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9:43 am EDT

HonorHealth Terrible medical care at hh del lago

I don’t want to go into to much detail due to possible legal action. The PCP I was seeing kept deleting medications that other doctors had prescribed for my rare Leukemia. Every time I tried to get a med filled I was challenged about it. HH policy is supposed to be Continuty of care. I messaged my provider about a condition that developed from a medication that she prescribed. I should post the responses from my chart. My other care Doctors can not believe what I agave been going through since returning to HH. My ENTIRE experience with HH has been a bad one. From hospital stays to ER visits. This medical system was much better before HH took them over. They have slowly slipped into a total joke in the Vally.

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Margo Salazar
, US
Sep 08, 2023 10:45 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I agree. The same has happened to me. I moved here from another state and the lack of quality care by honor health is astounding. I can't get anyone to prescribe my medication that I've been on for years. I had spine surgery at an honor health hospital and it was botched so badly that now I'm forced to see a deformity doctor! They crippled me! The drs put fans in info in my chart and when I challenged it I was yelled at and bombarded w hateful degrading text messages. When I demanded he stop, he retaliated by taking me off the only medication that worked for me then put more lies in my record saying I wasn't taking it right for cognitive issues! I have a genius IQ! My experience has been hell and I can't find an attorney to help me! Nobody hears me here so it sits in my record and it's blackballed me, causing further frustration, anxiety and now real fear of healthcare providers. I've never experienced what I have gone thru. It's as though I've stepped thru the looking glass and can't find my way out! I even told my family why didn't they let me die if they were going to do this to me? I wasn't the victim sort of personality but I've become one now.

1:50 pm EDT
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HonorHealth Billed for a subsequent visit at my annual wellness appointment in april 2023

I was billed for a "subsequent visit" at my annual wellness visit on April 10, 2023. Dr. Haas asked if I had any questions to which I replied that I was experiencing some pain in my lower left back area. She did not examine me just wrote a scrip for PT.

I was then billed for $88.72 as if I had had a separate appointment.

I have made several attempts to resolve this, speaking to the billing department and then the office manager at Thompson Peak (Mikel). She told me that Medicare deems back issues as not routinely covered at a wellness visit. She promised to investigate and noted that other patients had complained about this same kind of practice, and that the team needed to handle it better. She seemed very sympathetic. My last call was to her on July 13th but have received no reply. It is now the 20th.

If a back issue is deemed outside of the Medicare accepted subjects to be discussed, then should not the doctor have alerted me to this fact beforehand? How would I, the patient have any notion that this would not be covered as a simple question?

I am asking to have this charge reversed and a hold put on the bill until the matter is resolved.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Ruth Asher ([protected]

Desired outcome: A reversal of the above charge.

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4:36 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HonorHealth Oncology Dr. Mukundkumar Patel, MD

This sexual predator tried to grope me when I went there for cancer two years ago. I left immediately and never went back. I have healed from cancer from juicing, no chemo, no radiation, no surgery btw. But, anyway, I was recently in the hospital for a heart thing at the nasty John C Lincoln in Phoenix. This so-called Dr. Patel who is not my doctor and is not even a heart doctor comes into my room and in standing over me saying remember me and glaring at my breasts up and down. I fired him two years ago. He knew I didn't want him around me. But, there he is stalking and hunting me down. There is no consult I want to do with him. The heart surgeon was supposed to show but never did to discuss heart, instead this sexual deviant shows up. Trying to elevate someone into stress when they have a heart thing is not good. That is all they did at that nasty hospital was tried to stress, topping it off with this deviant doctor showing up that knew I didn't want him around me.

Desired outcome:

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Update by c.m.1
Jan 17, 2023 4:44 pm EST

There has never been anything resolved.


There has not been a resolution

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11:26 am EST

HonorHealth Elderly abuse

On 11/21/2022 I was admitted to Honor Health Urgent Care Prasada Surprise AZ via ambulance 7:09 am.I could not sit, I would have drove myself if I could. I was suffering from Deep Gluteal Syndrome ,Compressed Spine, R/Torn Groin, not known at the time. At no avail was any of the pain relived at my stay. I was released at 11am. A wheelchair was provide and a security guard was assigned to wheel me out to the receptionist where I was advised by the security guard that I had to sign all these papers or I will be readmitted. I was holding my buttocks up out of the chair with my arms due to the pain. I replied I can't sit , I couldn't lift my arms to sign the papers. The security guard did not care he yelled at me ,"if you don't sign to papers I will readmit you. I turned to the security guard and said "oh your going to readmit huh I'd like to see that. So he wheeled me off into a room with a chair and I laid on the floor for one hour. The doctor came into the room gave me a shot in the arm and I asked what's that. I got a ride home in the same condition I arrived. I read the ED notes and it said I yelled. Untrue the security guard yelled he said I needed pain meds, Britney S, was not there, I never asked for anything but a blanket in the 5 hrs. I was there. I want this situation investigated. How can a security guard with maybe a GED order pain meds. He's arrogant little man with a power problem. My phone # is [protected]. The receptionist seen everything, she seemed shocked at his treatment to me. I was actualyl allowed to sign all papers verbally on my next release. Not Happy. My name on you record is STEVE NELSON, I gave 3 IDs and how that got screwed up is very unprofessional, my name is STEVE NELSON VALADE.

