Honda Motorwrv car front chromium with honda monogram is rusted

M Dec 03, 2019

I am owning my second Honda Car WRV IDTEC 1.5 Diesel top option bearing Engine no. [protected] and Chassis no. [protected].

The Chromium portion of the bannet is rusted as shown in the photo. I wrote it to Customer care Honda, India. They responded to me saying that it is due to ambient condition. They tried to polish it once. It stayed polished for a week. Again the rust appeared. When I filed a complaint, again the local dealer is offering to polish it again. Is it a permanent solution for 18 months old car.

I am highly unsatisfied with Honda customer care India. For them, customer care is not so important. I do not want to waste your time and mine in sending the car for just polishing the part. I am highly dissatisfied with Honda. This will reflect in all websites in coming days. Please note that "ONE UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER = LOOSING 1000 CUSTOMERS"

My next action will be going to consumer court for cheating me with such substandard part. I want a permanent remedy for a car which I bought with 12 LAC money. Please note that you are not doing any favour to your customer. You are doing a favour to yourself by improving the customer satisfaction. Hope HONDA Customer Care clearly understand its responsibility.

Honda Motor
Honda Motor

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