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Homemark review: Milex air fryer and communication

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Your customer service is ATROCIOUS!

I am extremely upset with the service I received from Milex. I have also complained via Facebook and tried phoning to speak to an actual person and the phone immediately goes to the busy tone and the voice prompt tells me to leave a message or email and then says voice message mail box full.

I am upset because:

1. I sent my air fryer in for repairs via our local homemark store in tygervally because the LIGHTS were not working. That's it, only lights.2. I never received any communication that it had safely arrived, I had to email and ask after 5 weeks.3. The only response I got from Raymond was that the repairs department says it is unrepairable. Seriously, no apologies? no way forward as to what I can do as a customer. Only that it's unrepairable. 4.  After my reply asking for more info and an official report, I get a SCREENSHOT from a computer screen showing that the element is rusted. NO COMMENT about the friggen lights?

5. I had to ask for the airfryer to be sent back to me, I still haven't heard anything after two weeks.

This is so unprofessional! I will NEVER support milex again, not even homework, just trying to get a hold of you is a nightmare. So after 3 years of my airfryer, just as it is out of warranty it breaks? 

Desired outcome: Airfryer replacement or coupon.

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