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koome k300 quadcopter

I purchased this product for my son on the 16th December as a xmas gift for my son, the gift was immediately...

defective items

Unisex polarized sunglasses I have purchase a set of glasses 20 june 2016 since then the glasses broke twice...


I ordered 2 products from Homemark on the 27/01/16. Homemark delivered one of the products on the 29/01/16. I called and spoke to Noby Kheswa who acknowledged their mistake and promised that the other item will be delivered on the 01/02/16 which has not been delivered yet. I will never buy from homemark again. They do not know customer service and cannot keep their promises.

royal diamond cookware set 15

I bought royal diamond cookware set - 15 piece on the 10-April-2015, My customer nr is 1029128...

Johannesburg Bad Business Partners

wants me to pay for repairs for wonder cooker

I bought a wondercooker at homemark rbay on 13 May 15 using a gift voucher, in early september it stopped...

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Resolved false info and unauthorised credit card billing

Homemark called in January this year to say I won but needed to pay R99 for delivery they wanted my credit card details.All of a sudden they are deducting money from my credit card.I spoke to Bernard from homemark and promise that they will refund me.Till today he hasnt done than.How much petrol do I use going to them for nothing.It is illegal to store customers credit card details.Why a company as big as this exploits customers

customer service

Hi There

1St Complaint - A month ago i got a scratch card from homemark. I phoned the number [protected] where they told me i am one of 9 selected people who won over R5000 worth of prizes. But i have to pay R1554.90. There was no credit on my credit card. So last week i paid it cash into homemark's account. When i received my parcel i got the following: A Wonder sheff, Single Air-o-space matress ( Which was suppose to be the sofa) and 2 stop Snore pillows. Exactly only what i paid for.
How does this work?? And where are the things i won??. If i knew they were only sending me this i would've bought it locally. I am really dissapointed. And i want to know what they are going to do about this.
I want the prizes that i won. I will take it further if i don't get a response.
Your urgent response is highly appreciated.

2nd Complaint -I logged a complaint last week. No one at Homemark phoned me back. They wasted my money. The air-o-space bed they sent me is not even the size of a single bed. This is terrible service.
I want to know what they are going to do about it.
Clearly they don't care about their customers.

Maybe you can assist. The response i got out of them was terrible. Now they want to send me the knife set to make me feel better. Where are the things i won?.

  • Wa
    wanda c maake Jun 21, 2014

    Hi there, I complain from 2012and now is 2014 no one helps me and I sent the items back from homemark I went to the we house to show them that I returned the items back and they told me I will get my money after 48 hours and I keep calling and they say they will call me back till today no one called me, now I need to know what mass I do because they don't help me and they have my money, or mass I go to speak out.

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  • Mr
    Mrs May Aug 06, 2019

    @wanda c maake I had a voucher of R500 and the guy Nathi said I have won another voucher of R4000. I had to chose from the bicycle and the pots, the value of the bicycle was only R1499 but homemark agent Nathi said I have to pay R1800.

    I cancelled the deal and I spoke to another agent I think her name was them I something who said the speaker was R699 and I have to pay R350 to top it up and delivery.

    I paid it and I received the speaker that's worth R399 instead.

    Homemark agents are up to no good

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electro vibe machine

I have been trying for 3 days to merely ask someone in the company who I can contact to assist me with the repair of my Electro Vibe machine - it is almost new and the motor has burnt out. I have spent over three hours on the telephone trying to do this. Firstly there is no answer to the phone number I was finally given - this in itself has taken over 20 minutes of holding. Then when I get through, I get told that they will put this on an e-mail to somebody else. I was advised of this three days ago and still nobody has come back to me. I phoned yet again this morning and finally (again after 20 minutes) I got through to a gentleman called THANZI - he was also very unhelpful and again said he would send an e-mail to the relevant person. He was rude and said he needed to use his phone. Homemark is very quick to SELL but there is no customer service!!!Would somebody from Homemark please call me with regard to this. It's unacceptable! My Telephone number is [protected].

none delivery

I won a Gift card from Vodacom to purchase from Homemark. I did ordered the items from a consultant, Bernardt, and paid the Delivery fee of R150. When contacting them they promised delivery. It is now 4 (four ) weeks. nothing delivered yet. Order no. 440451. J.S. du Plessis, 159 Barracuda avenue, Longbeach, Mtwalume, 4186, Kwazulu Natal.

