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CB Medical Negligence and Deficiency HonorHealth 7242 E Osborn Rd Suite 400, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251, US
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7242 E Osborn Rd Suite 400, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251, US
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HonorHealth - Dr. Anne Marie Hatch assistant

I am being treated by De. Anne Marie Hatch Neurologist at HonorHealth Neurology Institute Osborn, Scottsdale suite 400.
Dr. Hatch assistant is extremely rude, ignores my messages. Has failed for 3 weeks to wrote the correct prescription PA 3 times leaving me in unbearable chronic pain. She knows I've gone Theough severe head trauma. She knows the Emgality Preloaded Cartridge Pens I was on for the last 12 month. Yet she decided to change it and tell me this is what other people take. Even though she was specifically told what my insurance previously approved. She then ignored and doesn't relate my messages to Dr. Hatch. My appointment was Oct.14th I was also referred to A Cervical spine surgeon and they still haven't received the referal from De. Hatch office. I have asked repeatedly for 3 weeks now. He assistant just ignores my messages. It's all recorded on my chart for you to see. The doctor still after 3 weeks hasn't uploaded her notes on to y chart for me ans my other specialists to see.

Her assistants are very rude, unprofessional, they don't care about the patients pain and suffering. They are unhelpful, slow and they never correct their mistakes, they never send the correct PA to my insurance, the refuse to correct it and resend it knows they keep screwing up.
I want them fired as my records clearly show they chronic pain, neuro vision trauma, head trauma, Cervical spine and neuro trauma, three shoulder surgeries, loss of bicep tendon, myopathy in both arms from Statin intolerant, a stressed heart from all thr chronic pain and stress from your staff resulting in my heart function of only 25% LVEF. Yet they continue to not do their job correctly resulting in my suffering. As the Emgality at least eases some pain for me to function and be able to see without blurred vision and be able to do daily activities and be there for my young children. At the moment I am completely shut down, as the pain is unbearable, pressure in my brain, blurred vision.

Thr assistants don't care and continue to ignore me.
If they did their job correctly and in a timely manner, I wouldn't be in such severe pain ans this conversation wouldn't be taking place.

I want them fired for malpractice, lack of duty of care towards HonorHealth patients, gross misconduct and causing unnecessary pain and suffering.

Steven Kramer
Steve. [protected]

Desired outcome: Discipline and fire Dr. Hatch assistants

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