Huddle Houseemployee eating while working

D Jan 23, 2018 Review updated:

I was dining alone on Jan 5, 2018 in Rome, Ga.- 229 Sunset Dr.
As I entered around 9:15am, I noticed an employee eating at the counter.
She had orange tinted hair and wore a wrist brace on both hands.
I witnessed her placing food in her mouth and her fingertips touching her lips. Soon thereafter, a customer arrived and (prior to washing her hands) she grabbed a napkin, poured a cup of coffee and delivered it to the table. It appeared she knew the customer.
Upon completion of my meal, I addressed the matter with a man that identified himself as a manager. I relayed my story and asked if he desired me to identify the employee. He responded "yes, please" and I did so.
I told him this behavior was completely unacceptable and he agreed. He thanked me for pointing out my observance.


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