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7:18 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

HonorHealth Unfair billing. Acct [protected]

On 10/29/2020 I went to see my PCP, Dr. Patrick Knowles. Dr. Knowles was unable to see me so I was referred to another doctor within the office. I saw Dr. Pace, a new physician to the practice. A few weeks after seeing Dr. Pace I received a bill for $15.90 for the office visit. Since getting the first bill for $15.90 I have spoken to numerous customer service representatives at HonorHealth as well as written USPS letters and emails but all to no avail. HonorHealth just blew me off making no effort to resolve this issue or even contact me for that matter. It is my position that merely because Dr. Pace was new in the practice and had not established his credentials with Medicare or Blue Cross why should I be responsible for the remainder of the balance of $15.90. It's not the money. I spend that a day on coffee and a meal. It just sits in by craw that I am paying for some sort of glitch within HonorHealth and Dr. Pace. Today I received a letter from HonorHealth which was a HUGE slap in my face. After all my efforts to resolve this issue HonorHealth is sending the $15.90 to a collection agency. Against everything that is within me I relented and paid the $15.90 under threat of a referral to a collection agency.

Desired outcome: Refund my $ 15.90.

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Update by barrylane
Nov 21, 2022 7:26 pm EST

My position is explained above. This incident weighs very, very badly on HonorHealth. I didn't think HonorHealth would send this to collections after all I did to resolve the issue. Someone above a customer service representative pay grade should investigate this. I've done everything I could to resolve this issue and finally relenting a paying the damn $15.90.

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2:22 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

HonorHealth Lack of notice of treatment options

I was seen at Deer Valley Hospital on 7/31 for a blowout orbital fracture and deep facial laceration. I sat in the hospital for hours with no pain medication, no information and my face gauged wide open and actively bleeding. My fiance finally asked them to at least wrap my face to stop the bleeding until I could be seen. I suffer from severe panic and anxiety disorders and was having multiple panic attacks while there. None of this was addressed and no one offered any help for this issue. I was never informed of my option to have plastic surgeon come in to do the stitches on my face since it was a facial laceration that should've been stitched by plastics and not general. Upon my follow up with a plastics doctor, he informed me that I should have been given the option to have plastics come and stitch me (since it was my face) and due to the incorrect stitching completed, I will have a ghastly scar and will likely need scar reconstruction surgery. After over 6 hours of waiting, I was told I didn't need surgery and could be sent home. Plastics nor ocular plastics never spoke directly with me and I was never given options of having proper stitching done. I am now being charged for an out of network provider for imaging reading and was never given an option to choose in network nor informed that the image reader was out of network. I was never talked to about the degree of my injury, what to expect, or do and was sent home completely in the dark. The plastics doctor they referred me to for follow up was out of network and couldn't see me for over 2 weeks so my stitches stayed in too long causing railroad scarring on my face. I am a young women and this ghastly scar that could have been handled much better is not ok. I was appalled with how I was treated while in hospital and that my rights were not explained to me as I laid there concussed and in severe pain.

Desired outcome: I would like coverage on scar reconstruction surgery or damages paid.

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9:07 pm EDT

HonorHealth Patient care

On June 21st, 2022 I underwent surgery. Dr Akl was the surgeon. He failed to talk with my family on the day the surgery was performed. The following day he had no intention of visiting me. The only reason he did so was because I demanded him to do so. I am a doctor myself. I trained in surgery and I have NEVER seen such shabby treatment. The reason I file this complaint is so it doesn’t happen to others. As an addendum, the nurses told me this was the standard this surgeon acts. He looks on the computer for statistics and no face to face interaction occurs. DISGUSTING!

Desired outcome: I want this surgeon held accountable for doing post op care that includes patient visits. We are people, not numbers.

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4:05 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

HonorHealth Patient/Doctor Relationship

I had a painful recurrence of an issue I had recently seen a doctor for at the McDowel Mountain location. I made numerous attempts to contact him through his office through the telephone answering system used by Honor Health. It was a painful time so I finally demanded they get me through to my Doctor’s office. Only to finally be told that doctor’s offices have 24 hours to respond to call for help and that doctors cannot ever be contacted directly nor could their office. At that point I’m thinking I must have talking to an insane person who just didn’t know this was a medical issue.

