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J Dec 30, 2019 Review updated:

To whom this may concern,

The following is a complaint from the worst visit and service I have received from the Huddle House on
651 Bettis Academy Rd, Graniteville, SC 29829- (803)-663-6561.

My unfortunate experience began as I walked in and waited to be seated for about 1min and some time for someone to inform me to be seated anywhere. At first it seemed like there was now where to be seated because there were several dirty tables. The waitress informed my partner and I we can be seated anywhere. I mentioned to her that all the tables were dirty. She immediately and aggressively informs me that tables 13 and another numbered table were clean. The tables did not have numbers on them so we walked to see which ones were actually available. We sat at our table and from this point on the visit and service got worse. We waited another minute or so just to get our drink order. Not long after she takes our food order. The food wait was probably the most "okay" part of our less than mediocre experience. She laid our food on the table. I proceeded to eat some of the meal (the eggs with cheese). Right after eating I noticed a hair in my eggs. I inform the waitress when she returns for the bill and to remove the charge for eggs. She asked why and I informed her of the hair and she responds by saying "you want more? "She wasn't apologetic and had zero empathy. My partner and I did not eat anymore of the meal, which was most of it. We went to pay for our meal that was less than satisfactory (in fact we paid all but -2.23 which you will see on the attached image). Another server asked her why she was taking off the eggs and our server tells here "oh nothing". As we headed out the door both servers were reminiscing loud enough for me to hear them talking about me behind my back.
Also here listed are some more complaints:
• The cooks did not have hair nets on. One cook had an entire beard that was not covered.
• The cooks did have gloves on; however their hands were resting on their normal clothing (jeans ect) in between meals.
• The tables continued to stay dirty unless more people walked in.
• The floor was disgusting.

I'm assuming her last name was Franklin per receipt.
She was short with reddish/orange hair.

The visit was a customer's worst nightmare. From the moment I mentioned to our server that there were no clean tables I only received horrible service and behavior from her.

I have attached images of the dirty tables and hair in eggs.



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