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I purchased suzuki motorcycle in june 2007. I thought I was getting a good deal with a percentage rate of 13.95% and payments of $105 a month for five years.. no. since the purchase of my bike, the percentage rate has gone up to 24.99 and my payments usually average about $150 a month but being that I fell behind one payment I have been getting hit up with extra charges and harassing phone calls from the company even though I do make my payments every month. this company is so frustrating and I did not get the deal I was promised.. I am to busy trying to pay the finance charges and other crap they tack on to my bill every month I shouldn't owe $6800 but I do and I try to make a effort to pay on a bill that never goes down.. I am out of answers and hsbc is not helping.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 22, 2015 11:55 am EST
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Dont buy The Gixxer Guys.i have completed 19000km.from past 10 months.still my bike engine
was seized...Dont buy the gixxer and gixxer sf..i have serviced time to time.but with oil ngine was
seized.worst service centre, ...


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Mar 05, 2011 8:19 pm EST
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the ### are calling 20 times a day an i want it to stop

Sep 20, 2009 11:24 am EDT
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Refund of credit balance of Rs.314.00 with reference of HSBC card 4563xxxx xxxx 5760

Feb 12, 2013 6:01 am EST
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I payed of my second mortgage with hsbc it was 15000 and now they are trying to garnish my check for 8000 in interest fee can they do that and what can I do to stop them, pleas let me know.

Apr 25, 2012 8:22 am EDT

I have my orginal documents that i signed and nothing says that it will be converted to a CC, or that your rates go up if you miss a payment. I bought a GSXR in Nov 2007 and was paying 149 a month with extended warranty included on the motorcyle. I was set up as paperless and automatic payments. I about a year ago I saw my payments jump up $100 a month I called suzuki, they said the suzuki finance department that approved my loan was sold to HSBC and i needed to contact them. I called HSBC they told me they had rolled over my motorcycle loan into a CC with 23 percent interest. I told them that is not what i had sign legal documents says i had agreed to. They told me they did not care and that my payments are now 315 or a minimum of 215 to pay off the loan in 22 years. Lets get something together soon. I work for wall street we do nothing like this, this is other countries loaning us money selling it off to settle their debts, and hurting people in the process. If this all really took place the way they said it did they have no legal ground to stand on. My bike should be paid off by now according to my original paper work. But they tell me I owe them 8k still.
[email protected]

Nov 23, 2011 12:42 am EST
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I wish I would have researched HSBC a little more before I purchased a motorcycle threw them. I bought a '09 and was told my payments would be $95. I payed late one time and my payments jumped to $120. We recently had a baby and I let my payments get behind by two months. I was surprised to see a repo man show up at my house. I denied him access so I could call HSBC and get caught up on my payments. Well that wasn't good enough. I was told I would have to pay $1800 and re-evaluate my account. When I told them I couldn't afford that and offered to pay $400 now and another payment if needed next week, they declined. The value of the motorcycle is down to about $4500 retail and I still owe around $8000 still after two years. They would rather take a loose then help people out. I even told the rep that if they repo'ed I wouldnt pay another dime to which she replied "That Happens!" If you have any questions, email me [email protected]

Nov 01, 2011 9:23 pm EDT

I am trying to help a man buy a home and his credit shows up with derogatories from HSBC & when he tells me his story I am flabbergasted! This is what Occupy Wall Street is all about! Corporate Greed! That's what it boils down to. Predatory lending because they can. It's absolutely ruthless, evil behavior. I'll be contacting the 3 emails above to help with a law suit and do everything in my power to help right these outlandish wrongs!

Sep 15, 2011 4:13 pm EDT
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My wife purchased a Yamaha motorcycle in 07 and she was jus t informed that the interest rate has apperantly Increased by about 40%. The payment went up $100.00 a month. I would love to enter into a class action suit or similar. HSBC is, to me, a crimminal organization. contact me at [email protected] if a suit is in order.

Jun 11, 2011 12:08 am EDT
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We are in the boat. My husband bought a bike through Suzuki in 07 and the balance was 14, 000. Now the balance is 11000 5 years later. He was under the impression it was a five year loan not a credit card account. It was never revealed. I would love to get a group of us together to go after HSBC and Suzuki. I work for an attorney who would probably take the case if we could get a group together. It's called deceptive trade practices. Email me if you are interested @ [email protected] with your story.

Jan 28, 2010 8:15 pm EST

My son bought a bike through Yamaha and they NEVER revealed this was a credit card type sitaution and that payment would go up... .MY son's PAPERWORK does not show this eithr... RIDICULOUS PREDATORY LENDING.. .I would like to knjow if there are any lawyers that will cover this pro bono because my son and family are under finanical strain just like the rest of America and his second job just fizzeled out due to the economy..

ANY LAWYERS out there that deal with predatory lending? please email [email protected]

Aug 11, 2009 7:35 pm EDT

Agreed! I bought my bike in May of 2005...balance has almost doubled since then. I feel like I'm losing my mind whenever I talk to them! They try to give you a number to call to see if you qualify for a "hardship" program, but when you call, the people that answer act like they have no idea what you're talking about and that they don't deal with auto/motorcycle loans. Then they try to get you involved in some consumer debt management program. This is ridiculous! Since Suzuki and HSBC have parted ways, I (along with many others) are sitting here with a frozen account, can't use the card for emergencies anymore...staff is rude and unwilling to help. I mean, ANY respectable financial institution I have ever dealt with has been more than willing to help their customers with things like APR's...even DELL, who I like just about as much as stepping in a steaming pile of dog ###! Something has got to give, I am looking into getting a personal loan through my own bank just to pay these rip-off artist..I will NEVER do any sort of business with HSBC again!

Apr 08, 2009 9:38 pm EDT

yeah F hsbc! i bought my bike 2 years ago and i started to fall behind on my payments. Long story short my 200.00 payment turned into 400.00 cause my interest is 26% now. They will not help me at all with the interest rate and their people are completely rude. the only options they gave me was to let it get repo'd or pay the 400 a month (which would be forever because my ballance has only gone up since i got the bike from 13, 000 to 18, 000)


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