I was forced to drive to the Doctor’s office only to find that he was not in that day but they would try to reach but didn’t know if he would respond and there were no other doctors available. I’m now becoming convinced that I must be in a horror movie.

I was told to go to the Emergency Dept at the Hospital as doctors or their offices cannot be reached accept by appointment.

I mentioned the online HH system, although from previous experience, I knew it was not much good. Every HH employee I mentioned the My Chart system too agreed it was not very helpful and difficult to understand.

What a scam they have going - see doctors only by appointment, which have long waits, or prey on patients wallets by forcing them to the Emergency Room by blocking contacts with their doctors.

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10:42 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

HonorHealth Neglegence on Dr.'s part within Honorhealth

I have been seeing Dr. Stephen Williams since about 2017.

Bloodwork for thyroid May 2022

TSH 0.024

No call from Dr. Williams.

Went to urgent care side of office and saw Dr. Chang About July 1, 2022

Now "hyperthyroidism

Chang said could've thrown clot or had stroke

No call yet from Dr. Williams

Sent multiple messages to Dr Williams with no return call about bad TSH.

Desired outcome: I would like compensation for the undue stress he put on my body and I thank God I didn't throw a clot or have a stroke. I will settle with you and to avoid litigation.

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Update by Jeanne Savarese
Jul 24, 2022 2:45 pm EDT

In addition, when I saw Dr Chang at the urgent care side where Dr Wiliams is, Dr Chang also said, "Why did Dr Williams change your levothyroxine from 75 to 100 mcg, it was fine and needed no change!"

Update by Jeanne Savarese
Jul 24, 2022 2:40 pm EDT

I've been seeing Dr Stephen Williams since 2017. Moved to Colorado for two years and moved back to Arizona. Started seeing Dr Williams again as my primary care doctor March 2022.

He also treats my hypothyroidism with levothyroxine and I regularly get bloodwork to check levels.

I came back March to see doctor. May came and I had been having some symptoms after having covid-19 bilateral pneumonia last November and December 2021. Doctor ordered bloodwork to chack thyroid. Dr Williams called me to tell me that as he suspected I needed levothyroxine 100mcg now not 75mcg.

About two weeks later I started having multiple side affects including and not limited to feeling of fever (no fever), aggitation, anxiety, palpitations, mood changes with crying, panic attacks, etc.

I went to the Honorhealth in Anthem where I see Dr. Williams and went to Urgent care side. Now this only because they would not get me in with Dr Williams and told me to send him a message through "Mychart." I did exactly that but kept calling office to say I haven't heard from Dr Williams yet. Again and again I was told to send another message to him. I sent about, give take six messages and apologizing for bothering him. LOL! So I never received a message from Dr Williams. That's when I went to the urgent care side. I saw Dr Chang and right away after he looked through my bloodwork and examining me he told me I'm now in "Hyperthyroidism!"

Dr Chang said, "You could throw a clot or have a stroke!" And, showed me on his computer how he pulled up the multiple messages from me to Dr Williams. He said, "I don't understand why he wouldn't call you with your TSH at 0.024."

My other physician told me I was in a possible life threatening situation.

Anyway, Dr Chang put me back on 75mcg.

I then contacted once again the Anthem Honorhealth where I go to see Dr Williams and spoke with the administrator who really sounded bothered and or defensive to my complaint about Dr Williams. I believe her name was Andrea and she then advised me I'd get a call from a Dr Melanie Patton, which I never did until I complained again. but received only an email.

I had the utmost respect, honor, and all of the things that we feel with our physicians and if we trust them. I "trusted" Dr Williams with my life. I understand we are all people and that includes our doctors. However, Dr Williams had no regard or care whatsoever in looking at or even caring what my bloodwork was. I can say, sadly, now I have no "trust" in Dr Williams and it truly hurts me to have to leave him. I'm devastated to say the least. Lastly, I want him to know how much hell I went through when being in "hyperthyrpidsom" from "hypothyroidisnm" and truly felt like, with all of those awful symptoms I was going to die.

Very very scary to say the least! O'h Dr Williams finally called after the fact. Just said to me, "sorry you lost your trust in me." That's all he said!

Sadly, Jeannie Savarese

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3:19 pm EDT

HonorHealth Your procedure for Covid-19 testing at urgent care facilities.