  • Re
    Reviewer33527 Dec 22, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day my husband bought this item at lakeside mall on the 22/12/15 when we wanted to wrap it last night, the box felt very light when we opened to check it was empty. Going to make a case of fraud and theft against homemark leon koen 0743779956

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Resolved comfort-pedic slippers

Bought 2 pairs of Comfort-pedic slippers at the beginning of June 2011. The first few days they were really comfortable but after 6 weeks my husband's pair was flat and broken at the heels and mine were flat and stretched, making them unwearable. We are very disappointed because we spent a lot of money on a product we believed to be a good investment when it was actually a waste of money. Last year I spent half the amount on a pair of slippers from Pep Stores which are still in a very reasonable condition, in fact I have thrown the Comfort-pedics away and have gone back to wearing my old slippers! Bearing in mind that the slippers were only worn in the evenings in the house, I think we have been grossly mislead by the advertising. The slippers are expensive and do not live up to expectation at all.I suppose it is useless to demand a refund which I feel I deserve, but I just want to let Homemark know that I am very disappointed and will never buy a Homemark product again. You have lost yet another customer.

I am extremely disappointed with their level of service delivery

On Thursday, 6th May I went to homemark to buy a 2xBlanky as Mothers Day presents. I was told by the lady running the store that they were receiving their stock on Friday. I returned on Friday evening at about 8pm only to learn that they delivery had still not arrived. The lady confirmed that she did contact the head office and it was definitely on its way. She then took down my details ( by this time there was already a list of about 35 names for the same product). I retuned to the store on Saturday at 11am to learn that RT had still not delivered. Tumi confirmed that the delivery was on the way. I waited the entire day at the Glen shopping centre and still no delivery. Eventually Sunday morning I received a call from Tumi stating that they still did not receive the delivery. By this time, I had still not made my Mothers Day purchases depending on homemark.

I am extremely disappointed with their level of service delivery especially since they knew that this was intended as Mothers Day gifts.

non delivery of product

I was entered into a competition and I received an sms in August 2009 with the details of my winnings. I contacted Homemark and they said I have to pay a package and postage fee of R175.00 which was debit by Homemark from my credit card. I constantly checked with the post office and they said they did not receive the package. My last visit to the post office was in Dec 2009 where they said that they package was returned. I then contacted Homemark and spoke to Norma, she said they cannot do anything about it as the package and postage fee was refunded to me. The same afternoon I send her my credit card statements for the last 3 months as proof that there were no credits done. To date I have not yet been contact about my winnings or my reimbursement.

I will never purchase anything from you again

I purchsed the Comfort Pedic slippers in June this year. After two weeks they were flat on the floor. I gave them a month in the cupboard to see if they would expand but nothing happened. I contacted Verimark to complain about the poor advertisement! You never tested this product. My aunt and my co-workers son have experienced the same problem with the slippers. I phone the call centre as instructed by Gawie Piek and all they tell me is too late no return. I will never purchase anything from you again! If you cannot stand behind your products, how can you be trusted.

