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3:19 pm

HonorHealth - Your procedure for Covid-19 testing at urgent care facilities.

I sent my first message to MyChart on Friday, May 20th at 9:00 am. It stated I had tested positive for Covid-19 (I used a Binax self-test kit at 8:00 am). I figured it was early enough in the day that someone would get back to me before the end of the day. I hadn't heard from anyone by 4:00 pm so I called my PCP's office. The only person I could talk to was someone in scheduling (probably not at that site). (You know a real person will answer when you connect with scheduling because that usually means money will exchange hands.). No help. But, I get ahead of myself.

On Tuesday, May 17th, my wife, Alice, had gone to HonorHealth's Urgent Care in Fountain Hills to be tested. She was told they couldn't give her the rapid test only the one that takes a couple of days to get results from. She explained that her husband, me, worked in a retirement home with elderly people and needed to know asap. They couldn't do anything.

She ended up going to another urgent care facility, not affiliated with HonorHealth, in Fountain Hills. They rapid tested her and gave her three prescriptions (one for her RA) for symptoms. She has the same Aetna insurance I do and I believe the same PCP, Dr. Mallari.

I went to the same HonorHealth Urgent Care Facility in Fountain Hills on Sunday, May 22nd, after a long conversation on the phone and after being told they could give me medication to make me feel better. They were all very courteous. I was told that only the PCP's could administer the rapid tests. Does that make sense? The word "urgent" usually means immediate, like stat. Yet, the urgent care facility can only administer the long test. What's wrong with that picture? While there, I was told that the script would be for Paxlovid (something like that) but that it came with a high possibility of causing liver damage. I chose not to take a chance on that and declined the script.

I had taken the rapid test I personally administered Friday, May 20th with me and the PA (I believe he was a PA) took a photo of it.

I left not having any resolve for my situation. Knowing that my time and bother had yielded no more than contributing my $50.00 copay to HonorHealth's coffers.

Desired outcome: My name is Frank Helton, July 16, 1946. I would at least like my $50.00 copay returned.

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7:13 am
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I am being treated by De. Anne Marie Hatch Neurologist at HonorHealth Neurology Institute Osborn, Scottsdale suite 400. Dr. Hatch assistant is extremely rude, ignores my messages. Has failed for 3 weeks to wrote the correct prescription PA 3 times leaving me in unbearable chronic pain. She knows I've gone Theough severe head trauma. She knows the Emgality...

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12:09 pm
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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The users submitting comments on this particular thread (about Dr. Jack Hawks) with the names: "The lies you tell", "tired of your lies", "@@@@", "Survivor 1", "Carrie Blanch", are all ONE PERSON. This person is Sharon Seery, and there is currently an order for Injunction Against Harassment against her. She has spent YEARS stalking Dr. Hawks and his wife...

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5:32 pm
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This Dr. prescribes addictive medicines, he prescribes medicine over the phone without seeing clients, he prescribes medicines that are deadly, he prescribes medicines that the client does not need. Examples are Spironolactone 25 to a 30 year old 125 pound women for 3-4 years. This medicine is used to treat High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Heart Failure...

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