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9:32 pm EDT

Lovelace Westside Hospital Rooms

Recently took my daughter here and they gave us a room that had blood smeared all over the floors. Trash on the floors as well as overfilled trash cans. This is the second time I’ve gone here and found blood all over a tray last visit. It’s disgusting and dangerous to soiled rooms. What if I had a toddler that was all over the floor? I get not having a bunch of time to clean rooms but this is unacceptable. Also, pointed it out to the provider and the ignored me. I took a video and pictures as evidence. Definitely not looking out for patient safety.

Desired outcome: Clean up the rooms better so we aren’t in contact with another patients blood.

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6:06 pm EDT

Lovelace Westside Hospital Billing

For once, just one time I would like to get a bill that I can pay from Lovelace. However, it seems that is too much to ask. I never recieve a bill from Lovelace for visits instead I receive threatening letters from collection agencies as a first notice that I owe them money. If I was not stuck with this crappy hospital due to the insurance I have they would never see another penny. Hey Lovelace how about sending me a bill you ###.

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7:44 pm EDT
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Lovelace Westside Hospital Incompetence and Safety Violations

This hospital has great nurses and doctors but they are severely short on personnel. On a holiday weekend management had one doctor scheduled to cover three Lovelace branches in the Albuquerque area. This resulted in my family member laying for three nights without proper pain medication nor anything to aid in sleep. It was barbaric and totally unnecessary and contravenes the stated Patients Rights and Responsibilities they have posted on their own walls. There also was no meaningful tests being conducted during this time frame. She laid there crying and scared while they racked up charges as if it was a massively overpriced hotel. The bill for this affair was nearly $40, 000 and she left with no diagnosis. And yes, the bills have already been paid.

They are grossly deficient when it comes to dealing with infectious diseases and in no way are in compliance with the CDC's protocols. Apparently management has never heard of things like MERS and Ebola. You really don't want t take your kid in for a broken arm and have them come out with MERS right?

Additionally, there is zero security for the patients. Anyone, and I mean anyone off the street, can walk into patient rooms night or day unchallenged. At 3:00 in the morning anyone can enter through the E.R. doors, go up the elevator and be in patient rooms including apparently the maternity wing without seeing a single person. This is negligent beyond belief in todays violent world. I pointed out to management this issue and mentioned the South Carolina shooting which happened at the same time but they refused to take it seriously. They also refused to address the lack of following directives from the CDC. And for whatever bizarre reason they don't use computers for patient records. Hand scribbled notes left laying around are the general policy which is stunning in 2015.

I would not recommend taking any loved one there based on the incompetence of the management. I would reiterate that the doctors and nurses are great. However their education, skills and desire to treat patients is thwarted by a management team that appears to be living in the 1950's as far as safety, security and the use of modern devices such as computerized record keeping which helps with accuracy as staff changes from scheduled work shifts. One can only describe this as an institutional failure on the part of the management.

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Dominic Archibeque
, US
Mar 05, 2023 10:16 pm EST

All my nurses have been wonderful and careing except today! She was so bossy, rude, disrespectful and stoped talkeing to me half way during the shift! Never said what was ur pain management! On the IV bags, i put it higher cuz she had it low n everyone knows that the higher up u put it, the faster its gonna drain! She got upset cuz i moved it a lil higher ! She came into room n said not to touch anything in the room! She said matter fact u better ask b4 u touch anything in this room! She was so in a hurry to do her job that she put on the cuff and it was over the needle of the iv! She wasnt paying attention to what she was doing! I took a pic of my arm for evidence ! We need homegrown nurses, not the ones who comes n take the money and dont give a [censored] about the patients!

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