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HomegoodsDamaged Product

The glass, metal lanterns are sharp and unsafe. They are stored too high on a shelf. My husband reached for the lantern off the shelf with one hand on the lantern and one hand on the top handle. The top cameoff. It is not attaché. The metal portion cut my husband's finger in half. He required 16 stitches.

The staff was not prepared for an incident. They had bandaides which is not a first aide kit. There should have been gauze.

They were not polite, they did not apologize, they did not offer to help. They seemed more concerned with people waiting in line.

They asked us to show them the product that cut him. He is standing with a handful of blood, bleeding everywhere. We finally gave up and left because they couldn't help.

The cut sliced his finger bad enough to expose the tendon. He will need to see a hand specialist.

We were in the ER for hours. The same ER that just had someone die of the coronvirus the day before, so now we have been exposed to many germs that we would not otherwise have come into contact with.

He will see a hand specialists ASAP for next steps.

Damaged Product
Damaged Product
Damaged Product
Damaged Product

Homegoods — trying to purchase a rug...

I started looking for a rug at Home Goods over 2 months ago. The rugs are gorgeous but just couldn't find the right one for my project. On my 2nd trip, a man was unrolling rugs in...

Homegoods — ceramic pottery - rae dunn

On Saturday 11/16/2019 I was in the store at opening. I walked past the stockroom and saw 2 red canisters that I was interested in purchasing along with 4 mugs (w/santa hat...

Homegoodsfrying pan

The handle of the frying pan called Denmark caught on fire at my house. If I wasn't in front of the stove, my entire house would catch on fire. And my 2-year old daughter was here. What kind of product do you sell in your stores? Don't you check if the product has a good reputation and is not defective? I need to be compensated for the problem I had last night. Your company sells defective products and that's a big liability problem.

Homegood's — store manager

I used to work at Homegood's in Huntsville. One of the main reasons I left was because of Brenda, the store manager. She is one of the meanest, most disrespectful...

Homegoodsottoman / saws associate

I bought last year one beautiful ottoman which I like so much! One of its legs is broken and I went to the store to ask them how could I fix it. A lady came out and she said "you have bought this a year ago and of course we cannot help"
I didn't have a receipt or any thing which implies that I wasn't expecting a return/refund or even leg replacement! All I was seeking is a piece of advice for how I can fix it.
I explained that to the lady who happen to be so arrogant and rude! She told me to contact the manufacturer / I told her how can I get their contacts she was like "I am not sure I don't know"
I told her do you normally speak to your customer like that? No assistance! She said "I cannot help you as you are trying to make a seen".
Well if I wanted to make a seen I would have done it not to wait until I file a complain.
I am not sure what happened to the sales associates now a days but I didn't expect that from a place that is quite successful and where I use to shop almost everything!!!
Now I hate that ottoman and I am gonna throw it away!!

Homegoods — kory the manager

I am a former employee of Home Goods & I left the company because of the poor way I was treated by your manager Kory. I went in to pick up my last check & he was very...

Homegoodsrude management

Dear sirs and madam, the purpose of this e-mail is to inform each of you on the way to owings mills maryland homegoods, regarding the manager named khan, he was very rude to his employees and he was scolding one of his employees for having long nails and criticizing the employee dude to her nails. The manager he's a male wears glasses is very rude with customers too, wasn't happy at all or smiling

Homegoodsair conditioner

ALL THE TIME!!! i am beginning to hate shopping here. it is always hot. i dont understand how they think down south we dont need air. those poor workers in home goods lafayette, la are always sweating and complaining its hot. yet nothing is done about it. I am a customer there all the time and it is beyond hot. when it is 80 outside and it feels better outside then inside we have a problem. fix the situation.

Homegoods — associate service... see below

Service: it's 8:58 pm Saturday 12-22-18 and my carriage has been taken by an associate and returned all my items. A manager Radioed on Phone to associates if anyone had seen my...