I sent my first message to MyChart on Friday, May 20th at 9:00 am. It stated I had tested positive for Covid-19 (I used a Binax self-test kit at 8:00 am). I figured it was early enough in the day that someone would get back to me before the end of the day. I hadn't heard from anyone by 4:00 pm so I called my PCP's office. The only person I could talk to was someone in scheduling (probably not at that site). (You know a real person will answer when you connect with scheduling because that usually means money will exchange hands.). No help. But, I get ahead of myself.

On Tuesday, May 17th, my wife, Alice, had gone to HonorHealth's Urgent Care in Fountain Hills to be tested. She was told they couldn't give her the rapid test only the one that takes a couple of days to get results from. She explained that her husband, me, worked in a retirement home with elderly people and needed to know asap. They couldn't do anything.

She ended up going to another urgent care facility, not affiliated with HonorHealth, in Fountain Hills. They rapid tested her and gave her three prescriptions (one for her RA) for symptoms. She has the same Aetna insurance I do and I believe the same PCP, Dr. Mallari.

I went to the same HonorHealth Urgent Care Facility in Fountain Hills on Sunday, May 22nd, after a long conversation on the phone and after being told they could give me medication to make me feel better. They were all very courteous. I was told that only the PCP's could administer the rapid tests. Does that make sense? The word "urgent" usually means immediate, like stat. Yet, the urgent care facility can only administer the long test. What's wrong with that picture? While there, I was told that the script would be for Paxlovid (something like that) but that it came with a high possibility of causing liver damage. I chose not to take a chance on that and declined the script.

I had taken the rapid test I personally administered Friday, May 20th with me and the PA (I believe he was a PA) took a photo of it.

I left not having any resolve for my situation. Knowing that my time and bother had yielded no more than contributing my $50.00 copay to HonorHealth's coffers.

Desired outcome: My name is Frank Helton, July 16, 1946. I would at least like my $50.00 copay returned.

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7:13 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

HonorHealth Dr. Anne Marie Hatch assistant

I am being treated by De. Anne Marie Hatch Neurologist at HonorHealth Neurology Institute Osborn, Scottsdale suite 400.
Dr. Hatch assistant is extremely rude, ignores my messages. Has failed for 3 weeks to wrote the correct prescription PA 3 times leaving me in unbearable chronic pain. She knows I've gone Theough severe head trauma. She knows the Emgality Preloaded Cartridge Pens I was on for the last 12 month. Yet she decided to change it and tell me this is what other people take. Even though she was specifically told what my insurance previously approved. She then ignored and doesn't relate my messages to Dr. Hatch. My appointment was Oct.14th I was also referred to A Cervical spine surgeon and they still haven't received the referal from De. Hatch office. I have asked repeatedly for 3 weeks now. He assistant just ignores my messages. It's all recorded on my chart for you to see. The doctor still after 3 weeks hasn't uploaded her notes on to y chart for me ans my other specialists to see.

Her assistants are very rude, unprofessional, they don't care about the patients pain and suffering. They are unhelpful, slow and they never correct their mistakes, they never send the correct PA to my insurance, the refuse to correct it and resend it knows they keep screwing up.
I want them fired as my records clearly show they chronic pain, neuro vision trauma, head trauma, Cervical spine and neuro trauma, three shoulder surgeries, loss of bicep tendon, myopathy in both arms from Statin intolerant, a stressed heart from all thr chronic pain and stress from your staff resulting in my heart function of only 25% LVEF. Yet they continue to not do their job correctly resulting in my suffering. As the Emgality at least eases some pain for me to function and be able to see without blurred vision and be able to do daily activities and be there for my young children. At the moment I am completely shut down, as the pain is unbearable, pressure in my brain, blurred vision.

Thr assistants don't care and continue to ignore me.
If they did their job correctly and in a timely manner, I wouldn't be in such severe pain ans this conversation wouldn't be taking place.

I want them fired for malpractice, lack of duty of care towards HonorHealth patients, gross misconduct and causing unnecessary pain and suffering.

Steven Kramer
Steve. [protected]

Desired outcome: Discipline and fire Dr. Hatch assistants

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12:09 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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HonorHealth - comments made about dr. jack hawks

The users submitting comments on this particular thread (about Dr. Jack Hawks) with the names: "The lies you tell", "tired of your lies", "@@@@", "Survivor 1", "Carrie Blanch", are all ONE PERSON. This person is Sharon Seery, and there is currently an order for Injunction Against Harassment against her. She has spent YEARS stalking Dr. Hawks and his wife...

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5:32 pm EDT
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HonorHealth - dr. jack jessen hawks

This Dr. prescribes addictive medicines, he prescribes medicine over the phone without seeing clients, he prescribes medicines that are deadly, he prescribes medicines that the client does not need. Examples are Spironolactone 25 to a 30 year old 125 pound women for 3-4 years. This medicine is used to treat High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Heart Failure...

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