidence of that, too. Was it unethical of Thrifty White Drug not to fill the increased dose of my Ropinirole in a timely fashion and of having it at least filled out by med sync standards on September 4 2018 when I picked my medications up at the drive up window at Thrifty White Drug. From August 22 2018 til pickup of medications on September 4 2018???? This caused me great pain, suffering and sleep because of this. A few more pieces of evidence of this. My pickup of my medications on September 4 2018 still has the name Dr. Nicholas Krueger as the prescriber of my Ropinirole on the pill bottle. If the increase was faxed by Dr. Durfee on August 23 2018, then why is her name vot on the pill bottle??? Blatant negligence that caused me all of the complaints mentioned and more. They out right lied to me at Thrifty White Drug this morning by phone call records on my dialed calls and my cell phone provider Verizon. The call was made at 11:27 am September 6 2018 to Thrifty White Drug from me Kevin L Strand of me asking Jill who works there, about this matter. Another lady took the phone or cut in like I have caught them at so many times before of this evidence, who said" I couldn't pick up this medication until September 10 or Sept 12 because Humana insurance wouldn't pay for it until then". I would cay these people are in for a big lawsuit for Humana, Thrifty White Drug possibly and myself Kevin L Strand. Please fax this message to Humana from Kevin L Strand to Loevy and Loevy at fax number [protected]. Thank you, I have valid complaints that are not Humana's fault but for Humana and the FDA of Food/Drug/Administration of tampering. Add human rights violations of cruel unusual punishment of negligence of severe pain and suffering without my Ropinirole by criminal activity, along with Government and Police listed below in the catagory!!! Kevin L Strand

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