Home Goods — lack of communication and disrespect

Assistant managers are not communicating with employees. Was suppose to work a full week schedule but was told at the last minute that the hours decrease. Was given a rude remark...

Home Goodscredit card

I opened up a credit with TJX because I was told that I would get 10% off of my initial purchase of over $800, which would be reflected in my first statement. It wasn't. When I called customer services, I was told it would be reflected in my next statement. It wasn't. After contacting them again, I was told that I was misinformed by the store and that there was no such promotion. They said there was nothing they could do. They also charged me a late fee on my payment when it was postmarked a day before it was due.

  • Pc
    PC Rosa Oct 22, 2018

    My husband opened up a credit with TJX and created an automatic payment at the same time he created one for our Lowes card. Then we got a late fee in a $2 dollar bill. We called the customer services, I was told that the automatic payment did not work (The Lowes credit did! Interesting!) then I explained to him that we never ever paid our bills after the due date. The staff clearly did not try to understand our position, by the contrary, he was very rude and disrespectful on the phone. My only alternative was to cancel my TJX credit card. So be aware if you plan to have a credit card with this store. They are not trustworthy and customer service is very poor. I wonder how much money they are making just with the late fee since many people have been complaining about this exact issue.

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Home Goods — rude staff

I was in your Seal Beach, CA store 9/11/15, at around 4:05pm. Store not busy but lots of employees and NO cashiers. Stood in line for ten minutes until they finally called for...

Home Goods — poor customer service

Hi, I shopped at homegoods in La Canada branch of Los Angeles at 10am today. I bought 8 big baskets and filled up more than one shopping cart, as I was with my 2 years old...

Home Goods — horrible dlpm

I have worked for her in the past and I disagree, in fact, she is very good at her job. Good luck finding a job though. I hear Wal-Mart's hiring for door greeters if you are...

Home Goods — rude manager

There is a manager by the name of Victoria who is very rude to her employees and customers. I have been coming here for years and have never had any problems. I really love the...

Home Goodssale item priced wrong

I went shopping a homegoods founed item i wanted. With a big green sigh and home goods on sign. for $79.99. I took it to store register to by it lady behind counter said sign did not have a bar coad found sticker on back of item with bar coad for $129.99. Call manager and she told me it was marked wrong and she would not let me have it for price poster. I feel I

should have been able to by item at the price that was on unit up front

on unit.I call this false advertising

Home Goods — racist manager

There a manager in tjmaxx by the name Mr.Don. He is very rude to his employee and he is very racist. He do not like black people and i am a witness to it .That day i was in...

Home Goods — terrible customer service

I found a beautiful wall hanging made from shells. It was the last one and parts of it were scraped. I decided to see if it could be marked down. When I went to the register I...

Home Goodsbad service

I tried retuning a Christmas gift I bought for my daughter, since it was ill-fitting. Alex, the cashier, walked away with my item, over to the opposite counter, then to the other end of the store towards the door, and then started holding up my returned item to a gathering of HomeGoods employees before retuning to the cash register (where I was waiting some kind of communication as to what was the matter). Alex (the cashier) proceeded to call out to another employee to take my returned item to the back of the store to verify that it was their item, without explaining to me what was happening, or why I left waiting at the checkout with a word. Alex became rude stating that if I had nothing to be guilty about then, I shouldn't worry, that I would be reimbursed. I was treated with total disrespect. Alex became abusive when I told him that I felt disrespected as a customer.

  • Re
    retail queen May 15, 2012

    What you don't understand is that 2 out of every 10 customers return FRAUD merchandise. It is an everyday problem. We HAVE to verify that it is a HOMEGOODS item before it is returned. It is nothing personal, nothing against you- it is POLICY.
    Don't like it? DONT SHOP THERE

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  • Pe
    peter m.lee Dec 15, 2012

    I ordered a Dimplex fireplace insert from them, and they first said shipping would take 3-4 weeks, then changed it to 3-4 days when I threatened to cancel. When it didn't arrive two weeks later I canelled the order and put a payment stop on my credit card. Five weeks later it was shipped, but I refused it. They answered neither phone messages nor e-mails.Beware - they are scammers

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  • Gg
    GGCev Jun 01, 2013

    Took a return trip over to Home Goods tonight after being treated poorly by a manager there earlier in the week. My husband and I were shocked at how dismally we were treated-- again, this time by a different store manager.

