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My name is Mark Kaufman and my son and I stayed there 9/27-9/29. My son was playing in the Las Vegas Electric parade. He is a DJ. We registered Friday night and his show was Staturday at 2:00. On Saturaday we noticed that there were no knobs in the shower. (can't figure out how a room can be given out like this) We called down to the reservation desk and told them of the situation. They told us that they would give us another room. So we had to pack up, wait about an hour and move to another room. Meanwhile it is already 12:30 and my son was in danger of being late. When we got into the room there was only a King bed. We called down to the reservation desk and let them know and again they said that we would be switched to another room. We couldn't wait at that time to be switched because my son was already going to be late. When we got back we packed up again and switched rooms. This was a tremendous inconvenience for us and I asked that our stay be refunded. They told me that because it was booked through a third party that they couldn't do that (which is very convienent). Instead they refunded the resort fee and gave us a food credit. Not what I was looking for as I mentioned that this was a terrible inconvenience for us and my son was late to his performance. As I appreciate the concessions that the Golden Nugget made, I feel that it doesn't even come close to what should have been made. Telling me that there was nothing you could do because it was billed through a third party is unacceptable. Casinos make concessions all the time and take full responsibility for there errors and guests issues. I really do not expect a response back because on your scale this probably is low on the totem pole but I felt that I needed to write this emial. If you need to look up the reservation, we booked it under my sons name... Jason Kaufman through

Sep 30, 2019

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