false info and unauthorized credit card billing

My wife was phoned by Homemark stating that she has won a vacuum cleaner. She explicitly asked if there where any costs involved and they said no. I was phoned by the bank to confirm whether they should process a transaction of R2986 from Homemark, I on two occasions told the bank not to authorize the transactions as I had neither ordered anything nor authorize Homemark to debit my credit card for this transaction. On 16 September 2009 Homemark debited my credit card with the amount of R2986.91 without my authorization. In my opinion this is illegal and I'm currently disputing the transaction. It's unacceptable that Homemark phones people and tell them they have won a prize and then debit their accounts for the full amount without authorization. Homemark had my card details from a transaction with them more than 2 years ago. To my knowledge it's also illegal to store customers credit card details...I'm shocked that a company like this continues to exploit customers and subject them to extreme inconvenience and a waste of time.

faulty vibro shape

I bought a vibroshape in dubai less than a month it is faulty. What should i do

Resolved sent item back

A few month ago I bought items over the phone. They called me a few times an I said there are no money in my...

Resolved poor aftersales

Bought the Milex steam iron system.The heater element fused.Homemark refuses to sell me a new element, we have to send the complete machine to some agent who in turn sends the machine to their repair department.It took the agent one week just to send an email to find out if such a part exists-phone call would have been faster.It seems like a money making racket by wanting the complete machine so they can charge for the labour.Please beware before buying any homemark machine-problems begin when something goes faulty.

unusable product & shocking service

I have purchased Vibro Shape belt, which has been repaired in the last 6 months FIVE TIMES. After informing the management of Homemark, namely Julie Swart, that this product if faulty and breaks after being used for 2 days, I have been given THREE new belts, that all broke as usual. Julie Swart has promised to refund the money since the product is obviously cannot be used. Then she just vanished, does not return calls etc. Homemark stuff are rude, put the phone down on you the moment you try to get to the management. Do not buy their products, it won't last. They should not be allowed to trade at all!!!

  • Jj
    JJQMD Jul 25, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Homemark commits blatant fraud. They phone people up claiming that they won a prize and that they will send it off to you. They do this with customers who bought from them previously. The next thing thousands of rands are deducted from your credit card, in my mothers case R2999.00 The so called consultant who called spoke English so badly that she could hardly understand what he said. At no point was any amount discussed and at no point was any authorization given for any amounts to be processed on her card. They just use your old credit card details and simply process any amount they want against it and claim you agreed to it. They also refuse to cancel orders even though we phoned them and cancelled less than 2 hours later after we became aware of what they did.

    Only after getting the SAPS (South African Police Service) involved did they finally agree to pay the money back a month later.

    Homemark operates way outside of the Consumer Protection Act and they need to be shut down permanently. They have been defrauding people for years and need to be boycotted. They were brought in front of the Department of Trade and Industry in August of 2007 already for doing the exact same thing as described above, and more than 5 years later they are still doing the exact same thing. Unscrupulous companies like Homemark is a prime example of why the Consumer Protection Act was needed.

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  • Le
    Lebogang7 Aug 15, 2018

    Good day, i bought the memory foam slippers from a pop up shop at east rand mall two months ago and already i feel like i am walking on the soles and the threads at the end of the slippers is coming off. I am really disapointed as i thought i would not have to purchase another pair of slippers this year.

    Kindly advise of way forward.


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  • Ab
    ABgi Sep 10, 2018

    Good day,

    I was called by homemark agent, selling some phones to me, I then told her that my phone needs an upgrade, she promised me that she will upgrade it, but instead she gave me 2 contracts, then later when I call Home mark contact centre, they keep hanging a call in my ear, what should I do?


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  • Th
    Themba Dube Sep 10, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called and they said l must email them l did as told but no response since last week so I don't know what to do contact 0636877112

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  • Mm
    mmangwajane Oct 27, 2018

    I requested sale person to cancel my order and she carried on with the transaction that I did not give her a right to

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  • Le
    Leon Fensham Nov 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered silk'nflash on the 25/11/2016.My order no is #46572.Pay ed for it on the same day, and after numerous of calls to the
    customer sevices and promises that i will receive it the following monday up to today i have not receive my parcel.

    Please help, as it intended as a christmas gift for my wife.

    Leon fensham


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