    He totally did not hear what I was saying. He did not understand my issue and kept focusing on 'store policy' which was NOT the issue. The fact that I was made to make a return trip to the store because of another manager's rude dismissal and refusal to even come over and look at the product in question did not seem to matter to him at all. He said it was the other manager's word against mine and I truly felt he did not hear what my gripe was about.

    My husband was there and witnessed this manager's poor attitude toward me. He was incensed and stepped in to try to explain our point of view. At this point, it became no longer about the rug, but about the poor customer service we have been receiving from Home Goods. My husband will never step into a Home Goods store again. I am questioning whether I want to continue to support the store as well. I am quite upset at how nastily I have been treated when I asked for simple service and for nothing unreasonable.

    I am considering returning the product and the manager's insulting $10 cash discount that he pulled out of his pocket and handed to me with a grimace, which is sadly the best that he could do. He was unwilling to make the price adjustment on my TJX credit card, clearly implying that we as customers were acting petty. Perhaps their managers would benefit from some empathy training which is really just old-fashioned caring about your customers.

    I found the clerks at the store to be much nicer - friendly and helpful when I make inquiries. I also witnessed how condescendingly and rudely they were treated by the poor managers.

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  • Fo
    former HG shopper Nov 14, 2015

    After many years of shopping at Home Goods, I am now a former customer. I paid $130.00 for a Mauviel copper bottom omlet pan. Used it twice then the metal on the cooking side started bubbling and peeling off. The West Hills store manager would not take it back because "I had used it". Yes I used it, and that is how I found it to be defective. How else do you find out that something is defective? Good bye HG/TJMax

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HomeGoods/Hilton Head,SCattitude of clerk at checkout register

On 8/22/2008, my husband & I visited the HomeGoods store at 435 William Hilton Pkwy, Hilton Head Island, SC. The Good Experience: We selected several home decor items and lamps for our home on Hilton Head Island and took them to the register to check out. The Bad Experience: The clerk at the register was not only inattentive and very unprofessional, but also downright rude and crass. We had to ask her to re-bag our "fragile" items so as not to damage them. Futhermore, she began yelling and rudely laughing very loudly to other employees in our presence. And to top it all off, after she rang-up our merchandise, took our payment and BEFORE bagging it, she stopped and waited on someone else, without any explanation or apology. She was one of, if not THE RUDEST store clerks that I have ever witnessed. All this was without any provocation on our part, and was very difficult not to report her or say something to her. I have decided that I will call the phone number on the store receipt to report her after the fact, but there is no clerk number or name on the receipt. I might add that I do like HomeGoods merchandise, and have visited this same store over several years and will probably continue, that is, if I am not confronted with such unprofessional rudeness.

  • Re
    Return to Sender May 13, 2012

    Home Goods in Bakersfield, California, is also filled with unprofessional staff. I figure it's just the was this company does business because their merchandise is unprofessional too! The store is always a mess and the merchandise is always chipped, dented, bent, broken, cracked or dirty! They play dirty tricks with their customers who don't have a receipt when they try to take the broken items back for an exchange. They reduce the price 50% and you can take it or leave it. My Mothers Day was ruined when I attempted to exchange a gift that was unexceptable to me. I was refused an exchange at the price of the merchandise. I didn't ask for money...just a like item that was in NEW condition. I will never spend another penny in a Home Goods Store or any of their other companies. I now refer to this store as NO GOODS! My home does not need their junk in it - at any price!

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